Posts from January 20, 2013

First Look At Amanda Seyfried As Linda Lovelace: VIDEO


Two days before Lovelace premieres at the Sundance Film Festival, here’s footage of Amanda Seyfried channeling the legendary Deep Throat star. And from the looks of it, Seyfried delivers a very compelling and authentic performance of a woman finding…

Gay Inaugural Poet: I Am Here Because This Is America


Richard Blanco, the gay Latino poet chosen to read his work at President Obama’s second inauguration tomorrow, penned a piece at CNN today in which eloquently illustrates the quintessential American elements of his origin story, a story that in…

Joe Biden Has Been Sworn In For A Second Term: VIDEO


Tomorrow’s inaugural events are all pomp and circumstance. In contrast, today, the day when Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama really re-take their oaths of office, is about friends and family. It’s a comparatively more modest affair…