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News: Boy George, Mars, Chipotle Burritos, Henry Rollins

RoadTed Nugent comes out as a gay pirate from Cuba.

McconnaugheyRoadMatthew McConaughey says his self-imposed hiatus helped him get Dallas Buyer's Club.

RoadVIDEO: Competitive eater downs 4 Chipotle burritos in 3 minutes.

RoadBoy George attends BRIT awards with bruised and bloody eye.

RoadSex and the City creator Michael Patrick King says there's still a chapter to be told. “Sarah Jessica and I both know what that final chapter is. That doesn’t mean it will or should be told, but I do think there’s one story left.”

RoadMonths after DOMA ruling, issues with Social Security, veterans benefits and family and medical leave remain: "Thus far, the administration has extended numerous benefits to married same-sex couples related to taxes, immigration, federal employee benefits, employer-provided pensions and, most recently, the ability to refuse to testify against a spouse in federal court — even if these couples live in non-marriage equality states. The Justice Department has also ceased enforcement of a provision in Title 38, which governs veterans benefits, that independently defines marriage in opposite-sex terms. But things get dicier when it comes to other benefits where the law governing them looks to the state law where a couple resides, rather than the state law where the couple was married in determining whether a marriage is legitimate."

RoadVIDEO: Lorde and Disclosure team up for the Brit awards.

RollinsRoadHenry Rollins: "It must be frustrating for Putin. He knows the truth: Russia, like everywhere else in the world, has a lot of gay people. It's super-duper gay."

RoadNigerian novelist Chimamanda Adichie blasts anti-gay laws: "If anything, it is the passage of the law itself that is ‘unafrican.’ It goes against the values of tolerance and ‘live and let live’ that are part of many African cultures."

RoadIn New York, a push for compensated surrogacy, spearheaded by gay State Senator Brad Hoylman: "In Mr. Hoylman and Mr. Sigal’s case, neither of their parents expected them to have children. 'Now they think he’s a family man,' Mr. Sigal said, grinning at his husband. 'It’s a funny phrase,' Mr. Hoylman said. 'This is what it takes for people to relate to you.'"

RoadYale study: Gay faculty less comfortable than their closeted peers.

JellydoughnutRoadThe Mars 'jelly doughnut' mystery has been solved.

RoadAmerican Family Association attacks Mississippi town for passing gay-inclusive diversity resolutions. Bryan Fischer: "It's very clear that homosexual conduct is as risky to human health as intravenous drug use," Fischer tells OneNewsNow. "I don't think there's any way in the world that the Hattiesburg City Council is going to draft an ordinance that promotes intravenous drug use. Why? Because it's risky to human health. They should have taken the same position on homosexual behavior."

RoadJessica Simpson's father responds to gay rumors. "More mis-information in the news. The guy in the pics is my modeling Client. He was in Miami taking agency meetings. That's it!!"

RoadRadisson launches new hotel chain for millenials: "Visitors, Carlson Rezidor says, will be able order a car to pick them up at the airport, request that the room's minibar be stocked with certain drinks, order a sandwich to be waiting at the hotel's 24-hour deli, and arrange for family photos to beam from the television screen when they enter their room. Guests will pay for these additional amenities on an a-la-carte basis.

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Kentucky Activists Outraged Over Gay Conversion Billboard: VIDEO


A billboard in Louisville, Kentucky is causing controversy because of its anti-gay message. The billboard reads: "Not everyone who is gay is happy. You have options." Sponsored by Abba's Delight, a faith-based organization which helps people "who are uncomfortable with their same-sex attractions," the billboard suggests that gay conversion therapy is possible. 

My Fox Orlando reports:

The founder of the group that created the Billboard, Daniel Mingo, denies that the ad targets homosexuality. "This specifically targets people who have same-sex attractions that are unwanted," said Mingo.

Mingo maintains that the billboard is not aimed at people whose same-sex attractions bring them happiness, but his tone is tinged with moralism. Mingo's own experience found him "[walking] away from homosexuality" based on his faith. 

Chris Hartman, the director of the Fairness Campaign, is outraged by the advertisement and believes that it targets the gay community with anti-gay propaganda.

"To suggest that this organization is going to help someone is an exact obfuscation of the truth, it's the opposite; they're going to harm 90 percent of the people that walk in and out of their door," said Hartman.  "An organization like this really needs to be shut down."

Watch the news coverage, AFTER THE JUMP... FOX 35 News Orlando

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Kylie Minogue Surprises Superfan With 'Priceless' Performance At The Gym: VIDEO


When Adam headed to the gym a while back, he could not have been prepared for the surprise one of his idols had in store for him. Kylie Minogue, acclaimed international star, wowed her superfan with a renditon of her new song, "Into the Blue," and the results are, as MasterCard would like to remind us, priceless.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Freedom of the Press Worldwide in 2014: MAP


A new map (click to enlarge, or look here) from Reporters Without Borders, via Slate:

The map, based on Reporters Without Borders’ press freedom rankings for 180 countries, shows home of the current Winter Olympics Russia in bright red, indicating a “difficult situation” for journalists and bloggers there. Russia, ranked 148th, shuts down seditious websites, bans so-called homosexual propaganda, prohibits religiously offensive expression, and heavily controls national TV stations, Russians’ main source of news.

The U.S. shows a “satisfactory situation,” but it has dropped 14 ranks since last year’s report and now sits at the 46th spot. This decline, according to the report, is due to the Obama administration’s hostility toward whistleblowers and leakers and the conviction of Chelsea Manning for releasing a trove of classified documents to WikiLeaks in 2010

(via the dish)

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Charlotte, NC Man Fired From Job After Altercation With Governor Now Receiving Help From Mayor

Drew Swope, a gay grocery store employee who had a verbal altercation with North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory (right) on Sunday wound up fired. Now, in a remarkable turn of events, he is receiving help from Charlotte's mayor, Pat Cannon, to secure a new job.

PatmccrorySwope reportedly said, "Thanks for nothing" as McCrory passed by him at Reid's Fine Foods, an understandable sentiment given McCrory's already tumultuous term, fraught with anti-abortion measures and slashed education budgets. Swope claimed that McCrory's response may have had something to do with the employee's sexual orientation.

Talking Points Memo reports:

"...he started yelling at me and eyes were bulging out of his head," Swope told TPM in a phone interview on Tuesday.

The openly gay Swope also told TPM that McCrory was hostile to him "for being a fag."

A spokesman for the governor said that McCrory did not raise his voice, and claimed that Swope actually made an obscene gesture — a charge that Swope vehemently denied.

McCrory's office did not respond to TPM's request for comment.

PatrickCannon2009Swope subsequently lost his job, an action which he understood and respected given the behavior he exhibited while at work.

“I wasn’t surprised at all," Swope told TPM. "I mean, I would have fired me. I’ve been in the restaurant business for 25 years. I know the rules.”

Charlotte's mayor, Pat Cannon (right) has not taken the situation lightly, however, and he asked Swope to send him his resume so that he could help secure a position for him in the city's private sector.  

“To lose a job is nothing that someone wants to do,” Cannon said. “I felt that I would do what I could to help him along the way, if I could make something happen. I have a few leads for him to help him continue being a contributing citizen of Charlotte.”

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Portland Teens Carve Swastika into Schoolmate's Forehead, Say He Called Someone 'Gay': VIDEO


Dustyn Murrain (above) experienced a harrowing ordeal last week when he was attacked and tortured in a shed by four peers, two of whom he claimed as friends. Murrain was beaten in the head with a crowbar, received shots to the chest and groin with a BB-gun, and then had a swastika carved into his forehead, likely by Blue Kalmbach, a student who claims that Murrain bullied them (by calling one of them 'gay') first.

TeensDustyn's mother, Kelli Murrain, has said that whether her son bullied the four teens or not--she does not believe that he did--his verbal harassment should never have constituted such extreme physical backlash. reports:

"I've been called lots of names and I never went out and shot anybody or beat them in the head with a crowbar," [Kelli Murrain] said.

Murrain says her son had emergency surgery Monday night for the BB shot that went through his groin area. He has staples in his head from getting hit with a crowbar...
It's a cold indifference Kelli Murrain finds difficult to fathom.
"These kids threw away their lives and they don't even get it," she said. "They don't understand what they did. They're still making excuses. It's like OK ... maybe you'll get it when you're sitting in jail."
Another student, Curtis Floyd Wilkinson from David Douglas High School, came forward to speak out against Kalmbach as well, claiming that he was friends with Kalmbach until he began to bully him by kicking the backs of his legs while walking down the school hallway. Wilkinson spent time in a psychiatric ward for severe depression, and he links Kalmback to that stint.
"The bullying thing at school can get really really bad and people should probably know about it. This should not go unnoticed and should really be looked at," Wilkinson said.
Murrain, still rattled about his experience, will have both mental and physical scars to remind him of his torture.
"Why they would carve a swastika in his forehead? It's something he'll never forget, if the scar doesn't go away; every time he looks in the mirror he's going to be reminded of what happened to him," [his mom] said.

Watch news coverage of the horrific story, AFTER THE JUMP...


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