Posts from February 20, 2014

Freedom of the Press Worldwide in 2014: MAP


A new map (click to enlarge, or look here) from Reporters Without Borders, via Slate: The map, based on Reporters Without Borders’ press freedom rankings for 180 countries, shows home of the current Winter Olympics Russia in bright red, indicating a…

Chris Barron Resigns from GOProud Over CPAC Invitation


GOProud co-founder and former chair Chris Barron has resigned from the organization following news that it had been invited back and accepted an invitation to CPAC after years of exclusion. Said Barron to Buzzfeed: “Last night I resigned from the Boa…

Coffee Shop Featuring Shirtless Male Baristas Opens: VIDEO


Hot Cup of Joe, a coffee shop featuring shirtless male baristas, opened this week in Spokane, Washington. While the guys seem more interested in serving up their mocha lattes to the ladies, this is certainly an idea that deserves exporting. Watch loc…