1. Jesse says

    I find it so creepy that Greenwald is married to that kid. It’s clearly about having a toy around.

  2. ratbastard says

    HOW did Snowden manage to get such vital [allegedly] info and how did he get out the door with it on a usb thumb drive, on more than one occasion? Who at the highest levels were responsible for such a serious security breach? Have they been appropriately punished or were they promoted, while low level people were railroaded? Why is this not as important as the fact Snowden released this info? What are the names and titles of the people at the top responsible for this very serious security breach? Will any of them be criminally prosecuted?

    Just asking.

  3. Mike Ryan says

    WTF @MARYM???? David Miranda is 28 years old. Either you’re a pimp for the Government or simply jealous that Greenwald is married to a good looking well-over 21 guy. And what’s with reposting your stupid statement THREE times? (Towleroad Moderator, ban the guy’s IP address. Obviously he is a plant to degrade and belittle Greenwald and Miranda. And yes, I KNOW you can ban IP addresses.)

  4. Jesse says

    Mikey, so you think it’s a coupling of equals? The kid is much younger, plays video games and isn’t very articulate as he spouts off ideas that sound a lot like Greenwald’s.

  5. Henry Holland says

    Wow, it’s so great when allegedly gay men like Jesse use the “the gays are pedophile creeps” line to bash Greenwald.

    Oh, wait……

    Ratbastard, given the history of stuff like this, the people responsible will either a) be promoted or b) fired and start doing work for private contractors where they will make a fortune.

  6. Eric says

    Just search for “Jeffrey Toobin Preaches on Sanctity of Government Secrets Despite Once Stealing Classified Documents”

    He once stole classified & secret grand jury documents to sell a book.

  7. Jase says

    It’s reassuring to know that straight men don’t have a monopoly on being sleazy craddle-robbers.

  8. Mike Ryan says

    Toobin is a tool of the worst kind. To claim Miranda was acting as a “drug mule” is not only offensive but outrageous. Toobin has the same mentality as Republicans in this country. There is NO evidence that Miranda was carrying any kind of classified documents. If this were you traveling through an airport on a stop over to transfer planes and hauled off to a tiny room for 9 hours and your MacBook, iPhone, iPad, electronic games were taken – stolen – you’d be outraged! You’d demand the US do something but no, our Federal officials did nothing. Screw you Toobin.

  9. Keith says

    Mike, and Greenwald is 46 and old enough to be David’s father! How much could they possibly have in common with this much of an age difference? Glenn’s a bit long in the tooth to be “all up in da club!” LOL

    Now, the people who will jump on me for this comment are people who also enjoy relationships with unhealthy age differences, just watch.

  10. Rich says

    So Greenwald uses his partner to move key security information admittedly stolen from the US government across international borders, and then he cries foul when the UK government intercepts the information his partner is carrying by protesting that a journalist’s family member is being targeted? Kind of reminds me of when a certain type of political/military group launches rockets from a residential neighborhood and then accuses those who attack the launch sites as “attacking a residential neighborhood!!!!” If Greenwald had wanted to leave his partner out of this, he should have left his partner out of this.

  11. Mike Ryan says

    Towleroad really needs to institute an identity verification system – one that can be verified and followed back. Anyone can hide behind a computer screen and post the most vile crap under any pseudonym without fear of being stopped.

  12. Mike Ryan says

    *RICH you gotta any proof he was using his partner to move ‘key security information’ or are you just blowing smoke out of your asshat?

    There is NO evidence that Miranda had anything but private information. Simply because he is married to Greenwald does not make him a drug mule or carrier of secret documents. People amaze me that they can be so stooped.

    As for the age difference @Keith. The guy is OVER 21. If he wants to marry a 95 year old man that’s nobody’s business but his. To claim it is wrong to marry someone younger – even by 20 years – is ridiculous.

  13. Ryan Hartley says

    In CNN “legal analyst” Jeffrey Toobin’s warped little mind, David Miranda should consider himself fortunate that he was only detained and interogated by British “anti-terrorism” police for nine hours. Thank you Corporate US newsmedia for destroying any semblance of professional journalism in America.

  14. Gigi says

    @JESSE — Miranda is younger than Greenwald, likes to play video games and isn’t as articulate as you think he should be. How does your criticism supersede the crux of the article? [Btw, English isn’t Miranda’s first language.] Glenn Greenwald and filmmaker Laura Poitras are being persecuted by the American government for exposing their illegal activity. The unlawful arrest and detention of Miranda was a warning to Greenwald and anyone else who dares question the American governnment – Do So At Your Own Peril.


  15. northalabama says

    good luck getting invited to participate on a panel for any show other than ac360 mr. toobin – i imagine most journalists were not very fond of your analogy. my head turned when i heard his argument, though it wasn’t surprising to hear, it was disappointing.

    the story should have remained focused on why a journalist or his partner was being questioned for suspicion of terrorism, by any western government, without evidence supporting the detention. we call it a “free press” here for a reason. or, at least we used to.

  16. andrew says

    Greenwald said: “Journalism is not a crime”. He is correct. However journalists sometimes commit crimes and should be treated like every one else.

  17. gomez says

    it’s sad that so many people are willing to be obedient sheep to the surveillance police state

    the criticism of their personal relationship is laughable and barely deserves mention

  18. says

    I don’t think you have to be an obedient sheep to point out that the partner was being used to transport potentially illicitly-gained files, and saying he had no idea what was on them doesn’t make it okay.

    The personal insults about Greenwald and his younger partner are typical of this smart site’s dumb, LCD commenters.

  19. renovato says

    Since when is a 28 twenty eight year old man a KID??
    Think that says a lot about YOU Jesse.

  20. Jesse says

    I’d say he’s a kid compared to someone nearly 20 years old than him. Playing video games and married to someone educated and successful like Greenwald.

    Please try harder at a turnabout next time.

  21. anon says

    Greenwald isn’t popular among journalists who consider him below freelancer to the status of “blogger”, which in pro journalism circles is the lowest of the low.

    The core problem is that there are no good regulations regarding what constitutes classified information. The govt. can classify any information it wants, and thereby making very innocuous things illegal. The govt. also makes little effort in many cases to ensure the secrecy of classified information, so journalists are almost always in possession of classified information but often don’t know it, nor would they know how to handle such information. It’s a complete mess that is a good example of how bad laws and regulations produce bad outcomes.

  22. renovato says

    Jesse what do you do on long hall flights, I would think playing video games what ever your age is a distracting diversion on a boring flight across the south Atlantic from London to Rio. do tell. Fail.

  23. Howard says

    I can’t figure out how some of the guys here are so unaware that they are being just as bigoted as the right wing nuts who call us sick because we are men who love men.

    The reality is, some of the most successful relationships I know are the ones between couple that are not “equals”. Be it an age difference, earnings difference, class difference, or whatever.

  24. Syrax says

    Yeah, I guess he can’t get past the fact that some people read, some do crosswords and some play video games. My dad is 56 and got his own PSP. He just like video games, he isn’t a kid or imature.

  25. Jesse says

    Okay, well you queens keep pretending that an old rabblerouser with a 20-something kept boy is an ideal relationship we ought to be applauding.

  26. jjose712 says

    Jesse: Maybe he is not very articulate because english is not his mother language, probably he is a lot more articulate in portuguese wich is his language

  27. jjose712 says

    Ankerich: That’s not the problem, the problem is they used a very dubious law to put pressure in someone they don’t like. They didn’t ask Miranda absolutely nothing about terrorism because they know he is not a terrorist. They distorted the law to use it as a weapon, and a democratic country don’t do that. It’s as simple as that.

    And maybe Greenwald has no good reputation between journalist (envy runs free in that world), but Nate Silver has neither good reputations between journalist, and everybody knows why, and it’s not because he is not good at his job.

    Like it or not Greenwald did what every good journalist would do in his circumstances. And if you don’t do the same, it’s probably because you have more important things to do like kissing some polititian’s ass, because like it or not, that was big news and it’s what journalist (at least the good ones) do

  28. Dan says

    For all those crowing that Miranda is a 28-year-old man, and there’s nothing wrong with their relationship – consider that Greenwald scooped him up in 2004 while vacationing in Brazil. At that time, Miranda WAS a 19-20 year old kid.

  29. mike/ says

    The Guardian has already admitted in public & in writing that they ‘hired’ Mirando on a temp basis to do this. what else does anyone need?

    can anyone get ‘journalistic’ freedom of the press privileges on a temporary basis?

  30. renovato says

    He seems to be more mature than you Dan and listenting to quite a few interviews Mr Miranda has given in Portuguese, intelligent and very articulate, since David has been in this relationship for over 8 years, longer than many straight marriages I would think he is quite capable of deciding for him self Dan. So 19 or twenty year olds are kids now too In ‘Merica, if it were true I would think your country was becomming an infantalised society. I think some people need to grow up!

  31. tom says

    It’s obvious that he’s been using his boyfriend as a courier, and now he’s outraged that a government finally got wise.

  32. epic says

    “Greenwald isn’t popular among journalists who consider him below freelancer to the status of “blogger”, which in pro journalism circles is the lowest of the low.”

    he writes for The Guardian…3 out of 4 of his books are best sellers and was a lawyer who concentrated on civil rights…the only real critics of his I can find with any public profile are related to a smear campaign with implications to Wikileaks…so if those are the opinions of “pro” journalists, I say sour grapes, he did their job better then they did…soooo /sucks teeth.

  33. says

    Miranda is dark, has deep-set eyes and possessed of a very strongly Middle-Eastern physiognomy, about two melanin-shades short of ARABIC, in fact, like that Brazilian immigrant worker in the train they mistook for an Arab terror-suspect they knew only from photographs and shot the clueless Brazilian several times till he was so dead no question could be asked whether he was even a Muslim. That or the UK authorities are testing how much they could legally get away with in their struggle to exterminate “penetrative” journalism.