1. Dback says

    Not only is Tom Goss adorable (seriously, film does not do him justice, you have to meet him in person–ADORABLE. And hot– incandescently hot), and a talented musician, he is also one of the sweetest, nicest, most charming guys you could ever hope to meet. (Then again, my partner and I ARE bears, so maybe we piqued his interest!) So glad he’s done another music video, especially one as playful and fun and sexy as this one–definitely a more upbeat and rocking sound than his previous singles. Bear hugs, Tom!

  2. Robert says

    No, bears are hairy and large. Like ACTUAL bears, hence where the name came from. If you’re muscular and hairy and large, you’re a muscle bear. But all you catty queens love to exclude people from your menus, so have fun with that.

    What I AM annoyed with is that any time they have these bear type videos, EVERY single bear in them is practically over 50 years old. Maybe it’s because these always turn out kinda embarrassing? Hard to say.

  3. johnny says

    Nice song, that said…

    There’s plump, chubby and overweight..

    …and then there’s obese.

    Some of those larger-girth guys are in the danger zone for diabetes, stroke, heart attack, early death etc.

    I realize some guys are never going to be muscle models, but letting it get to obesity levels is either a sign of apathy or laziness and is just plain unhealthy. With all we know about dieting and health, there’s no reason for it any longer. I hope anyone with weight issues is at least TRYING.

  4. says

    Haaaate these so-called bears! They so nasty, all old and fat and gross. Put on yer shirts fer pete’s sake! LOL.

    Fat old people should get with other fat old people and keep the field clear for the rest of us!

  5. Rob says

    Did anyone listen to the lyrics? “Bears don’t discriminate.” just sayin’ you don’t have to like it, but that just means it’s not for you, not that it’s gross, nasty and all the other putdowns.

  6. MateoM says

    Oh look….Rick/Jason is pretending to be Little Kiwi again. But his rants are always so obvious that its easy to see its not really Kiwi. Jason/Rick is the lamest, dumbest and most pathetic troll I’ve ever witnessed.

  7. MadHatter88 says

    Good for those guys who are able to accept their bodies and enjoy their lives. Not everyone is meant to be a cracked out circuit troll with Nicole Kidman’s eyebrows, a spray tan and a waxed butthole.

  8. testington says

    I would date a guy who is bigger and hairy (and in fact I HAVE dated several) but I would never date a guy who self-identifies as a bear. I think it is a cowardly and conformist way to live. Be an individual and date other individuals. I’d never label myself a twink or a jock or anything like that so why would I want to date somebody who needs a group to tell him how to dress, trim his beard and cut his hair?

  9. DCJason says

    PLEASE tell me where the gyms are in the wilderness that the so-called bears go to? Hmmmm…haven’t seen them. We were bears when you were twinks. Just because you stopped plucking, turned grey and found some HGH prescriptions doesn’t make you any more of a bear than anyone else. So suck it, muscle queens. Or, join us. The Bears. Who welcome all, and still eat carbs.

  10. Billy says

    Why so much anger. Fun song and fun video. Also wouldn’t Tom Goss be considered a gym queen (or whatever you guys are calling it). So that must mean he’s on drugs

  11. Brad says

    Yep, a lot of judgement and shallowness going on around here. I thought we’d learned that hating is wrong. Makes me very sad and disappointed in my own community. Those of you that make hate filled comments about others in your own community would never be a friend of mine. You should know better, but instead you’re just stupid.

  12. says

    First of all, kudos to Tom for such a great song and fun video, i only wish that i could have taken part in the filming of it.

    As for all the haters and their comments on here, WTF, we have enough issues in our fight for equality, and it the “bears” that allow the rest of the world to see us as normal people, and to all the sterotypyicall nelly queens. Like the rest of the world, gay men come in all different shapes and sizes, that is what makes all great, I never want to look like a Ken doll and am proud to be a “fat, hairy bear”!

  13. andrew says

    @MateoM: you seem to have taken on the job of defending Little Kiwi against the devious morons who are posting in his name. I would respect your position more, if you would admit that Little Kiwi has used those same devious tactics against others in the past.

  14. MIKE says

    Cute guy and song but the bear culture is THE MOST shallow, vain, judgmental, catty, rude segment in LGBT. They have themselves convinced they are real low key….please…they spend more time on their beards and grooming and haircut than any drag queen I know. Bears are the kind of people who put a lot of effort into looking like they aren’t putting any effort in their appearance.

    And the entire bear culture is dictated by a group think mentality of acting the same (hyper masculine, almost laughable) dressing the same, looking the same….it’s all creepy. Just creepy.

  15. ty says

    The Bears in this video are not attracted to Tom Goss’ body type. They are very clickish as a group, ever since they first appeared in the 90’s. If you aren’t overweight and hairy, they have no time for you.

  16. BillinSonoma says

    All this judgment! You’d think we would have learned from others mistakes. Just cause you’re a pretty queen (or simply a bitchy one for that matter) doesn’t provide exemption from the golden rule.

  17. Terry says

    Having helped start a bear club in the 90′, I think this is not a true cross section of the bear community. All types of men were welcome to join, I have to admit a few were large girth, but I think this video is not a true portrail of the community. Healthy men are of normal stats are part of the mix, I personally find the cubs more attractive. TK

  18. SteveDenver says

    Tom loves being the most adored, and for good reason. He’s a beautiful adorable darling with a reputation for being sweet and genuine with EVERYONE!

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