1. says

    That was really endearing. Something about this brave kids reaction coupled with how this all went down really got to me. Thanks for sharing. So proud of our community for continuing to stand tall.

  2. Gerald Bellin says

    Excellent! And the kid is learning. He correctly describes Takei as a Japanese gay man. Not a transsexual. Not a transvestite. Not a hybrid LGBT entity, which doesn’t exist in the real world. But a gay man. I now officially love the kid and George Takei!

  3. says

    This kid is wonderful, and Takei is a gem. I’m continually astounded by the strength and resiliency of these young people to proudly and openly stand up in solidarity with the diverse LGBT Communities.

    well done, young’un!

  4. Edward says

    When George Takie becomes idol material, you see just how fragile today’s gay community really is. Did Anderson explain why it took him so many years to come out?

  5. SouthJerseySteve says

    Every time I see a young guy or gal come out the way Jacob did, I get misty eyed and very proud of the next generation of LGBT youth.

    In reply to Edward, George didn’t come out until later in life because he wasn’t ready to come out to the Public audience, he’s been out to his friends/family/colleagues for years! Don’t dish on someone until you see things from their perspective (it’s a generational thing). Hopefully, other responses will be even more eloquent than I.

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