GOP Congressman Tells Sally Kern He’ll Use ‘Power of Humiliation’ to Stop Obama’s Homosexual Indoctrination: VIDEO


Rep. James Lankford (R-OK), the fifth-ranking House Republican, recently gave an Oklahoma City Town Hall and fielded questions from constituents. Among those at the town hall was gay-hating Oklahoma legislator Sally Kern, who you may recall from her "homosexuals are worse than terrorists" days.

KernAnyway, Kern is back with a new concern, and it's clear she has a soulmate in Lankford. Here's a transcript of their exchange:

KERN: I want to know if you’re aware of the Substances and Mental Health Services Administration that has a book called the Provider’s Introduction to Substance Abuse Treatment for Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender Individuals.


KERN: They are going around the nation, they just did this here in Oklahoma, December 7th, and having conferences that are educational. [...] About 2 percent of the conference is dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues. 98 percent is doing indoctrination or pushing the homosexual agenda. This is what our president is doing. He has a federal agency doing it. Our state, the Oklahoma Mental Health and Substance Abuse Department, put this conference on and is indoctrinating our citizens who are totally against this. Is there any way you can look into this?

LANKFORD: Oh yes, sure. You know I can absolutely get a chance to take a look at it. We’ll start the process, try to see what we can do to identify it. Some of those things you have the power of humiliation where you can raise it and put in sunlight. They love functioning in the dark. You put some sunlight on it, that does help. But, we’ll see. I’m glad to take that on.


Writes Oklahoma blog The Lost Ogle: "What’s ironic about Kern’s question and statement is that our government may not need a pamphlet called “Provider’s Introduction to Substance Abuse Treatment for Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender Individuals” if people like Sally Kern, James Lankford and their Derplahoman cronies didn’t openly ostracize, shun and discriminate against LGBTs just because they are different. If they were treated like normal people and given equal rights under the law, maybe they wouldn’t need specially tailored counseling."

Posted January 25, 2013 at 1:28pm ETC by Andy Towle
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