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'Ex-Gay' Former Adult Film Actor Explains How the Devil is Born: VIDEO


Joseph Sciambra, an "ex-gay" Christian who now runs his own website, once gave birth to the devil, and it damaged him so badly it required surgery.


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HRC President Chad Griffin Talks to NPR About Growing Up Gay in Arkansas: VIDEO


NPR follows HRC President Chad Griffin back to his home state of Arkansas and talks to Griffin and his childhood friends about what it was like to grow up gay there, and his high school job at Walmart!


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Downton Abbey's Gay Footman Will Be Outed: VIDEO



James-collierOUT's Aaron Hicklin turns in a detailed interview with Rob James-Collier, who plays Downton Abbey's gay footman Thomas Barrow. His character's sexuality gets turned up in season 3:

James-Collier has joked that his character's sexuality became so muted in season 2 that he called up Fellowes and asked, "Am I still gay?" Yes, it turns out. In season 3, we get to see Thomas outed in a powerful sequence of episodes that James-Collier considers the best acting of his career. "It's the series where we really comes to grips with Thomas's sexuality and the impact being gay must have had on him, in Edwardian times," he says. "If you're including a gay character, there's an onus and responsibility to at least show what the impact of the time will be on him, and of him on that time. Thankfully we've done that, and I'm so proud that I've been used to tell that tale."

A confrontation between Thomas and the butler, Mr. Carson, proves to be a high point, and one that confers uncommon dignity on the footman. "It's a lovely, beautiful moment," says James-Collier, clearly delighted by the opportunity to redeem his character. "If you were gay in those times, the fact that you're even functioning, how you're not completely f**ked up by that, is beyond me."

Watch the trailer for Season 3, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Illinois Marriage Equality Vote Uncertain Today as Two Supportive Senators are Absent

Two Illinois senators supportive of the marriage equality bill have been called away from the legislature on family emergencies, leaving the fate of the vote uncertain, the Windy City Times reports:

IllinoissenateLGBT leaders and lawmakers declined to name the two missing Senators, but said that unless they can secure two more "yes" votes, a vote on the bill Thursday would be unlikely.

Sponsors of the bill had hoped for a vote on marriage, now tacked onto another bill as an amendment, on Thursday. The amendment was expected in the Executive Committee Thursday morning with a vote possible later in the day. But the absence of the two Senators appears to have stalled efforts.

The glitch has raised questions about whether or not the bill will be called to a vote in both the House and Senate by Jan. 9 when new lawmakers are sworn in.

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NOM Pledges $250K to Defeat Any Illinois Republican Who Votes to Approve Marriage Equality

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today pledged to take action against Republicans who vote for marriage equality in Illinois.

NOM-logoFrom the group's blog:

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today pledged to form an Illinois state PAC and spend $250,000 defeating Republican legislators who vote in support of same-sex 'marriage' in Illinois, just like the group successfully did in New York. The group also called on state Republican Chairman Pat Brady to resign or be removed from office for violating the national GOP platform and urging state Republicans to redefine marriage.

"Any Republican in Illinois who betrays the cause of marriage will be casting a career-ending vote and will be held accountable to their constituents," said Brian Brown, NOM's president. "We will spend whatever it takes — hundreds of thousands of dollars if necessary — to remove them from office, just as we did three of the four turncoat Republican state Senators in New York who were responsible for gay 'marriage' passing there. We will not hesitate to support pro-family Democrats to replace them, as our record in New York proves."

BradyNOM has also demanded the resignation of Illinois GOP Chair Pat Brady, who has been making calls in support of marriage equality to Republican lawmakers.


NOM also demanded that state GOP Chairman Pat Brady resign his position, or be removed by Republican delegates as Brady called on GOP legislators to redefine marriage. Brady's position violates the strong pro-marriage plank of the Republican National Committee Platform, and is contrary to the position of every major GOP candidate for president in 2012.

"Pat Brady is unfit to continue as Chair of the state Republican Party and should immediately resign or be removed from office," Brown said. "We urge all donors to cease supporting the Republican Party in Illinois until Brady is removed from his position. His betrayal of Republican principles is unforgiveable and violates the trust of Illinois Republicans. Moreover, it will directly lead to the defeat of any GOP officeholder who follows his lead, as the experience in New York showed."

As I mentioned earlier, a vote may be imminent. Watch it LIVE HERE.

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Watch LIVE: Possible Illinois Senate Vote on Marriage Equality


As I noted earlier, Illinois' marriage equality measure has been added as a Senate amendment to HB4963, a bill that deals with automobile rentals and the Collateral Recovery Act.  The Windy City Times has reported that the bill may be voted on at any time.

No word on scheduling but those of you who want to stay tuned in can do so here. There will likely be other issues discussed as we await the measure.


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