1. Sam says

    Paul Rudd has played gay before. Movie is “The Object of My Affection.” He actually pulls it off quite well as he isn’t some token stereotype played for laughs.

  2. says

    @ Zee – I prefer him “dirty” rather than wound up tighter than a frog’s butt. And with the crew at that table, did you honestly expect him to leave that “tickled” comment alone? Oh, please. And with Paul Rudd?… straight, gay or purple – that man could pickle-tickle me whenever he pleased, and I’ve no doubt Anderson thinks so too. Frankly, after the bile that B.S. from Chuck Nagel induced I needed the laugh.

  3. Zee says

    @Mommie Dammit, I agree with you actually. I love that Anderson’s comfortable enough now to let loose with a few dirty jokes/quips, he’s been doing that a LOT on his show lately and I guess now that it’s ending he’s just going to let it all hang out and that’s fine by me.

  4. Lame old man says

    This is why I hate when gay people come out late in life – they want to make up for all the time they spent in the closet and want to make stupid innuendo jokes that the rest of us haven’t thought were funny since our early 20’s. Sad seeing a man in his mid-40’s acting so childish. Of course all the Anderson fans will think it’s “cute”.

  5. Ed says

    Some people need to lighten up, so what if AC wants to have a little fun now that he’s out. He’s worked hard and has a strong reputation as a reporter that’s not going to be tarnished by a joke here and there. And YES, it IS cute, nothing to get worked up over.

  6. says

    @ Zee – Sorry dear, I didn’t mean to imply that you didn’t prefer him acting more … “natural” for lack of a better word. I wish my schedule would allow me to watch more of his show, then I could enjoy these moments as they happen instead of playing catch-up when they get posted on one of the blogs. I’m hoping that he continues to make guest appearances on other “talk” shows, and has the opportunity to share his sense of humor in that forum.

  7. Diogenes Arktos says

    Cooper has done his share of double entendres before he came out. On a RidicuList post about Gerard Depardieu urinating in a plane because the toilet was unavailable since they were on the ground, there were over 20 urine jokes (not all were juvenile). He started giggling uncontrollably around number 16 but managed to finish the segment. He put himself on the RidicuList the next night for his “giggling like a 13-year old girl meeting Justin Bieber”.

    @Mommie Dammit: Youtube is your friend.

  8. iban4yesu says

    This is why “The Object of My Affection” is watchable despite the oy vey presence of the immensely annoying what’sherhair?!( ALL hail Angelina! ;-p LOL)

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