Posts from January 27, 2013

At Least 232 People Dead After Fire At Night Club In Brazil


Simply horrific news out of Santa Maria, Brazil, where pyrotechnics are blamed for a night club fire that left at least 232 people, mostly college students, dead. Most of the deaths are reportedly from smoke inhalation as as many as 2,000 panicked pa…

Marriage Equality Debate Arises Anew In Navajo Nation


In 2005, during the height of anti-gay marriage fear-mongering of the Bush years, the Navajo nation passed the Dines Marriage Act, which prohibits same-sex marriage. Now, eight years and massive amounts of political progress later, LGBT activists wit…

Group Calling Hagel ‘Anti-Gay’ Has Republican Roots


The New York Times today has a piece about the myriad groups trying to hold-up Chuck Hagel’s confirmation as the next Defense Secretary. Such organizations, anonymous and amorphous, are a direct descendant of the Supreme Court’s Citizens…