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Towleroad Talking Points: Michelle Shocked Tries to Backtrack



A look back at today's top stories


Michelle Shocked appeared on Piers Morgan last night and attempted to do some damage control on her anti-gay rant. Her defense really doesn't make her seem any less crazy. Ronald Reagan's son isn't happy about the surge in support for gay marriage and wants more religious leaders to be shouting about it. The Seattle Seahawks have finally spoken up about their player's anti-gay remarks from last week and their comment is that they have no comment

A gay couple who own a restaurant in Manitoba, Canada have been essentially forced to flee town due to unending homophobic attacks. And it turns out that the little boy who spouted hate at an LGBT-friendly church over Easter was born into an anti-gay street preacher family that indoctrinated him very young



With two more Senators (Tom Carper of Delaware and Mark Kirk of Illinois) coming out in support of same-sex marriage today, there is a working majority in the Senate (with VP Joe Biden's tiebreaker vote) that supports marriage equality for the first time in U.S. history

Take a look at this powerful video featuring some of the thousands of undocumented LGBT immigrants in America. Also there was good news in South America where Uruguay's Senate has approved a marriage equality bill




It has been a long wait, but Ellen DeGeneres is finally getting her Dory-centric Finding Nemo sequel. And Shirley Manson recently facilitated a gay marriage proposal at a Garbage concert



Last night Lawrence O'Donnell laid into Bill Kristol and Cardinal Dolan for their recent ridiculous and bigoted remarks. And TMZ catches up with Magic Johnson's gay son, who is also my neighbor, with his boyfriend while strolling around LA

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Seattle Seahawks Refuse to Denounce Player's Anti-Gay Remarks

Last week Seattle Seahawks defensive end Christopher Clemons tweeted his displeasure that an NFL player might come out of the closet, calling it "a selfish act" that will "separate a lockerroom and divide a team".

ClemonsWrote Clemons:

Who on Gods earth is this person saying he's coming out of the closet in the NFL? ... If you didn't do it when you were in high school or college then why wait til your in the NFL? Whoever he is he didn't just start ... I'm not one to judge anyone because that's there personal preference. ... it doesn't matter how good they are. That will immediately separate a lockerroom and divide a team ... I'm not against anyone but I think it's a selfish act. They just trying to make themselves bigger than the team.

The Seahawks have been silent about Clemons' remarks, so Dominic Holden at Slog contacted them "about a dozen times" and finally heard back:

"We're not going to comment," said Seahawks spokeswoman Suzanne Lavender. "You know, it's just his personal view."

Adds Holden:

"We haven't gotten that many fan comments so we are not going to make public comment," Lavender explained. But she refused to provide a phone number or an e-mail for the fans to comment. So apparently this is how it works: The team gauges whether it needs to make a statement based on how many fans comment, but—pysch—there's no way for fans to comment.

After Holden provided a link to the contact page info for the team management, they took it down!

So he has kindly provided one at their site. We'll see how this develops.

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Uruguay Senate Approves Marriage Equality in 23-8 Vote

UruguayUruguay will almost certainly be the next nation to approve marriage equality after its Senate approved the measure in a 23-8 vote. The House passed the bill in December and the bill must return there for the legislation to be reconciled. President José Mujica says he intends to sign the bill.

Freedom to Marry writes: "When marriages between same-sex couples begin this summer, Uruguay will join 11 countries that have the freedom to marry for same-sex couples nationwide: The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, Argentina, and Denmark. Three others have taken judicial and regional steps to allow same-sex couples to share in the freedom to marry in parts of the country: Brazil, Mexico, and the United States."

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1338

JAY BRANNAN: "Wide Open Spaces".

DRAG QUEEN DELIVERY: An April Fool's tease from Seamless.

REVERSE TIMES SQUARE: Improv Everywhere does April Fool's Day.

BRYAN FISCHER: Ben Carson is victim of gay activists' "demonic hatred".

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News: Boy Scouts, Justin Bartha, Flamboyance, Meningitis

RoadJohn Aravosis interviews a health expert on the NYC meningitis outbreak.

RoadStudy: Young gay men in Mexico City would pledge to stay HIV-free for $288 a year. "Because each person receiving H.I.V. treatment costs Mexico’s public health system up to $7,000 a year for drugs alone, payments that encourage men to stay uninfected could be a bargain, the authors argue."

BrooksRoadDavid Brooks calls SCOTUS appeal for marriage equality "a setback for the forces of maximum freedom." Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi calls him "an assh*le".

RoadToday in Ryan Gosling leg tattoos.

RoadLena Dunham has never been to a gay wedding.

RoadLady Gaga turned down $1 million to perform at the RNC: "Documents filed with the lawsuit show that other entertainers also said "no thanks" to appearing at the GOP convention including Dolly Parton and the rapper Pitbull, who Republicans hoped to feature at an event for the Hispanic Leadership Network."

RoadMarilyn Manson is the new face of Saint Laurent.

RoadNYT 'civil behavior' columnist Steven Petrow offers advice to a mom whose gay son is being bullied by another gay teen for being too "flamboyant": "Where does this attitude come from? There’s certainly a dichotomy in our community, with some people valuing assimilation and others celebrating diversity. The so-called 'Brooks Brothers' types have no doubt helped the movement by 'normalizing' us (think Will Truman of 'Will & Grace'), but excluding our less conforming sisters and brothers is no way to define ourselves. It’s possible that those who disdain difference and who focus on making gays look 'good' (often meaning 'straight acting') to the outside world are revealing their own insecurities. My take on it is that this young man’s criticism of your son is a perfect example of how damaging internalized homophobia can be."

RoadLindsay Lohan files a late-breaking April Fool's prank.

MermaidRoadShe's a full time professional mermaid. "The 6-foot tail weighs 35 pounds and took seven months to create..."

RoadThe Awl's Richard Morgan on a recent night out in NYC: "Now that it's all gone, the city is primed for a nostalgic luxuriation in old-school Castro District gayness, which is why a plan recently proposed to me seemed so appealing. It was basically gay turducken: going to the largest gay dance party of the year, in the company of two porn actors—and their director, whose intention was to film a porn on-site with both the actors and strangers."

RoadU.S. renewable energy production now tops nuclear power.

RoadConservative columnist Kurt Schlichter: We lost on gay marriage. "Well, we don’t get depressed if we opposed it, and if we didn’t we don’t disrespect our social conservative allies over it. We get ready for the next battle, together. The amnesty fight is coming, and we need to be ready. Remember that if we don’t fight on for conservatism, President Obama and his band of liberal hypocrite buddies win."

RoadMariah Carey caught the Easter Bunny.

BsaBoy Scouts: RoadUtah LGBT Pride Center cannot sponsor troop. "The Utah Pride Center submitted its application in late February to sponsor a troop with heterosexual leaders and middle-school age boys several weeks ago, said Valerie Larabee, the center's executive director. She said the bid, which comes ahead of the BSA vote in May on whether it should keep the ban, was not a stunt."

RoadGay Catholic group Dignity USA extends prayer invitation to Cardinal Dolan.

RoadCarrie and Divergent acto Ansel Elgort would 'go gay' for Tom Hardy:  “He lets himself become the character and reveals so much about himself in the process. He is very special. I have a girlfriend and I love her BUT I would go gay for Tom!!”

RoadShia LaBeouf explains his tension with Alec Baldwin.

RoadJustin Bartha on how The New Normal has put him in the unlikely role of gay rights activist: “It’s not often as an actor you get to be involved with a project that seems to be on the right side of history.”

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Nora Ephron’s 'Lucky Guy' Starring Tom Hanks Opens on Broadway: REVIEW



The late Nora Ephron’s new play Lucky Guy, which opened on Broadway last night at the Broadhurst Theatre, resembles not so much conventional drama as kinetic, straight-talking journalism. Starring Tom Hanks as renowned tabloid reporter and columnist Mike McAlary, Ephron’s play depicts the newspaperman’s rise and fall in the world of city tabloids as if it were a feature profile. It's an insider story with many contributors.

LG3 The stalwart writers and editors in the smoky newsrooms of Ephron's 80's and 90's New York vie for narrative authority as they retell major events in McAlary’s career — though ultimately all the voices on stage add up to Nora’s own. A veteran of Gotham newsrooms, including a stint at the New York Post, Ephron’s sharp personal insights are the play’s unmistakable highlights.

Often told in the same exclamatory tones as headlines splashed across city tabloids, the main events in McAlary’s life are more illustrated than they are dramatized. Players agree (or disagree) about timelines and scenes are assembled accordingly, but Ephron’s characters rarely divert their attention from addressing the audience — storytelling is their business.

LG1George C. Wolfe (Angels In America) directs an ensemble cast of fifteen led by Hanks, whose signature everyman demeanor and accessible charm are put to good use. Hanks takes the audience into his confidence with ease and brings warmth to the surface of a bullish, ambitious character. He transforms smoothly from a pavement-pounding reporter covering the police beat to a weekly columnist blinded at inopportune times by the size of his byline.

Standouts among the cast include Courtney B. Vance (Fences) as Hap Hairston, and Peter Gerety (The Lieutenant of Inishmore) as John Cotter, two of McAlary’s Newsday editors with whom he had strong bonds. Deirdre Lovejoy is refreshing as two of the only apparent women in the newsroom boy’s club, while Maura Tierney’s subdued performance as McAlary’s wife Alice feels like a missed opportunity to lend the story a more solid emotional anchor.

Yet as events turn to McAlary’s struggle with terminal illness, it’s difficult to overlook the parallel to Ephron’s own, which ended last summer while she was continuing work on this play. Between Hanks' heartfelt performance and words that at moments resonate beyond the character on stage, it’s an affecting conclusion with a broader context.

LG2Ultimately, Ephron’s play is an earnest tribute to a particular heyday of sensational print journalism before the age of Perez Hilton and TMZ. If her characters aren't easy to get to know, it's because they're essentially beat reporters spinning stories about their lives rather than living them on stage.

Ephron's Cotter boils it down: "You’re born, you die. Everything in between is subject to interpretation. […] Everything in between is how you tell the story and who’s telling the story and what they think is important and which order to put it in and where they’re coming from." As her characters maintain their distance, the 'who' in Lucky Guy rarely ceases to be Nora herself—though there are worse ways to spend an evening than listening to anecdotes and insights from a revered New York legend.     

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