1. ratbastard says

    King is an uber hack. He’s been around a long time. He use to defend the IRA when they were bombing in Ireland and England back in the 70s and 80s. He’s also a brought and paid for Zionist shill. The man is notorious. His district is very diverse and multicultural, and he simply brought off by various special interest groups.

  2. Zeta says

    From the article: “Cooper asked whether King is making it up or just mistaken, but Greenwald said he didn’t want to think about what’s going on in “the swamp of Peter King’s brain.” He mentioned how King has actually supported terrorist activity by the Irish Republican Army.”

    WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Stop right there. Anderson Cooper asked a legitimate question. Just as King can’t make up an accusation out of thin air, neither can Greenwald. It’s beyond dubious to state outright (with that headline, used by Mediate) that King made that comment and the proof is that he refuses to answer media questions…. but to then allow Greenwald to get away with not answering a question himself. Especially when that non-answer is couched in a pointed insult instead of a neutral answer.

    I’m reminded of the lady in Rhode Island who spoke to one media outlet one day, and then refused to speak to that outlet’s direct rival the next day. Because the rival outlet ambushed her, she told them ‘no’. Repeatedly. And finally felt so powerless that she started throwing stones and siccing her dog on them. So now she’s charged with a felony, and the rival station has released a heavily edited videotape of the confrontation in order to make the woman look worse.

    We are given the power to say ‘no’ and ‘no comment’ for a reason. The constitution protects the right to say ‘no’ and ‘no comment’ without being harassed for it, or having one’s answer be an answer in itself.

    It is wrong for journalists to apply one set of rules to others, but a more lenient set of rules to themselves.

    On a different note, if supporting the Irish Republican Army at some point in the past is wrong, then the Irish-American communities of the Mid Atlantic and Northeast states should be prepared for a mass transfer to Gitmo.

    The list of colleges in King’s bio makes him look like an American Catholic. Is he?

  3. Zeta says

    @Ratbastard, again, a good sized portion of the United States also supported those bombings. If I remember correctly, *private* donations from US citizens kept the terrorist IRA in clover for decades.

    If King is not now supporting the terrorist IRA (or whatever permutation it currently is in), it is wrong to imply he is. In the same way, it is wrong to imply someone is going to out CIA agents. Both are wrong, and neither make the other right.

    As for being a Zionist shill — just like IRA support was politically expedient in certain districts, unquestioning support of Israel is currently politically expedient. I don’t agree with it, myself, but politicians are whores. One day in the future, we might see that support being condemned the same way IRA support is today; but that future is not today.

    I’m just frustrated that journalists are whores, too.

  4. ratbastard says


    I agree with some of what you say. It was a legit question, and Greenwald blew it off, presumably because he couldn’t adequately answer it. I also agree with what you wrote about the lady in RI and reporters, yes I’ve seen the vid.

    As for the Irish American communities in NYC and elsewhere, my maternal grandparents were Irish from Ireland and I distinctly remember them being highly critical of the IRA and Unionist terrorist. They always were disgusted when bombings and assassinations occurred. It’s a myth to think all Irish or Irish Americans supported the IRA, or that even a majority. Only a small minority of people in Ireland [north or south] and America, Canada, Australia, supported the IRA or unionist Protestant terrorist. And both groups got most of their funding from criminal activities, and in the case of the IRA [a quasi-Marxist organization] from a few foreign governments [non-western]. All the terrorist groups in N. Ireland were also heavily infiltrated by British intelligence by the 1970s, some of their leadership were paid double agents. The conflict [civil war] in Northern Ireland became an integral part of the British military-industrial complex, and they parlayed, for money and political influence, the knowledge they [the British government] learned about urban warfare tactics and interrogation techniques to anyone interested around the world. What King primarily did from this time was try and prevent suspected IRA members from being extradited to the UK from America.

  5. ratbastard says

    BTW Zeta,

    Interestingly, Israel was in private at least a major supporter of the Protestant Unionist terrorist groups in Northern Ireland. Israel also was a major supporter of the apartheid South African government, who allowed them to test their nukes in the ocean off SA.

  6. Zeta says

    @Ratbastard, Israel is the blackhead zit pretending to be a beauty mole on current geopolitics. I’ve always been aghast that South Africa got the ‘social pariah’ treatment for decades, but the theocracy Israel is Teflon.

    I remember those days when you weren’t supposed to admit outloud that Israel had nukes. If Israel was supporting the Protestant terrorists, it was in the name of supporting the British Crown? or why?

    Are they pretending that never happened now, or it just doesn’t come up in polite conversation?

    My understanding today is that Israel is working with the Chinese, selling US tech (and secrets) to the Chinese. What a friend. The day oil is diminished as a fuel source and manufactured item source can’t come soon enough.

  7. Zeta says

    @Ratbastard, as for the source of funds, again I have to reread on it. Again, it was my understanding that the private citizen support for the IRA was significant. Thank you for sharing your private family history in regards to it. It’s always refreshing to get information from a closer source than a stat book.

  8. will says

    It’s funny how we’re conditioned to attack Julian Assange and Bradley Manning, attack Edward Snowden, and now Glenn Greenwald. Nobody can ever successfully attack the NSA (or CIA) because their history is largely secret. The ONLY real hard knowledge we get about our own secret government is when employees leak. And then, each time, the NSA and Congress come out to tell us the leaker is jeopardizing national security and the REPORTER is jeopardizing national security — and we start to attack the leaker and the reporter while NO ONE CAN EXAMINE THE SOURCE OF THE SECRECY ITSELF, the NSA and CIA, because they aren’t talking. The CIA has been playing this game for decades and all kinds of evil have been done in our name, the US citizen, except the way the game’s set up, we never do get to know what’s going on in our name until deades later when past illegalities by the CIA are declassified.

  9. anon says

    Under current law, King would have been indicted for supporting terrorist activities in NI back in the day. There’s such a thing as “material” support, which has been used to indict a few dozen people over the past decade in terrorism prosecutions. Now, one key attribute to terrorism is that it’s got a political side, and so the prosecutions always had a political side. Almost any material support in the Israeli-Arab conflict has gotten a pass because no administration has wanted to bring up the issue publicly. The same is true in Central and S. America. King and others were lucky their activities happened before 9-11 and had lots of political cover. He’s so out-there on terrorism now in part to whitewash his past, but it’s still embarrassing. Israel is still lobbying for the pardon of Jonathan Pollard, in jail for spying for Israel. He’s up for parole in 2015, which is before Obama leaves office. We’ll see how Obama handles his case in contrast to Snowden and Assange when the time comes.

  10. Moz's says

    Uhm, everything has changed now with snowden telling chinese newspapers details about US hacking of China

    greenwald and others might want to take a step back from their “hero” due to this now getting into snowden aiding a foreign power against US interests

  11. db says

    We can’t be having reporters doing something evil like reporting.

    Peter King–he should propose using the 2nd Amendment to take down the 1st Amendment.

    (I’m being sarcastic).

  12. Yawn says

    I dunno about Greenwald. Ever since I read his article about going to Brazil and “falling in love” with a poor, 19 year old brazilian boy that he “plays video games with until 2am”, I kinda get a creepy vibe from him. Older white gay guy having a midlife crisis vibe.

  13. jomicur says

    The surprise would be if the chair of the Homeland Security Committee did NOT say things like this. Squelching dissent and enforcing sheep-like conformism is what Homeland Security is all about. And American politicians have always targeted journalists who were critical of the status quo. John Adams used federal troops to shut down newspapers critical of his administration.

  14. jamal49 says

    Glenn Greenwald is a third-rate, self-promoting, self-aggrandizing hack. I’m sure Glenn’s enjoying his notoriety, as unearned as it is. Enjoy it, Glenn. Those 15 minutes go by fast.

  15. EchtKultig says

    NB Snowden didn’t first go to Greenwald. He first went to Laura Poitras, an indie filmmaker, and later to a Washington Post reporter. Poitras then suggested Greenwald.
    Slightly disturbing if that is true about Greenwald but his personal life shouldn’t become part of this story.

  16. ratbastard says

    Hmmm. Where would some first world western guys be without places like Brazil and Thailand to live out their pederast and pedophile fantasies?

  17. Moz's says

    @ DavidR

    there is a huge difference between both sides knowing the other is doing the same in our cyberwar

    Totally different that snowden is revealing douments and details about HOW we have done our part

    Read the news report

    There is a huge difference. Snowden revealed documents and revealing details about how. Which is aiding and abetting a foreign power

    sorry , your libertarian “hero” is no hero but a self centered traitor

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