Posts from August 15, 2013

The Best Bar Mitzvah You’ve Ever Seen: VIDEO


Young little Sam Horowitz from Dallas, Texas has now set the bar for what constitutes an awesome entrance at your own bar mitzvah. Watch as Sam shuts it down AFTER THE JUMP… How many of you are going to go as him for Halloween this year, burlesque…

How Long Do Baby Animals Stay With Their Mothers?: VIDEO


It's been a big summer for babies. Not only did we finally get to meet Prince George of Cambridge, but a number of other über cute babies (pandas, tigers and elephants, oh my) have garnered much attention. But all this talk of babies got Th…

NEWS: Frank Ocean, WWE, Egypt, Helen Mirren, New Species


Frank Darabont brings Milo Ventimiglia back to the small screen in a new noir style mini-series heading to AMC titled Mob City. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder asks Ireland to extradite 'largest facilitator of child porn': "He is accus…