1. gregory brown says

    This trend of saying some horrible thing then coming back to claim it was “mis-spoken” or “a poor choice of words” is highly offensive on so many levels. I suppose Hitler could make a Youtube bit and claim that he didn’t rally mean any of those things he said about…just about everybody.

    Anybody who is in or want to be in a position of power and public trust should say what he/she means and stick with it, however ignorant or heinousit might be. The rest of us should be highly selective about what we are willing to forgive in these cases.

  2. starquisha says

    I thought the ‘Glass Wall’ on Anderson was eye catching and once or twice I may have lingered, but this????
    I expect Jerry Springer at any moment to come asking why they forgot his giant spinning fans when taking the rest of his set.

  3. Markus says

    As I remember seeing, Anderson Cooper’s old set was in the Time Warner building and looked out over Columbus Circle? Now it looks Rikki Lake – Charles Perez perfect for him. Ander–son! Ander–son! Ander–son!

  4. Marky says

    Anderson’s set is a bit of a fail. I does look like Jerry Springer and that is not a good thing