Posts from April 8, 2013

Marc Jacobs’ Acting Debut: VIDEO


Designer Marc Jacobs makes his acting debut in Henry Alex Rubin's film Disconnect, a role Jacobs described as that of a "porn baron," Movieline reports. The film opens Friday. Watch a 40-second clip preview, AFTER THE JUMP……

Gay Wedding Video of the Day: Dan and Eric


Dan and Eric got married in NYC on February 15. Katie Osgood, their photographer, wanted to do something a bit different for them. So she went stop-motion. Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP… She explains: When Dan and Eric got into NYC a few days before the…

Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1342

DANNEL MALLOY: Connecticut governor rips NRA Executive VP Wayne LaPierre. TV'S BEST FAKE WEBSITES: A supercut of non-places on the WWW. WHOSE AIR DO WE SHARE? It's Ok to Be Smart's Joe Hanson on the size of Earth's atmosphere. MARGARE…