1. kodiak says

    Talk about holier than thou. Could a politician leave out “God” every time they utter, jeebus! Whose God is he talking bout anyway?

  2. Houndentenor says

    Joe Scarborough is a tool. If that had been Joe Biden instead of Marco Rubio he’d be running the water clip on a loop all day. It’s funny. It doesn’t make him a bad person, and frankly Rubio is lucky that people are focused on this and not the idiotic crap he had to say.

  3. mike/ says

    Scarborough told Mika not to go there but i think it was Ford who kept it going; i’m sure Joe gave him a chewing out afterward. when they showed it i really went ‘WTF'; that was really bad.

    Joe finally said something like you don’t do that if you’re running for university president; Mike said something like, ‘Even fraternity president.’ lol…

  4. Shane says

    Honestly, it wasn’t just the water bottle grab…he was falling apart mid way through, with the lip licking and the brow wiping and the mouth grabbing. It wasn’t just one moment, it was the entire performance. Plus the content of his speech was hideous and unintelligent.

  5. Caliban says

    “I needed water, what am I going to do? God has a funny way of reminding us we’re human.”

    Oh for f*ck’s sake. He can’t just say “I was thirsty,” he has to bring god into it?! Yes, Marco, you’re exactly right. “God” took time out of his busy day of not miraculously curing cancer patients to make your mouth dry. Because you’re so special and all.


  6. Phil says

    He had some water after talking for an hour. Why is this an issue to anyone? Does anyone want to discuss the substance of what he said?

  7. Paul R says

    He didn’t speak for an hour. He was talking to millions of people. There are ways to coat your throat/voice that should be known to any major politician. It was an awkward body move that made him look odd. He drank from a plastic bottle. It looked like product endorsement. People don’t like lying hypocrites. You need more reasons?

  8. anon says

    I’d call this scraping the bottom of the barrel, but he did manage to imply that normally he does not think himself human.

  9. simon says

    OK. Let’s talk “substance”. Mario once said :”Whether the Earth was created in 7 days, or 7 actual eras, I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to answer that. It’s one of the great mysteries.” He talked about opportunities he had growing up in the US. He obviously hasn’t made good use of those opportunities to educate himself.

  10. millerbeach says

    Oh, oh, goodie! Let’s play “Remember when…” Remember when this country wasn’t billions of dollars in debt, the way Clinton left it? Remember when we weren’t fighting not one but TWO useless wars, for over a decade now? Remember when gas was $1.45 a gallon? Remember what housing prices were before the literal “house of cards” of the GWB economy came crashing down, during his time in office, no less? I do. I remember a lot. Reagan sucked and Paul Harvey was a total fraud. Those two are thrown in as a free bonus…enjoy.