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Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue Gave $100K to Battle for Marriage Equality in Maryland

Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue donated $100K to Marylanders for Marriage Equality at a NYC fundraiser last month, reports Michael Lavers at the Washington Blade:

Tagliabue"We had the privilege of raising our family in Maryland. We have the privilege of now living in the District of Columbia. We’ve lived in New York where they passed marriage equality. We spend time in the summer in Maine, where they are fighting it again. I think this is the time to view this not as an expense, but as a capital investment in our nation’s infrastructure."

Tagliabue told attendees at a DC fundraiser this week, held at gay Democratic lobbyist Steve Elmendorf’s Logan Circle home, that the only way to stop the endless litigation and campaigning by anti-gay groups that follows when equality bills get passed is to show them that it doesn't work, adding:

"At some point you’ve got to demonstrate that people who support this are going to be re-elected, and not get punished for supporting marriage equality. And I think right now is the time.”

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'Drag Race' Star Sahara Davenport Died of Heart Failure

On Monday, news spread quickly of the death of Sahara Davenport (aka Antoine Ashley), a popular star from RuPaul's Drag Race. The Wrap offered some new details today about the cause of Ashley's death:

S_davenport"RuPaul's Drag Race" contestant Antoine Ashley, whose stage name was Sahara Davenport, died from heart failure, his representative said Wednesday.

Ashley, 27, died at Monday at Johns Hopkins Hospital, in Baltimore, Md. His rep did not immediately reply to a request from TheWrap for more information about the cause of death.

A tribute and memorial is scheduled for November 2 at XL Nightclub in NYC and a private funeral is being held in Maryland.

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Looking Up Tom Daley: VIDEO


British diver Tom Daley takes his fans to holiday on Spain, AFTER THE JUMP...

(cap via square hippies)

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1222

CEBU INMATES: Gangnam Style.

ALPHABET OF NATIONS: The latest from They Might Be Giants, and Pentagram.

THE DIVA WEARS PRADA: Charlie Hides as Madonna, Cher, Lady Gaga.

CLINTON ON ROMNEY: "Now, the guy with a tax account in the Cayman Islands is attacking other people for not wanting to pay income tax? I mean, you've got to give him credit."

For recent Guides to the Tube, click HERE.

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News: Nicki Minaj, Smoking, 'Ex-Gays', Dinosaur, Elijah Wood

RoadGLAAD hands out Amplifier Awards for advertising: JC Penney wins!

RoadAstrophysicist who correctly predicted last two elections, predicts again: "This week, their method places Obama with 348 electoral votes. Governor Mitt Romney trails with 190. The only place Colley sees room for Romney to gain electoral votes without great difficulty would be North Carolina."

Cheeto_obamaRoadBarack Obama, in Cheetos.

RoadNicki Minaj goes after Mariah Carey on American Idol: " I told them I’m not f**king putting up with your f**king highness over there.”

RoadTalk show host Nate Berkus may or may not be dating Jeremiah Brent.

RoadChris Evans visits gay nightclub Eleven in West Hollywood to wish his borther Scott a happy birthday: “The guys there swooned,” said the source. “And when he came up behind Scott, hugged him and shouted ‘Happy Birthday,’ it made his brother’s night.”

RoadCongressman who compared smoking cigarettes to smoking lettuce becomes lobbyist for RJ Reynolds. "To be an agent of change you can do it from the outside and attack tobacco manufacturers like many anti-tobacco organizations do or you can do it from the inside," [said Steve Buyer, former 18-year Republican member of Congress from Indiana]. "I have chosen to be an agent of change from the inside."

RoadDavid Beckham's H&M underwear shoot interrupted by busload of tourists.

RoadLady Gaga loved Rebel Wilson's rendition of "Edge of Glory".

GunnRoadTim Gunn pays a visit to Sesame Street, dresses appropriately.

RoadNOM wingnut Jennifer Roback Morse condemns California ban on "ex-gay" therapy: "I’m acquainted with people who tell me that at one time in their life they were of homosexual orientation and now they’re telling me they are not of homosexual orientation. So what am I supposed to believe? That they’re lying to me?"

RoadMore Gagatella.

RoadKarl Frisch: The gay soccer dad and the lesbian CostCo mom vote.

RoadPresident and former Equality California Board squabble over marriage initiatives: "During a more than hour-and-a-half interview Sept. 11 for Frontiers magazine with Equality California Board President Clarissa Filgioun and EQCA Institute Board President Cary Davidson about the health of the statewide LGBT lobbying group and their search for a new executive director, it was quite clear that the board presidents felt uncomfortable discussing former ED Geoff Kors, former board members and the departed staff who built EQCA into a “model” LGBT lobbying organization."

RoadAmerican Family Association's Tim Wildmon will never stop fighting "Big Gay".

DinosaurRoadTiny dinosaur discovered: "Not every dinosaur grew up to be a mighty predator like Tyrannosaurus rex or a hulking vegan like Apatosaurus. A few stayed small, and some of the smallest dinosaurs that ever lived — tiny enough to nip at your heels — were among the first to spread across the planet more than 200 million years ago."

RoadPaul Ryan: "Seventy percent of Americans want the American dream. They believe in the American idea. Only 30 percent want the welfare state. Before too long, we could become a society where the net majority of Americans are takers, not makers."

RoadNeed a nap, and a surface to nap on? Try the ostrich pillow. And her's Anderson Cooper demonstrating it.

RoadNBC picks up The New Normal for the full season.

RoadTony Perkins suggests he may take legal action against Dan Savage: "As my teenagers would say, he has some issues. He is a man with some real deep-seated issues ... and Dan Savage is nowhere near, he's a hundred and eighty degrees from the positions that we have taken. It's wrong and I will tell you this, we are pursuing everything possible to deal with him because he is out of control."

(Gunn image via whosay.)

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Voting While Trans: VIDEO


The National Center for Transgender Equality has created a resource site for the upcoming and future elections for trans people, pointing out some of the difficulties they face - being told they aren't who they say they are, being gawked at, and being asked for their "real" names.

The campaign also comes with a series of videos featuring NCTE Executive Director Mara Keisling, writer and advocate Janet Mock, actress Laverne Cox, poet Kit Yan, performance artist Ignacio Rivera, and Charles Meins, which point out that this election more than 25,000 trans people could lose their right to vote simply for being who they are.


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