1. says

    THIS. a thousand times.

    there is, of course (and contrary to what straight bigots and insecure homosexuals who fear straight bigots like to think) no such thing as “indoctrinating children into homosexuality” – there is only ensuring that young children aren’t indoctrinated into hatred.

    this is beautiful. and only a bigot would say otherwise.

    some of those kids will be LGBT. others will have an LGBT family member, or two or three. others will have LGBT friends.

    and they’re much more likely to love them, and themselves.

    well met.

  2. Caliban says

    I’m usually a little iffy about using children to promote messages that originate with their parents and/or teachers, but don’t find this offensive because “True Colors” isn’t about ONE group but all people being worthy of respect and love.

  3. says

    i’d even argue, Caliban, that “we” aren’t the ones “using children” – after all, all gay adults were once gay kids. the only people actually ‘using children’ are the anti-gay forces.

    while the message of Diversity does, indeed, come from progressive teachers/parents/adults, the reality is that it’s a message of positivity – it’s nothing more than “love who you are, and love someone else for who they are”

  4. James in Toronto says

    @ Jim Really, are you that much of a monster?

    Guess you are, I suppose. Those sweet kids just want inclusion.

    I LIKE it, and really, can Cyndi do wrong?

  5. melvin says

    @Jim – you are a real piece of work. Oh, and my hedgehog says you can go frack yourself.

  6. Michael Bedwell says

    BRAVO!!! And their ability to remember their roles and the timing of the various props business at such a young age was remarkable in itself. Thank you, Arturo Avina!

  7. says

    So completely charming…..and I’m sure the kids loved doing it.

    @ Jim :

    Kids learn by imitation.
    It’s better that they imitate love and respect for others instead of bigotry and the hatred of the religious and political intolerant Right.

  8. will says

    This IS propaganda (it’s almost the definition of propaganda and indocrination). However, since they’re on my side, I won’t complain.

    If these kids do a pro-choice song next, though, I may have to object! :)

  9. James says

    I think the issue here is that children are being used to promote messages that they don’t understand. Most kindegarteners know little about sexual orientation and don’t understand all of the messages that any adults immediately comprehend when they see this video. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with the message, but this still strikes me as taking advantage of naive children as pawns to make a statement. You see this kind of thing in churches all the time.

  10. JONES says

    Propaganda is showing one side of an issue only.
    So the opposite view would be what … ‘Not everybody is worthy of love’?
    Who subscribes to that message?

    Kids see this message for other kids not for adults.
    And no kid is intrinsically racist or homophobic.
    That’s taught behavior.

    You want to find propagandist messages in schools you’ll need look no further than their elementary history books.

  11. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    “Everybody is worthy of love.” In what way is that propaganda? That is actually no more propaganda than the statement in the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal.” The genuine instances of propaganda are the instructions to hate people that fundamentalist Christians teach their children in Sunday school.

    And how would the critics edit the messages that they don’t like? Would they prefer “Not everybody is worthy of love” or “Not all men are created equal”? Sorry critics, but you can’t edit the Declaration of Independence now. It’s way too late to do that, as Harvey Milk pointed out:

    “That’s what America is. No matter how hard you try, you cannot erase those words from the Declaration of Independence.”

  12. Jim says

    Let’s fight our own fight. Leave the kids out of it. As long as you’re hearing your song, you don’t care where it comes from. If you don’t view this as wrong, then you are desperate , regardless of the “message.” Based on your comments I see no “loving” here. I see control freaks grasping at any straw in the wind.

  13. Francis #1 says

    Well, it wasn’t specifically a gay message. It was a message of love and acceptance of all. That’s a critical thing to point out, because that ELIMINATES all arguments this is “manipulation” or “indoctrination”. This was a message of being accepting of all and embracing all, life isn’t black and white, it’s full of different people, different colors, and that’s OK.

    It’s a perfectly appropriate message. It’s not as if they were taught what it means to be gay or how to have sex with the same sex. Let’s stop falling for the right-wing trick that anything that at all touches on respect of diversity in schools is propaganda. Cyndi is amazing, Arturo Avila is amazing, and these kids are adorable and I hope this has a profound impact on them going forward. Definitely emotional.

  14. will says

    If Mormon children sang this song and then advocated for plural marriage (or “traditional” marriage), and it was done with love and cuteness and compassion, does that mean it’s no longer propaganda or indoctrination?

    Yes, we should fight our own battles and leave the six-year-olds out of it. That seems common-sensical. After all, children in the late 1930s with Nazi parents could have been taught to sing this song and also to believe in Aryan supremacy. Little children can be taught anything. THAT’S why we should not manipulate them for propagandistic purposes. The shoe was on the other foot 5 years ago here in CA when Prop. 8 supporters used a little first-grade girl to advocate for traditional marriage.

  15. JMC says

    Wow. It’s unreal that some people are actually opposed to teaching children that they and everyone else are beautiful and worthy of love despite their race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

    Some of you clearly failed to actually watch this beautiful video that has no political message attached, but instead a very general message of accepting yourself and others.

  16. Jim says

    Who cares what foot the shoe was on? The kids will evolve on their own. They are too young to have messages given to them that probably won’t mean anything at that age. And who’s job is it to program them? Leave that to a “bunch of nelly fairies” (Mart Crowley)

  17. JMC says

    @Jim: Leaving kids to develop views on issues of gender, race and sexual orientation in a sexist, racist and homophobic society without guidance from their parents and educators is obviously the opposite of what should be happening. Love yourself and others regardless of the color of their skin, their gender and who they love is a message children understand much better than most adults. You’re a fool.

  18. Dylancat says

    James, how do you know what was discussed with the children in the weeks leading up to their show. Don’t underestimate what children can come up with, what they view in the world and the issues that affect them day to day (others being mean, noticing differences, talking about emotional issues in school). Sure, they don’t get a full on LGBT sexuality issue, but is that all that their little show was about? Not really.

  19. JONES says

    Neither Jim nor Will are fools. They’re advocating for the innocence of kids which is worth the highest of praise. The rebuttal I offer in this instance is that this was not an advocacy of any sort. No pluralist marriage or traditional marriage or SSM statements were made. They only avocation was that amazing placard message that ‘everyone is worthy of love’.

    ‘What if’s’ & ‘slippery slope’ arguments could be made to end any kind of kids pageant.

  20. Bill Perdue says

    So in this creepy production there is a mirror with a sign over it that says “You are Perfect.” That is a lie. The teacher should be fired for lying to kids.

  21. says

    funny- the guys complaining about this video are the type who would have benefitted from having a kindergarten class like this one.

    had you learned, as a kid, not to hate who you are, and who others are, you wouldn’t be the insecure self-hating ‘mos barely standing before us today.


  22. Jim says

    I love myself Kiwi. That’s why I have the strength to have my own opinions. Don’t know who crowned you wisdom, knowledge and compassion, but it’s an act. You are more full of judgmental rage than anyone on this site.

  23. geb says

    When I was making out with my first boyfriend, I wasn’t thinking about kindergarden kids. Shows you how warped it’s gotten. Gay got lost somewhere. It got buried beneath too much bullshi-.

  24. 1♥ says

    @ geb
    This isn’t about you making out with your first boyfriend.

    It’s about all people being worthy of love, which is something you will never know.

  25. says

    funny – the “arguments’ against what these kids were involved in are remarkably similar to the GOP’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill – the “argument” being – you can’t say anything, good or BAD.

    in both cases, it misses the nuanced distinction that there’s nothing bad about teaching children to embrace diversity before they’re taught to hate it.

    and remember: catholics get to “their” kids by age 8 – with that first communion that lets them know they’re full of Sins that they need to confess in order to save their souls.