1. Adam says

    While it’s good to be proud of achievements, I sometimes wonder whether gay pride has become confused with promiscuity pride. I doubt that many of the nearly-naked marchers really care about gay rights achievements as much as their six-packs and party drugs.

  2. disgusted american says

    while I see both sides on this issue….ie” LGBT side and respect for the FLOTUS……first off this just goes to show – that there is NO FAITH in our SCOTUS what-so-ever….that they’d ever do the RIGHT thing, and have MeriKKKa – LIVE UP TOO its god-dammed Creeds…you know the Bullcrap – Life,liberty, pursuit.. blah blah blah, Freedom this, freedom that……blah blah……, Gay and Lesbians TAX PAYERS ARE GOING to HAVE TOO BEG for RIGHTS that should be OURS to BEGIN WITH!?!!!!!! …and when pray tell – should we expect full EQUALITY in this F’N Country – 2100? 2200? WHEN…????????

  3. MateoM says

    Adam (aka Rick by another fake name): most of us appreciate and enjoy lgbt pride parades, because we’re well-adjusted, not self-loathing and actually proud to be visible members of the LGBT community. This is the opposite of you. You post homophobic, misogynistic, and racist crap on towleroad daily because you genuinely hate LGBT people. That’s blatantly obvious by your numerous daily rants under so many different names.

  4. Gigi says

    Dear Adam:

    Have you actually attended a Pride parade or are you just going by what you hear from anti-gay closet cases like Porno Pete? Pride Week in Toronto is one of the largest events of it’s kind in the world. More than 1 Million people attend the parade and related events and – this might come as a shock to you – many of those attendees are straight. Not only are they straight, the come with their spouses and children and many that I’ve talked to say it’s the highlight of their year. Are there fit guys that like to party? Of course! They exist in the straight world as well, but they’re certainly not the majority. It sounds as though you woke up on the bitter side of the bed this morning. Life’s what you make it so why not make it good?

  5. candide001 says

    now can they publish a list and photos of the bigoted douchbags that voted the ban into place? public shaming for egregious past discriminatory acts by public officials can both act as a deterrent and spur those who were guilty to make amends by positive advocacy. we need to start posting those photos with a commentary and addresses. bill clinton’s guilt has been useful.

  6. Bill says


    Did you read the article? The CONSTITUTION protects the other CITIZENS who are not in the majority. If you don’t like Gay Pride then stay home, it’s really as easy as that. Funny how bigots scream “constitution” until it no longer suits them.

  7. says

    best way to “make pride what you want it to be” is to actually take part it in and represent what you feel should be represented.

    i march with my fam and my friends every year. freakin’ radness.

    and about bloody time this bigoted law is gone. cripes.

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