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Towleroad Talking Points: Gay OK in the UK

 PHOTO OF THE DAY: Adorable alert! A gay West Point cadet takes his boyfriend to formal


A look back at today's top stories


Great news from across the pond where the UK House of Commons has overwhelmingly approved a marriage equality bill! Gay marriage also continues to advance stateside as an Illinois Senate Panel has advanced a marriage equality bill just this afternoon. 

Fresh off his team's superbowl win, Brendon Ayanbadejo sat down with CNN's Don Lemon and gave a brilliant interview about gay rights. Disney World just got a little bit gayer and the star of Ace of Cakes has a sweet wedding gift for a lesbian couple who were discriminated against




So it turns out that some may think you can pray that gay away but you they can't get rid of that desire to share some d*ck pics on Grindr. Just when the story of Chris Brown assaulting Frank Ocean over a parking spot couldn't get any grosser, it turns out that someone was throwing epithets at Ocean as well

Pat Robertson believes gays will bring pedophiles into the Boy Scouts. Fox News issues a pictorial warning to Obama. And, amazingly, Donald Trump is not the spawn of an Orangutan!



Rest in peace to gay adult film star Arpad Miklos who committed suicide over the weekend at the age of 45. Our thoughts are with his friends and family. 

Robert De Niro appeared on Katie yesterday with some of the cast of Silver Linings Playbook and broke down when he talked about his personal connection to bipolar disorder. Check out Kelly Clarkson and Jewel teaming up for a duet. And Jon Stewart takes down the super not gay Super Bowl

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Chris Kluwe Talks with Thomas Roberts About Chris Culliver, the 49ers, and Gay Rights Advocacy: VIDEO


MSNBC's Thomas Roberts spoke with Vikings punter Chris Kluwe today about recent events in pro football - namely, the Chris Culliver incident and the 49ers 'It Gets Better' video debacle. Also, whether activism and pro sports belong together, and what he thinks will happen in his home state of Minnesota with marriage equality.

It all goes down, AFTER THE JUMP...

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Conservative Baptist Leader Richard Land Says Letting Gays In Will Destroy the 'Core Conviction' of Scouting, Cause 'Human Tragedy': VIDEO


Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention appeared on CNN this morning to discuss the looming vote by the Boy Scouts board over its ban on gay leaders and scouts. Land argued that keeping boys "morally straight", as in heterosexual, is the "core value" of scouting, therefore letting gays in would destroy it.

Said Land, via Think Progress:

The Scouts have said for themselves for over a hundred years that traditional morality is at the core value of scouting, teaching them to be “morally straight.” [...]

Homosexuals, by definition, are attracted to people of the same sex. Now I’m not accusing homosexuals of being pedophiles, but I’m accusing homosexuals of being what they say they are: attracted to males. How many people that are listening to me would allow their teenage girls to go on campouts and engage in camping activities with heterosexual males? They wouldn’t. [...]

This verges on being beyond the realm of the rational, and it’s going to lead to human tragedy, and the human tragedy is going to be, sadly, boys and men who are going to end up in relationships that are going to be tragic. [...]

Boy Scouts have the right to define character, and they define character as being “morally straight” and that involves being sexually pure and being a heterosexual.


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Facebook Co-Founder's Husband Sean Eldridge Files Papers to Run for Congress

EldridgeSean Eldridge, the husband of Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, has filed papers in New York to run for Congress, Gawker reports:

According to the filings, Eldridge, a Democratic activist and the head of an investment firm, will be seeking a House seat in New York's 19th District, currently represented by Representative Chris Gibson. Gibson, a two-term Republican and former West Point professor, was reelected in November by a margin of 53 percent to 47 percent. But the 19th District also broke for Obama; it is one of the dozens of vulnerable districts Democratic strategists are gunning for in 2014 in an effort to reclaim the House.

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1300

BROCK MCLEAN: Aussie footballer on supporting his lesbian sister in the Melbourne Pride parade.

UFOS: What's been hovering over Detroit, Michigan, and Indiana?

MARRIAGE NEWS WATCH: AFER's Matt Baume with the latest from Arizona, Hawaii, and Rhode Island.

CHRIS CHRISTIE: The NJ Governor mocks himself, munches on a donut.

For recent Guides to the Tube, click HERE.

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News: NFL, Matt Bomer, Hillary Clinton, Tet Parade, Beekmans

RoadHillary Clinton launches website. But what is it for?

RoadRuPaul's Drag Race contestant Monica Beverly Hillz discusses coming out as transgender.

BomerRoadMatt Bomer flexes his gaze  for Da Man.

RoadVIDEO: Homeless hitchhiker with hatchet saves woman from attack by man claiming to be Jesus Christ.

RoadDemarcus Cousins of the Sacramento Kings ejected for calling ref "an effing female".

RoadJudge denies John Travolta's arguments for arbitration in cruise ship massage case: "Fabian Zanzi, a ship attendant, filed a lawsuit against Travolta for assault and battery and infliction of emotional distress in June. The plaintiff says that upon request, he gave Travolta a neck massage on the cruise ship. Travolta allegedly disrobed, exposed himself and then 'forcefully embraced' him."


14 more NFL players who would be supportive of a gay teammate.

RoadLGBT Vietnamese group ousted from L.A. Tet parade: "After asking the group not to participate, said spokesperson Ai Van, 'they suggested that we obtain our own permit and have our own parade, and not be a part of the community parade.' The Tet parade, scheduled for Sunday, is a tradition dating back nearly three decades. The LGBT coalition has marched in the parade the last three years, over the objections of some religious leaders in Orange County's Vietnamese community." Will demonstrate.

RoadAP: Wyoming lawmakers see movement on gay issues.

BullardRoadMartyn Lawrence Bullard fluffs up Elton John and David Furnish's Beverly Hills pad.

RoadHomophobic rapper Brand Nubian accuses Kanye West of "queering" hip-hop in new track: "Somebody mad at my hashtag/Black man lookin' half a fag/With a blazer and vest/I'm just amazed at the mess/Pioneer of this queer sh*t is Kanye West/He introduced the skinny jeans to the rap scene/Then he wore a f**king skirt on the video screen..."

RoadGrandma walks out of church after pastor begins anti-LGBT sermon: "There are a lot of problems here, and him being gay is not one of them."

Road'Mob Wife' Nora Schweijs threatened to kill Calvin Klein's former boytoy Nick Gruber with a screwdriver, according to court documents: "In the docs, Nick says he and Nora have been living together for two months -- they share the same entertainment manager -- but things have taken a turn for the worse. Specifically Nick claims Nora is "psychotic" ... drinks heavily ... stole his $10,000 Rolex ... threatened to sic her mob connections on him -- and threatened to kill Nick herself with a screwdriver."

RoadYoda reportedly getting his own Star Wars movie.

RoadRob Lowe drops his top to hit the surf.

BeekmanRoadThe Fabulous Beekman Boys talk to Frontiers: “I think the definition of a couple is a partnership. I think any couple should be able to work together, play together, live together. I know a lot of people say never to go into business with your partner, but I think you just need to learn how to go into business with your partner. The reason you work together is because you’re better together than you are apart.”

RoadSweden's Crown Princess Victoria steals the show at 'Gay of the Year' gala. "At the gala, Crown Princess Victoria was given a minute-long standing ovation when she caught the audience by surprise and appeared on stage just before midnight."

RoadMayor of Antwerp, Belgium, Bart De Wever says national servants shouldn't be allowed to wear rainbow shirts during office hours: "There are limits to every form of expression. This is especially the case when you are sitting at a counter on behalf of the City of Antwerp. May a woman wear a headscarf? Of course, but not at a counter. Counter officials aren't allowed to wear T-shirts with the words 'our people first' either (a reference to one of the slogans of the far right Vlaams Belang). I don't want somebody with a rainbow T-shirt at a counter either, because in this way a homosexual makes clear that he or she adheres to this obedience. Other people recognise this."

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