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Matthew Terry is Calvin Klein's Dark Obsession: VIDEO


Calvin Klein model Matthew Terry, who appeared in the much-hyped Super Bowl ad, is back in a new spot for the brand's new fragrance Dark Obsession.

The track is "In the City" by Chromatics.


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Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) Introduces Bill to Prohibit Gay Marriages on Military Bases and Protect Anti-Gay Service Members

Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) last Thursday introduced the Military Religious Freedom Protection Act in the House, the Washington Blade reports:

HuelskampThe legislation has two parts. The first states that the religious and moral beliefs of service members and military chaplains concerning human sexuality won’t be the basis of adverse personnel action or discrimination in the armed forces. The section section states chaplains may not be forced to perform a rite that is contradictory to their religious teachings, which would include same-sex marriages.

The second section states that a military base can’t be used for any marriage or marriage-like ceremony other than the union of one man, one woman.

Huelskamp is known for pushing anti-gay legislation in the House. Last year, on the same day that President Obama endorsed marriage equality, Huelskamp amended major funding legislation on the House floor to reaffirm the Defense of Marriage Act.

Huelskamp's bill has six co-sponsors: Reps. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.), Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), Steve King (R-Iowa), Doug LaMalfa (R-Calif.) and Tim Walberg (R-Mich.)

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Slain Gay Mississippi Mayoral Candidate Marco McMillian's Body Had Been Beaten, Burned; Suspect in Custody

More details are emerging in the disturbing murder of openly gay Clarksdale, Mississippi mayoral candidate Marco McMillian (below, left), whose body was found at the base of a Mississippi River levee last week after he had been missing for several days.

Macmillian_ReedThe AP reports:

Sheriff’s deputies last week charged 22-year-old Lawrence Reed (far right) with murder in the case. An investigation began Feb. 26 after McMillian’s SUV slammed head-on into another vehicle on U.S. Highway 49 near the Coahoma and Tallahatchie county lines. Reed was driving the car, but McMillian was not in it, authorities say. McMillian’s body was found the next day. Reed was treated for injuries at the Regional Medical Center in Memphis. The hospital said he was released Saturday. Reed was being held without bond Monday pending extradition to Mississippi.

McMillian's family released a statement today saying that McMillian's body had been brutalized, the Commercial Appeal reports:

“We know that Marco was brutally murdered. His body was found on Wednesday, February 26, 2013, beaten, dragged and burned (set afire),” his family said in an email released through his campaign manager Jarod Keith. “This was reported in our meeting with the local coroner on two occasions. We were informed that the official autopsy report could take two to four weeks to complete.

“We feel that this was not a random act of violence based on the condition of the body when it was found. Marco, nor anyone, should have their lives end in this manner.”

His family went on to say in the statement that McMillian shared with them before his death that he was concerned about his safety, and that they want a “full and thorough” investigation into his murder.

“We feel it is important to share this information to dispel speculations surrounding his death,” McMillian’s family stated.

The circumstances surrounding McMillian's death are under an active investigation.

McMillian was "one of the first viable openly LGBT candidates in Mississippi" according to the Victory Fund.

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1319


THE LAST GAY SUPPER: Did Leonardo put his lover in the famous painting?

MARRIAGE NEWS WATCH: AFER's Matt Baume with the latest on the Prop 8 amicus briefs.

BEHIND THE CANDELABRA: A teaser for the upcoming HBO Liberace biopic starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon.

For recent Guides to the Tube, click HERE.

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News: Brooklyn, Mellencamp, Effie Trinkett, George Washington U.

RoadMixner: No Nobel Prize for homophobes. "You really can't be an advocate for a peaceful world and hate a huge number of its citizens. The time has come for a change in Oslo."

MardiRoadPhotos from the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras here and here.

RoadChubby Batman turns in thief in England.

RoadGreat White Shark successfully tagged and released off Jacksonville, Florida. "The female shark, which the Ocearch crew named Lydia, was put back in the ocean after scientists took blood and tissue samples and installed four tracking devices meant to record the animal’s travel through satellite tracking and undersea acoustic monitors."

RoadBradley Cooper doesn't want an Oscar.

RoadGeorge Washington University frat brothers to don drag for The Trevor Project: “It’s to support, whether they’re out or not, the LGBT members of our community,” Interfraternity Council President Casey Wood said. “And I think it’s a great way to embrace that no matter where you come from or who you are, there’s always a place in Greek life for you.”

RoadA ripped Liev Schreiber goes surfing in Malibu.

RoadMale model fix: Adam Nicklas.

BrooklynRoadThe new Brooklyn waterfront? "Soon, the Domino Sugar Factory will be a virtual forest of gleaming new condos and office buildings including not just one, but two huge towers with with holes in the middle of them."

RoadNo gay wedding boom anticipated in Maine: "About 2,360 same-sex couples were married in Massachusetts the first month alone after its gay-marriage law went into effect in 2004, according to the Boston-based Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders organization. In contrast, about 150 gay couples have exchanged vows in Maine since same-sex marriage became legal Dec. 29. While the new law has given hotels, photographers, florists and others a boost, many say they're not anticipating a bonanza from same-same couples right off the bat, but still expect the gay marriage business to grow in the years ahead."

RoadYoung gay man details escape from abusive Christian family: "At 9:00am that morning, everything was set. I was even able to set my computer, my clothes, and several of my other personal belongings outside on the porch without my parents even noticing. I was sitting in the living room trying to relax when they arrived. I felt my stomach drop when they did, as I feared my parents would notice. However, my dad was in the shower, and my mother smoking in the basement. They didn’t realize a thing until we had loaded everything into the car and I was 20 miles away. We drove for three days straight to Salem, Oregon."

RoadIt's a new promo image of Effie Trinkett from Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

MellencampRoadJohn Mellencamp's nephew is a Diesel model.

RoadSydney, Australia wants to keep its rainbow crosswalk: "Lesbians and gay men were beaten and bashed on Oxford Street in 1978, and homophobic violence was rife for years. To now have our flag on our street celebrates how far we have come and is a tribute to the battles we have won. The crossing will be a major tourist attraction and bring new life to Oxford Street. It is a colourful piece of public art as well."

RoadSignorile on hypocrisy and Catholic priests: "In the case of Cardinal O'Brien, it's not just the men he allegedly abused who were the victims but millions around the world who are subject to the Catholic Church's hypocritical and virulent verbal attacks on LGBT people."

RoadQuebec launches anti-homophobia campaign: "The ads may shock some with candid displays of affection, the goal of which is to encourage debate about sexual diversity. The government recently conducted a phone survey of 800 Quebecers where 90 per cent said they had no issue with homosexuality. However, the survey found some 40 per cent of the province still feels uncomfortable when two men or two women are affectionate in public. According to Bertrand St-Arnaud, the campaign may be shocking to some, but according to the minister responsible for the fight against homophobia, that's the point."

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Federal Judge Could Overturn Michigan's Ban on Same-Sex Marriage This Thursday: VIDEOS

Back in September I posted about April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse, a Detroit couple suing the state of Michigan over its ban on gay adoption, who expanded their lawsuit to take on the state's marriage amendment.

LmcMotions which could be decisive on the matter are scheduled for March 7, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. at Wayne State University Law School, located at 471 W. Palmer Ave, Detroit Michigan, according to the couple's attorney Dana Nessel of Nessel and Kessel Law. Judge Friedman recently ordered a venue change to accommodate the public interest in the outcome.

Via press release:

The couple, who has been in a committed relationship for over a decade, has three special-needs children. DeBoer, a neo-natal intensive care nurse, and Rowse, an emergency room nurse, became licensed as a couple to be foster parents. Within a year and a half, they welcomed three newborns who had been abandoned or surrendered at birth. The children faced long-term physical and mental impairments due to prematurity, little or no prenatal care, maternal drug use, and other complications.

DeBoer and Rowse's desire to jointly adopt all three children would establish each parent's legal claim and relationship to their children. Currently one has adopted two of the children and the other has adopted one. April and Jayne asserted that the Michigan Adoption Code, which prohibits joint adoption for their kids and thousands of other children in households like theirs across the state, violates their right to Equal Protection under the United States Constitution.

"Jayne and I love our children as deeply as any other parent loves their kids," said DeBoer. "We just want our children to have the same protections all other children have, so that our kids know they can never be taken from either of us."

Attorneys Dana Nessel (Nessel & Kessel Law) and Carole Stanyar (The Law Offices of Carole Stanyar) filed a complaint on behalf of April, Jayne, and their children against the State of Michigan in January of 2012, however, at the behest of Judge Bernard Friedman, the pleadings were amended to challenge the same-sex marriage ban, significantly expanding the scope of the case.

Michigan's Marriage Amendment, approved by voters in 2004, prohibits gays and lesbians from a legal marriage, civil unions, or domestic partnerships.

"As one of the most draconian bans in the nation, the amendment effectively prohibits any type of legal recognition or benefits for same-sex couples in Michigan," said Nessel. "Ironically, the State of Michigan found these women good enough to put their blood, sweat, and tears into raising these children together as foster parents. To now deny them the opportunity to both become legal parents to the children they love, and who are the only parents they have ever known, is totally irrational, and serves no legitimate purpose."

Watch the press conference held by the couple and their attorneys in September, as well as a news report broadcast a week before they decided to expand their lawsuit, AFTER THE JUMP...

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