1. Sean Maloney says

    Please, Ted, run for Prez. Go ‘head and waste a boatload of $$$ like that Romney tool. There’s nothing like a stupid, poor (in spirit and integrity) chump. Go 2016!

  2. Travis says

    It disgusts me a bit how much the audience was clapping for some of his ideas. This man I’d one of the most disingenuous people on the planet! He is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Koch brothers and I wished people would wake up and realize that that is all the Tea Party is: the political arm of Koch Corp.

  3. Karen says

    Jay is a terrible interviewer. Let Tailgunner Ted walk all over him. Name one thing Cruz has done pro-jobs (not anti-ACA). There’s nothing, but Jay didn’t even ask. Who in TX is “losing healthcare”? Losing junk insurance, maybe, but that’s a good thing.

  4. Karen says

    Oh, and no, people are “going after” Cruz’s bigoted father because they’re trying to get at Tailgunner Ted. Daddy was an official campaign surrogate for the kid, and “going after” his bigotry is necessary.

  5. nick says

    Once Leno finally exits late night television people can contemplate that they cannot get back the hours they wasted watching this relic of a television program. He is the worst interviewer of the late night genre and lobbing softballs at the Canadian native Presidential wannabee last night is just the latest example of his idea of an interview.
    Teddy has done irrevocable damage to so many in the state of Texas — it is impossible to stomach watching this drivel.

  6. Mike Ryan says

    Many of you may not be aware of Leno’s political affiliation. He is a Republican and this is public knowledge. He has brought Cruz on for a specific purpose: to repair his very hated image.

    Leno is about to lose his show and his place in the world so he is going to do what he can, when he can during these last few shows. Thus, expect him to promote the Republicans and degrade Obama and the Democrats.

  7. NY2.0 says

    Jay Leno is a simpleton of an interviewer, the worst of them. At least David Letterman knows most of his stuff.

    Ted Cruz and his father represents everything that is wrong with America. Sorry to say but the world would be better place as soon as papa Cruz kicks the bucket.

  8. Kevin says

    Integrity, like love, floats on a plane above politics and religion. No one political platform or religion has cornered the market on integrity. There are some republicans democrats jews christians muslims – whatever- with integry, and there are some without. To use “integrity” as justification for your belief system only insults everyone of a different view. That’s a wall, not a bridge. Walls accomplish nothing.

  9. e.c. says

    Ted, I don’t think “integrity” means what you think it means. Your father holding on to a deep and irrational fear of gays, and regularly and vehemently demeaning and degrading them makes him a hateful bigot. That’s all.

  10. MIke says

    If you want a real howl go look at CBS Denver and the nurse who championed ObamaCare and finds herself now kicked off her plan and her premium 3,500 dollars higher. LOL!

  11. sam says

    The truly sad part of this interview, as someone else mentioned above, is how much applause he received for all the asinine statements he made. What’s wrong with this country?

  12. Polyboy says

    Yeah, Ted, lie through your teeth about integrity and “the government.”


    And Mike: nearly every single one of those “victim” stories were lies. And let’s not discount insurance companies lying about policies, and the DOS attacks.

    Really, the ‘baggers need a new tact, but they’re relying on the glacial thought processes of their base to keep them going.

  13. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    Don’t correlate the intensity of audience applause to the approval of a guest on a TV show.

    All live studios have microphones hanging from the ceiling that are spread throughout the seating section. The sound technician can mix in the audience mics to bring up the sound level, making a smattering of applause sound like a thundering ovation.

    This technique is also employed for laughter, which explains why Jay’s lame jokes seem uproariously funny to the studio audience.

    Viewer manipulation is nothing new. That’s what the media does best. They do it for people as well as products.

  14. emjayay says

    Ted Cruz is a lawyer and champion debater. In those worlds winning is what matters. Truth or lies are not an issue. He was raised by an ignorant bigot father and maybe he hasn’t questioned those views. It is probably psychologically important to him not to. I tend to think he has so internalized those views plus the lawyer/debater view of things that he is incapable of seeing anything in any other terms. Big bucks from right wing millionaires and voter approval sealed the deal.

    Jay Leno is no doubt a really nice guy, but not known for depth and intelligence and critical thinking. He’s there to please the lowest common denominator. He’s not a political scientist. He never offends his guests with anything difficult.

    I didn’t watch this. I’ve seen Cruz before. A little clip now and then on Chris Matthews or somewhere is enough.

  15. says

    Good god, do these idiots get tired of repeating the same “it’ll destroy jobs!” Fox News issued Talking Point as an answer for EVERYTHING?

    If the GOP is so concerned about jobs, why aren’t they doing anything to create more?

    Oh yeah – they’re too busy attempting (and eventually failing) to stop the ACA for the 41st time and trying to make Benghazi a “scandal”.

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