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News: Pakistan, Gay Jews, Hulk Hogan, Roll Back The Clock

1NewsIcon Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington is calling on the IRS to investigate Catholic Bishops like David Jenky who use their pulpit to influence elections.

Obamaphone1NewsIcon This picture of President Obama was taken at a campaign office in Florida right after he realized he had dialed the wrong number. "Hi is this Ann? Hi, is this Ann? Oh, I'm sorry, I must have the wrong number," he said. I wonder if the person on the other end recognized his voice.

1NewsIcon DC's High Heel Drag Race happened and it was glorious.

1NewsIcon Stuart Milk, nephew of slain activist Harvey Milk, wrote a piece in The Advocate called "The Only Choice in this Election When You're Jewish and Gay". You should read it.

1NewsIcon GOP Minnesota Senate staffer Bob Koss was fired after harassing fellow Republican Rep. John Kriesel's appearance in a pro-marriage equality advert. "Just saw the @johnkriesel gay marriage ad. Really glad the RINO [Republican In Name Only] will be leaving the legislature. #mnleg & good riddance," he tweeted at Kriesel, a veteran who lost both legs in Iraq.

Nogas1NewsIcon New York and New Jersey are still coping with a gas shortage post-Sandy.

1NewsIcon On reality television and LGBT people: "Although it is routinely dismissed as trash, the reality genre has developed a reputation for diversity that scripted television hasn't been able to match, especially when it comes to the inclusion of gays and lesbians. This consistent and constantly growing — if not always flattering — representation across nearly all networks has helped humanize gay people for mainstream America, according to gay rights organizations."

1NewsIcon Kirstie Alley is still in love with John Travolta.

1NewsIcon Bradley Cooper and his dreamy locks on the red carpet.

1NewsIcon There is a Boy Meets World sequel series in the works. It is going to be called Girl Meets World.

1NewsIcon Nick Denton and Gawker's masterful lawyers are not about to let Hulk Hogan take them down in court.

1NewsIcon Gay Pakistanis are starting to peer out of the closet. From The NY Times: "The group is invitation only, by word of mouth. Members communicate through an e-mail list and are careful not to jeopardize the location of their meetings. One room is reserved for 'crisis situations,' when someone may need a place to hide, most often from her own family. This is their safe space — a support group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Pakistanis."

NYerCover1NewsIcon The New Yorker covers the blackout.

1NewsIcon Vice President Joe Biden says GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney loves the end of Daylight Savings Time tonight because "he gets to turn the clock back". "He wants to turn back that clock so desperately -- this time he can really do it, tonight it happens. I'm going to get in trouble, but I tell you, man," said Biden in Colorado.

1NewsIcon The debate over marriage equality in Minnesota is pitting Catholic against Catholic. "As Minnesota's gay marriage vote draws near, the divide between Minnesota's Catholic hierarchy and some churchgoers gets starker. Minnesota's Roman Catholic Church has donated heavily in support of the proposed ban and called on members to support it, leaving gay-friendly Catholics in an increasingly tough position," reports Patrick Condon.

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'Boston Globe' Knocks Down Anti-Gay Lie

KingkingIn an op-ed published today, the Boston Globe's editorial staff tore into right wing claims that marriage equality will lead to "homosexual indoctrination" in public schools.

As part of that erroneous argument, anti-gay activists point to a Lexington, Massachusetts, lawsuit in which a group of homophobic parents led David and Tonia Parker, sued a school for reading their kids a children's book about kings in love.

They lost that suit, but the Parkers have been appearing in anti-gay marriage ads spouting right wing rhetoric.

"After Massachusetts redefined marriage, local schools taught it to children in second grade," Mr Parker claims in an ad running in Maine. 

But as the Globe notes, there is no such thing as "homosexual indoctrination" and that isolated incident should not be used to discriminate against our fellow Americans.

...Voters should also know that Massachusetts is not, in fact, teaching children to read, write, and have same-sex marriages. In 2006, a teacher in Lexington did read second-graders a book about a prince who marries another prince. But it wasn’t a regular subject... And the books had previously been made available for parents’ review. Not surprisingly, the scary ads omit these details.

The Lexington litigation was highly unusual, and the scores of other school districts in the state simply haven’t been convulsed with controversy about same-sex marriage. That’s not to say the issue never arises; children increasingly have peers whose parents are married to adults of the same sex, and they’re bound to ask questions. But it’s noteworthy that the one case of pro-gay indoctrination that marriage opponents regularly cite is more than half a decade old — and misleading to boot.

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New York City Subways At 80% Operation, Says MTA

FTrainMany feared it would be a few weeks before inter-borough travel would be restored in New York City post-Sandy, but we received some good news today.

Even though it may be a while before things get back to normal, Governor Cuomo and the MTA today announced some revived service, bringing operation up to about 80%.

From the NYDN:

Trains started picking up passengers again Saturday morning along the entire 4,5,6 and 7 lines, officials said. Full service will return later Saturday to the D, F, J and M lines, officials said.

The A train will run from 168 St. to Lefferts Blvd. beginning Monday but service to the Rockaways will not return for at least a month because the train bridge over Jamaica Bay was severely damaged.

Those of you in Williamsburg will still have to wait, as well, for the 14th Street L line remains flooded.

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Girl With Two Dads Asks Obama For Advice On Bullying

Abby Evans has company in the cute little politicos brigade: Sophia Bailey Klugh.

Via Huffington Post comes this letter from Klugh, a 10-year old girl with two fathers who adores President Obama and asks his advice on what to do about kids who make fun of her.

"What would you do?" she asks. Hopefully she'll get a response.

See the entire letter, including her illustration of her fathers, daddy and popi, AFTER THE JUMP.


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NOM Launches More Hateful Ads In Minnesota: VIDEO


The anti-gay National Organization for Marriage has been funneling loads of dough to help the conservative Minnesota for Marriage and write homophobic discrimination into the state's constitution. And they seem intent on spending that money before next week's election, because the group today released an ad, "Broken Promises," in which they make one final, desperate push to convince voters that not passing the amendment will destroy religious liberties and gay-ify public education and all sorts of other terrible things.

Watch it in all its hyperbolic glory AFTER THE JUMP.

UPDATE: I was wrong. This ad is not their final ad. They put out another, which I've also included AFTER THE JUMP. It's YouTube description claims, "Minnesotans can respect gays and lesbians, but they don't need to change the definition of marriage to do so."


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Cher And Kathy Griffin Know Mitt 'Turns Back Time' For Women: VIDEO


Cher and Kathy Griffin have always been devout, unwavering LGBT allies. But their activism, as everyone's should, extends into other, related realms, like the Republican Party and their presidential nominee Mitt Romney's archaic efforts to overturn women's rights, including access to run-of-the-mill health care at placed like Planned Parenthood.

In a video included AFTER THE JUMP, the divas tell it like it is to remind voters that Romney and company aren't just against LGBT equality, but are against women, as well.

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