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GA Governor's Appointee Calls For Culture War Over Gay Marriage: VIDEO


Phil Kent, appointed in 2011 to Georgia's Immigration Review Board by Governor Nathan Deal, made some incendiary statements yesterday on a local political round-table show discussing last week's decisions handed down by the Supreme Court. Referring to DOMA in particular, Kent lamented that the ruling in United States v. Windsor will "dynamite the foundations of our Judeo-Christian system," further asserting, “it will be a cultural war in Georgia and every other state to try to undo this wrong." Kent added, "it's an insult to equate that [gay marriage] with traditional marriage," claiming, “you can have a civil union and take care of all these sob stories.”  He went on to suggest it was offensive to draw comparisons between the struggles for civil rights faced by African Americans and those faced by LGBT Americans. He also equated the values of the left with those of pagans.

Kent has previously come under criticism for his remarks on race and immigration, being labeled a bigot, an extremist and anti-immigration. You can check out more of his remarks here. 

Also be sure to watch the video of his comments on gay marriage (warning: autoplay) AFTER THE JUMP...



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Rainbows, Explained: VIDEO


PBS Digital Studio's smartypants Joe Hanson explains the mystery, the magic, and the majesty of these natural wonders.


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Lesbian Brutally Raped and Murdered in Johannesburg

Mamba Online reports on the horrific rape and murder of a Johannesburg woman:

ZozoPolice revealed that they had discovered a toilet brush rammed into her vagina.

The Daily Sun reported on Monday that the half-naked body of 26-year-old Duduzile Zozo was found in Thokoza, Ekurhuleni, outside of Johannesburg, on Sunday morning.

Zozo's grieving mother, Thuziwe Zozo, told the newspaper that she suspects that her daughter was murdered because of her sexuality.

“She was a lesbian but she has never had any problems before. People loved and appreciated her," she said.

In one of her final posts on Facebook on Friday, the young woman wrote: "In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take, relationship we are afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make..."

South Africa's lgbt activists are denouncing the attack, the latest in a string of violent actions against LGBT people in the country.

Said Thulisle Msiza, Director of Ekurhuleni LGBTI:

“It seems that as lesbians we cannot go anywhere. We cannot be ourselves. We have to hide ourselves, otherwise we get killed. We have to stay indoors – like caged animals,” she said. “It’s like we are living in the apartheid era again and homosexuals are the ones that are being oppressed.”

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Gay Footballer Robbie Rogers Writes Letter About Future Happiness to His 14-Year-Old Self: VIDEO


Out gay LA Galaxy footballer Robbie Rogers wrote a letter to his 14-year-old self for a special 'Kids in Sports' edition of ESPN The Magazine.

Writes Rogers:

You're walking around with a cramp in your stomach. You feel trapped within yourself. The pressure of being a high school freshman and playing for the U16 national team is stressful enough. But on top of that you're worried that you're different from everyone, especially your teammates. And you think that if they figure out who you are, you won't be able to play the sport you love, or your family won't agree with it. Sometimes you pray and think: I don't wanna live through this. Why can't I be like my brothers and sisters?

I'm not going to tell you to come out at 14 years old. I'm not going to tell you what's going to happen in the future either, because the journey is important. But I want you to realize that God made you this way for a reason. You're not damned or going to hell. You didn't have a choice in this. But you do have a purpose in life, just as everyone does.

When guys say things in the locker room, remind yourself that most of them don't actually feel this way. They aren't really homophobic. These are people who are trying to please others, or think that's what they're supposed to say. Everyone is dealing with something whether they're gay or straight. You don't have to feel like you're alone. Which brings me to this: If there's any great advice I can give you, it's to find someone you can speak to about what you're feeling inside, someone you can trust who won't judge or expose you. Because you can't walk around with a burden like the one you're carrying. You've got to share this with somebody.

I know I said I wouldn't tell you what your future holds, but I will tell you that everything's going to be fine -- one day you'll be happier than you ever thought possible. And while you can't envision sharing your secret now, the world is changing. People are becoming more accepting. And when the time is right, the day might come when you're ready to face the world as the beautiful person you truly are.

See the actual letter HERE.

In other news, Rogers talks about the importance of properly caring for and loving your dog in a new video for PETA.


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Nick Gruber is Back with Calvin Klein, Plotting Return to the Runway

Page Six chronicles the latest chapter in the Calvin Klein-Nick Gruber romance saga:

GruberSources tell us Gruber, a former erotic model, is preparing to move back from Los Angeles and restart his career. We hear he’s signed with Planet PR and is taking meetings with modeling agencies to walk the runways during September New York Fashion Week. Page Six reported in May that Gruber and Klein rekindled their relationship and took a Mexican vacation together. The couple had split in January 2012 after dating for two years, but after Gruber was arrested for assault and cocaine possession at his West Village apartment and completed a stint in an Arizona rehab facility — which Klein allegedly paid for — the troubled model fled to the West Coast. Gruber then lived with new boyfriend John Luciano, but they broke up in February, and Gruber has since taken up with Klein.

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Kelly Clarkson Covers Mumford & Sons 'I Will Wait': VIDEO


Kelly Clarkson turned in a foot-stomping rendition of Mumford & Sons "I Will Wait" at a recent concert in Chicago.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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