Posts from June 8, 2014

2014 Tony Awards Winners: FULL LIST


[SPOILERS] The 2014 Tony Awards happen tonight. We'll be posting the winners here, so for those of you on the West Coast (where the show is delayed until 8 pm) who don't want spoilers, check back later and don't continue with this post. W…

The Indiana GOP Platform is (Once Again) Anti-Gay Marriage


Delegates at the Indiana Republican Party Convention in Fort Wayne over the weekend overwhelmingly approved a party platform opposing gay marriage – a mere two years after the state GOP chose to (temporarily) remove the anti-gay language in an attemp…

Three Rare Siberian Tigers Released into the Wild: VIDEO


"lona, Borya and Kuzya, three orphaned Siberian (aka Amur) tigers rescued after their mothers were killed by poachers are released back to the wild in Russia. Only 360 of these rare creatures exist in the wild. IFAW, the International Fund for A…