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Towleroad Talking Points: A Golden Age of Gay

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Jodie Foster in her first movie post-almost coming out 


A look back at today's top stories


Just days after making comments against the notion of having a gay teammate, San Francisco 49er Chris Culliver tried to backtrack in front of the media today. Meanwhile Mike Signorile thinks that the NFL should take a stand and suspend Culliver for Sunday's game

Apparently hate pays a lot, at least if you're Brian Brown who gets paid a raft of money to be a bigot. Fellow hater Rand Paul called into Bryan Fischer's radio show yesterday to say that he doesn't understand gay marriage. Shocker. On that note, Aaron Schock has an extremely eloquent reason for why he doesn't support it.

If you are lesbian and driving around the Seattle area watch out for this intolerant freak. Also after his owner sent him to the pound, an allegedly 'gay dog' has been saved



Attention haters! Beyonce just put you in your place by singing the National Anthem a cappella. And keeping with the dog adoption theme from today, Zachary Quinto has a documentary short out about just that



Stephen Colbert explains why we are truly living in a homo golden age! Check out Carmen with a drag twist and some of the many reasons working out is such a pain.  

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Aaron Schock Not Sure Why He Doesn't Support Gay Marriage: 'Uh, Well...I Just Haven't' - VIDEO


The turquoise belt-burning Congressman from Illinois, Aaron Schock, was asked by reporters why he doesn't support marriage equality. Schock was speechless at first, before stuttering out a bunch of gobble-dy-gook.


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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1297

NEW ORLEANS: A reporter covering preparations for the Super Bowl deftly defuses a drunk videobomber.

JOHN MCCAIN: Tell me I was right about 'the surge'!

THELMA HOUSTON: On "Don't Leave Me This Way" and gay rights advocacy.

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS: A behind-the-scenes featurette.

For recent Guides to the Tube, click HERE.

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Beyoncé Sings the National Anthem Live and A Cappella: VIDEO


Beyoncé started her Super Bowl press conference today by putting to rest any doubts that she could sing the National Anthem live.

"Any questions?"


P.S. - She also admitted she sang over a recorded track at the inauguration.

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News: Chris Colfer, Great White Shark, Maurice Sendak, Sydney

RoadOutsports gay guide to the Super Bowl.

RoadA photo of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in every country she visited.

Superman_cageRoadWhat might have been.

RoadBradley Cooper has a foot fetish.

RoadWashington Blade and Bay Area Reporter make Super Bowl bet: "If the Ravens win, BAR will send the Blade staff a lunch of dungeness crabs and a $1,000 donation to the local LGBT charity of the Blade’s choosing. If the 49ers win, the Blade will send BAR’s staff a lunch of Chesapeake Bay blue crabs and a $1,000 donation to a San Francisco LGBT charity of BAR’s choosing."

RoadAttorney Ted Olson speaks with The American Lawyer about the Prop 8 case and the Supreme Court.

RoadJanelle and Mike Gehling, who appeared in an ad for Minnesota's anti-gay marriage amendment, now want their bigotry removed from the internet.

RoadTortoise found alive in box after 30 years? "In reality, much like Elvis, Manuela really never left. She got trapped into the storage room where Leonel Almeida—the family patriarch—stored all kinds of broken objects and mucky electronics. It was in one of the boxes containing an old record player from the 70s, where she lived alone for the last three decades."

RoadNeil Patrick Harris referees The Talk.

SendakRoadThe late Maurice Sendak's final work, about his brother's journey to the end of life. "The author’s beautifully illustrated narrative tells the story of his brother’s journey to the end of life, a deeply personal tale inspired by his brother Jack’s death, in 1995. Written in verse that echoes Shakespeare and William Blake, Sendak’s longing to be reunited with his deceased sibling serves as a suiting good-bye from the beloved Where the Wild Things Are author."

RoadKarl Lagerfeld is not a fan of Michelle Obama's bangs.

RoadBoy Scout rebel who accepted gays in 1992 may soon be vindicated: "21 years ago, Scoutmaster Michael Cahn made a bold challenge to the Scouts' orthodoxy. Now, the change he called for could be happening."

RoadJohn Mayer enthuses about Frank Ocean: "I think it's as much about taking a stand against being f**king boring as it is about sexuality. It's about standing up and going, 'I know what you're going to say about this, and I don't care.' And I think that was the heroic part. I know there were parts that were heroic for other people. For me, it's just the heroic self-expression."

RoadOh, get a room.

ColferRoadChris Colfer makes love to you with his eyes on the cover of August Man. “I think I was cast in Glee because I was authentically believable. I could have been one of the kids on the show… in fact, I was."

RoadGreat White Shark tracked from Cape Cod to Florida, and back to the Hamptons.

RoadChef Anne Burrell discusses her wedding plans: "We have to talk about it, I think we're thinking of a destination wedding, maybe in Vieques, [Puerto Rico]. That's where we got engaged, and the first time we ever traveled together was to [Vieques], so it's kind of a special spot for us."

RoadDavid Beckham to sign with Paris Saint-Germain.

RoadGay Sydney flight attendant's body found: "The body of missing Sydney flight attendant Ben Roper has been found in the basement of his Randwick home. Police say his death is not being treated as suspicious. The discovery this afternoon comes after an extensive search sparked by a social media campaign."

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NOM President Brian Brown Paid More Than $500,000 a Year to Destroy the Lives of Others

Activist Fred Karger, of Rights Equal Rights, reminds us in an email sent yesterday that NOM President Brian Brown is rolling in cash. Karger made the note after several attempts to get a copy of the 2011 501(c)3 tax return of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM):

BrownMaybe they don’t want us to know that NOM President Brian Brown made over $500,000 dollars in 2011.  He was paid $230,000 by NOM’s political operation where he claimed to work a minimum of 40 hours per week, and another whopping $230,000 from NOM’s Educational Fund where he claimed to work another 40 hours per week.  Add $47,000 in benefits and you have the “Half Million Dollar Man.”

NOM staff ran away from Karger when he went to their offices:

“When I went to the NOM Office a few days ago, the NOM staff literally ran away from me when I asked for a copy of their 501(c)3 tax return, which must be made available to the public,” said Fred Karger, founder of Rights Equal Rights and longtime NOM watchdog.

“One staffer leaving the office immediately ducked into the waiting elevator and wouldn’t respond to my request for the tax return.  I then rang the office doorbell (their door is locked tight); another staffer came to the door, wouldn’t open it and yelled out, ‘it’s on our web site!’  While standing there in disbelief, a minute later another NOM staff member, probably coming back from lunch, saw me and ran into the NOM office slamming the door behind him.”

NOM is on the losing end of its battle to stop gay marriage and Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher are just working now for all the money they’re pulling in.  “It’s pure greed, plain and simple,” added Karger.  “They are living the good life of the ‘One Percent’ while claiming to work 80 hours a week to destroy the lives of others.”

“We’ve seen their sleazy internal documents thanks to all the hard work of the State of Maine Attorney General’s office and the Maine Ethics Commission, who have been investigating NOM and Brian Brown for 3 ½ years on my charges of money laundering.  This investigation is a result of a sworn complaint we filed against NOM back in August 2009.”

Tax returns online here.

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