1. Paul R says

    Umm, most people would consider Jerusalem or even Bethlehem (no I’m not trying to start a fight) to be more the heart of Israel. Tel Aviv is likely the cultural capital, but Israel has a fairly religious history, in case the writer of that article never noticed.

  2. gregory brown says

    I’m no admirer of Israel’s politics and behavior toward the Palestinians generally. But it is irresponsibility of the highest order for Hamas to endanger and compromise the lives of the people of Gaza by attacking Israel. The IDF response will be used to whip up anti-Israeli opinions world wide, at the expense of dead children and other Palestinians whose lives are already hard enough.

  3. jeremy says

    I got shivered just by looking at it. I guess this is what my parents’ lives were when my country was at war…

  4. Anti-racism says

    More murderous Israeli aggression passed off as defense. Israel is always on the offense while claiming victimhood. The ruse is up.

    Shame on you Towleroad for supporting such a murderous racist apartheid state!