1. Jack says

    The more I see of Jason Collins the more impressed I become. He is not only a role model for gay and bisexual men, he is a role model for men, period. What a great day in America!

  2. Mehroon says

    Towle road should be renamed trollroad. After all these troll like comments on here, do you think we can get Andy to make this site go to requiring a user name and signing in? Do you even think Andy cares about the flow and civility on his site or I get the impression he likes trolls trolling as it adds more viewership.

    Shame as I’m looking for a new gay site to call home. This ones just infiltrated with the likes of Rick/Jason/David Hearne/GB/Ratbastard all probably the same person.

  3. Steve-ATL says

    Start moderating your damn site and the comments that go on it. Out of hand with all the trolls. I agree, force people to login with a handle or facebook like all other sites do.

  4. Timmy says

    I made a positive comment on Jason yesterday on the Huff Post. Its was a simple, maybe 3 sentence positive comment about the President’s remarks on Jason. I was jumped on and bashed by 3 people being as nasty as I have ever heard. I think they would have beat the crap out of me. There were many more positive remarks than negative and I received several thumbs up, however, I had never seen such homophobic treatment before. We are a long way from acceptance.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    “Wait until you find out that his boyfriend is Asian and ONLY into Asian guys ; let’s see then if your view of him is still the same.”

    Then I’ll change my name to Derrick Kwon.

  6. Rick says

    “And given the importance of sports in our society, for an individual who’s excelled at the highest levels in one of the major sports to say, ‘This is who I am, I’m proud of it. I’m still a great competitor. I’m still 7 foot tall and can bang with Shaq and deliver a hard foul.'”

    Translation: “Being a man and demonstrating it by standing up for yourself and demonstrating normal masculine values gains a gay man respect from me and other straight men, which they otherwise would not get.”

    Nice way for the President to get the point across without creating “controversy” among gender-non-conformity-pushing activists.

  7. ripper says

    Ya’ll know Towleroad has had the same template for at least 10 years? Trolls have always dominated the conversation here. The only thing that’s changed is more and more javascript boxes.

    It would be nice if he entered the 21st century and required Facebook or Google login to comment.

  8. will says

    This is so great that we have a President who is this supportive, and laid-back (so publicly non-uptight) about gay issues. The praise he and Michelle gave Jason yesterday felt authentic and totally unforced, like good parents encouraging their kids. I am not taking any of this for granted. Mitt Romney could have been President right now and I have a fairly good idea what message his administration would have sent yesterday: nothing. We’d have four years of silence. Again, I’m not taking any of this for granted.

  9. says

    Thank you Mr. President!

    ripper – the good news is that the trolls remain as cowardly and closeted as ever. the world spins forward, more and more brave people Come Out, and yet the closeted trolls remain cowering in anonymity, spewing misery to compensate for their own insecurity.

    it’s kinda cute. they’re like those guys who, despite this no longer being the mid-90s, post online profiles that say “masc/VGL/6’/170/blue/brown/jock top” instead of…you know…posting a photo.


    then wondering why they can’t meet guys. 😀

    as long as the cowardly gay men who hate gender-nonconformity remain the closeted wimps that they are, and always will be, then everything in the real world will remain peachy.

  10. Caliban says

    IF Towleroad does go to requiring that you log in (which maybe it should) I’d hope that either it be site-specific or allow Disqus or something similar. Many of us do not use Facebook or similar sites for good reason and I really resent sites where that is the ONLY commenting option. If I wanted my personal information sold to marketers I’d call them up and do it personally, not through some 2nd party like Facebook! Remember, if you aren’t paying for it you ARE the product being sold.

    Now onto the actual point of this article. It’s great to have a President who acknowledges the gay community in such a consistent and inclusive manner. He isn’t perfect but he’s by far better than the alternative!

  11. says

    GOProud and the LCR would hate this story because it’s about a gay black man and GOProud/LCR are just a bunch of wussy trust-fund white boys who hate blacks in hopes their parents will tolerate them for another day.

    the Romney angle?
    They’d say “we respect President Romney’s difference of opinion that gay people don’t deserve equality because unlike intolerant liberals we respect bigotry against people. so, that said, do you accept us into your club yet? no? ok. we’ll try talking about how whites should arm themselves against blacks, and try again tomorrow”


  12. Jackson says

    I actually think the trolling has got out of hand, and I say this as someone who did a good job of ignore it. But you can clearly tell that the trolls (most conservative) are ruining the flow. I completely support having to login on twitter, or face book, or disquis to comment. It encourages accountability and would change the overall feel of this place.

    It’s just getting ugly on here, and all the other gay sites have a much more supportive feel and INTELLIGENT conversation.

  13. lucas says

    Proud of a mediocre athlete who realized his career was essentially at death’s door…so he decided to exploit the media hype of being the first male out homosexual athlete in team sports for financial gain? He certainly is no Jackie Robinson. This whole thing is beyond pathetic.

  14. says

    well, some conservative closet-cases (redundant term, i know) are always miserable when someone else comes out.

    it means they’re being left behind, and their tired excuses for remaining closeted become more and more ridiculous and pathetic.

  15. Jenny says

    An emasculated black man self-appoints to the position of court jester for the white gay cabal that hates him and calls him n*gger behind his back. The world is getting sadder by the day. And the half-breed son of a communist African immigrant is cheering on the continued, seemingly irreversible denigration of the male descendants of slaves. I hope all black Americans descended from slaves understand that Obama despises you and do not share your heritage. He probably has the blood of a traitorous slave seller running through his veins. Of course, he is happy to see a self-castrated black man do the usual minstrel show to the secret laughter and derision of the white media and gay cabal….Just another useful Uncle Tom…I pray for God to reveal himself and end all this madness. He promised the fire next time. I hope it comes soon. We all deserve to burn.

  16. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “I hope all black Americans descended from slaves understand that Obama despises you..”

    Then why did he marry one, Jenny? And still seems very much in love with her.

    @ “He promised the fire next time. I hope it comes soon. We all deserve to burn.”

    uh oh. Are you Mrs Broussard?

  17. Jenny says

    @Derrick from Philly: He married Michelle for the very same reason he attended the crazy Reverend’s church for 20 years…and the same reason he continues to pretend to believe in God — political power. Have you ever asked yourself how a man raised by white women in Hawaii and Indonesia acquires a black preacher’s speaking cadence and voice tone? LOL! Obama is the master manipulator when it comes to the black sheeple. I am sure this man locks himself in the bathroom and laughs his *ss off as the gullibility of the black masses.

    When the gays get what they want and no longer have any reason to pretend to be civil towards their negro peers then the sh*t will really hit the fan. A day will come when the gay whites will take their place alongside their friends in the KKK and Nazi movements. On this very site many white gays have called blacks monkeys, savages, animals and worse…now they are feigning admiration for this useful idiot and self denigrating fool. If is wasn’t so sad, I might actually dare to laugh.

  18. Jenny says

    I will never get over the fact that I was foolish enough to marry a closeted black homosexual. I just couldn’t resist his enormous c*ck. To be honest, even though he’s in a “relationship” with another homo now, I’d ride that c*ck again if I got the chance. I just loved playing the slavemaster’s daughter taking a walk on the wild side in the slave quarters.

  19. JONES says

    Full equality.

    “The LGBT community deserves full equality, not just partial equality, not just tolerance, but a recognition that they’re fully part of the American family.”

    Said out loud, in public, by our President. And said well.

    Our raised voices are finally being heard and understood.

    @Derrick Kwon LOL
    @Mike Mitt Romney had double down on his LGBT bigotry. He supported a federal constitutional ban on gay marriage. Jason Collins coming out would have been a Bryan Fisher moment for him.

    @Andy. Seriously Andy. It’s past time to change the comments section here. Log-in, registration, individual comment thread or response. Something. Anything at this point. In your survey questionnaire ‘comments restructure’ was my main complaint.

    PS I’m in complete agreement with Caliban about Facebook … hell no.

  20. ripper says

    Caliban (and Jones apparently), you know absolutely nothing about Facebook or how it works. While it’s true that marketers use your personal data to target advertisements to you, the amount of personal data you supply to Facebook is ENTIRELY UP TO YOU.

    You can literally register for a Facebook account with an email address and birthdate. You don’t have to fill out any of the other pesky personal info that you’re so protective of. ZOMG, I don’t want some awful marketing firm in New York to know I like cheesy 80s music! For shame.

    Marketers know far more about you based on your magazine subscriptions than your Facebook account.

  21. andrew says

    @Jenny: Oh Jenny, you are batshit crazy. But watch out, the devious Little Kiwi has already set his sites on you by posting vulgar and crazy sh!t in your name.

  22. JamesR says

    Not to make a troll-esque comment, but as great as Obama’s words are, as really good as they are and the fact he made them and seems to honestly believe them, it’s just a bit of a nail-on-chalkboard experience for me to hear it from a guy who has the POWER to immediately executive order ENDA, and stop binational couple deportation. To name but two things this ‘fierce advocate.’ ehm, is NOT.

    However this is nice.

    Though it costs him nothing to give…

    Makes me wish that guy Barack Obama I voted for in 2008 get to be President! Where did that guy go?

    But OT (and kinda the reason I am bothering to comment) Please reconsider all options for re-designing the comment section, if you are and do – Facebook is intrusive and I don’t use it because I do NOT want my comments anywhere else linked to my FB activity, it’s a mess.FB is a zoo with no locks on the cages: chaos and violation, continually. Google sure does market the info but is the least of the offenders, as far as it’s well behaved on the subject’s end… But Disqus is HEINOUS – I have a profile and will gladly use it wherever – thing is, besides IT using your info for sale, it is unstable and it has LOST the blog histories of several blogs I have commented on. Blog comment history GONE WTF!? – There can be a way for you to design an in-house log-in system, that may repel some trolls, or find a service that’s GOOD but PLEASE avoid Disqus, and Facebbook. Just 2¢ Thanks

  23. JONES says

    The ‘absolutely nothing’ I know about Facebook might surprise you.
    The things you don’t know about the legal agreement you’ve signed to have a Facebook account might surprise you even more.

    By all means use your ’email & birthdate’ Facebook account to your hearts content.
    My comment was to say that I won’t use it and to hope that Towleroad doesn’t require it as a ‘comments’ registration site.

  24. Sean in Dallas says

    President Obama does have the power to make sweeping changes right now…but his strategy is to get the changes so legally entrenched it can’t be easily repealed by the next executive.

    The guy taught constitutional law. I think he’s being a better strategist than many are willing to concede.

  25. Marc says

    I agree, the trolling has gotten out of hand. I love interacting with a community, but I hate having to read nonsense that fills up the comment section. I love Towleroad and read it every day, but this is one of the things that drives me nuts.

    What are our options? Can we be allowed to “flag as inappropriate”? Or sign-in with some sort of accountability? Or can Towleroad block certain commenters? This is something I feel needs to be stopped. It’s gotten completely out of hand.

  26. millerbeach says

    Thank you, Mr. President! Oh, and Jenny, you little scampster! You said “We all deserve to burn.

    Posted by: Jenny

    Read more:

    Sweetheart, speak for yourself. Hypocrites claiming to be Christian will most certainly burn for all eternity. If I were you, I would be on my knees from now until your natural death, begging God for forgiveness. It is still not to late for you, my sweets, but you must get all that hate out of your heart. It’s so sad how many delusional “Christians” like yourself who really will be burning in hell for all of eternity due to their idiotic and hateful behavior and beliefs. That includes you, “Jenny”. Good luck on working through all that hate…you certainly have your work cut out for you. Maye, just maybe, this gay man saved your soul from eternal damnation. You had better hope so.

  27. Brian says

    Frankly, I think this story is getting way more attention than it deserves. That’s great that he came out and I am truly happy for him, but people come out every single day and we don’t see presidents calling them to congratulate them for it. If we want to be accepted as being “normal” and “just like everyone else” then we need to be treated like everyone else. There are far more important issues going on right now that a president should be focused on than this. I hate to say it, but I kind of have to agree somewhat with the people that say it’s a shame that Obama went out of his way to publicly acknowledge this player for coming out but has never mentioned the sniper and war hero that was killed a few weeks ago. Just my opinion….

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