Posts from November 3, 2012

‘Boston Globe’ Knocks Down Anti-Gay Lie


In an op-ed published today, the Boston Globe‘s editorial staff tore into right wing claims that marriage equality will lead to “homosexual indoctrination” in public schools. As part of that erroneous argument, anti-gay activists po…

New York City Subways At 80% Operation, Says MTA


Many feared it would be a few weeks before inter-borough travel would be restored in New York City post-Sandy, but we received some good news today. Even though it may be a while before things get back to normal, Governor Cuomo and the MTA today anno…

NOM Launches More Hateful Ads In Minnesota: VIDEO


The anti-gay National Organization for Marriage has been funneling loads of dough to help the conservative Minnesota for Marriage and write homophobic discrimination into the state’s constitution. And they seem intent on spending that money before ne…