1. Francis #1 says

    Just like Warner and Kaine before him, before McDonnell eliminated the exec order. Obviously we need a concrete law banning discrimination in this state but this is nice.

  2. NY2.0 says

    @Francis, this is why Obama wants to go the legislative route with ENDA. Elections have consequences and if a Republican gets to the White House all progress can be gone with the stroke of a pen.

  3. Francis #1 says

    Yes NY2.0. Executive orders like this only go so far. Clear language banning this form of discrimination is what really counts to ensure that all workers have protection in the workplace. Unfortunately, it isn’t going to happen in VA because of legislative chambers are both Republican controlled.

  4. sundayboy says

    just remember it could have been The Cooch. anyone who says there’s no difference between Republicans and Democrats is delusional.

  5. EchtKultig says

    No, Brad. When Mother Jones writes a hit piece against you, you’re not presidential material and never will be. That being said, Kookicooch was so odious that he was unelectable even in what is a barely purple, historically red state. I love the thought of his closet case blood boiling when he hears this today.

  6. Mousemess says

    A statewide ENDA would never happen under Cuccinelli. The difference between these two candidates was like night and day. I am thankful that Cuccinelli can never be governor of VA until 4 years from now. I hope he is never governor of any state. He is too extreme.

  7. Mousemess says

    In January,2014 it will be Hasta la Vista, Baby, to a nasty Cuccinelli who could not even have the grace to personally concede to McAuliffe. Good riddance to a bad man.