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Joan Rivers Storms Out of CNN Interview After Bring Grilled About Fur, 'Mean' Fashion Critiques: VIDEO


Joan Rivers walked out of a CNN interview on Saturday after being griled by anchor Fredricka Whitfield about 'mean' fashion critiques of celebrities, wearing fur, and saying things "that seem off-limits to a lot of people."


Rivers made headlines earlier this week after suggesting that President Obama is the first gay president and calling Michelle Obama a "tranny". She's currently promoting a book and officiated an impromptu gay marriage at a signing event in NYC's Union Square on Tuesday.

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Emotional Photos of Gay Dads Holding Newborn Go Viral


Two new dads are a viral sensation on the internet after photographer Lindsay Foster shared photos of them cradling their son Milo moments after he was born via a surrogate mother.

Wrote Foster of the photos, which were shared on June 27:

Words can not tell you how wonderful it was to witness this amazing moment in time. But I am VERY hopeful that these images can make you feel the deep LOVE and admiration that everyone felt for this surrogate mom and the baby's new parents. These Daddies will most certainly be two amazing parents. 

I look at these pictures and I immediately tear up. 

The top picture is one of my favourites because everyone is included.
Surrogate mom and her husband, the new parents and their baby boy Milo, and two wonderful and amazing midwives.

The photo has been shared nearly 10,000 times on Facebook.

Foster later shared a second photo of baby Milo as well as a message from the fathers:

"Thank you to everyone out there who has taken the time to like, comment and share our picture! This was truly an incredible moment in our lives that will be captured forever by the lovely Lindsay Foster Photography. We are so lucky that we have a beautiful, healthy baby boy! All comments posted are respected, although we may not agree with the negative ones, the positive ones far outweigh the negative. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This is a moment of pure love and acceptance. Milo is surrounded by unconditional love and he will grow up knowing many different types of families and accept everyone, (intolerant people included). Milo was born during World Pride. This picture represents everything Pride is about. Love has no colour nor gender nor sexual preference. Love is unconditional. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts! xxoo"


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Colombian Footballer James Rodriguez Gets Bugged, Hugged: VIDEO


Colombian footballer James Rodriguez, the World Cup's leading scorer, had a close encounter with a massive locust before his side lost 2-1 to Brazil and were eliminated.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP....

And below, a bonus vine of Rodriguez being consoled by Brazilian superstar David Luiz after the match.

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Zambian Gay Couple Acquitted Of Sodomy Charges

6a00d8341c730253ef019aff64f0f3970d-300wiThe Zambian gay couple charged with sodomy last May have been acquitted. The decision comes after pressure from Amnesty International on the country to release the men — as well as a November 2013 speech on the importance of gay rights from Zambian First Lady Dr. Christine Kaseba-Sata.

The reason for the men's acquittal, however, is decidedly less indicative of political change in Zambia.

Zambian Magistrate John Mbuzi acquitted the men on grounds that the state failed to prove the case beyond reasonable doubt, deeming the prosecution's evidence against the two men hearsay. The two men — Phillip Mubiana, a bricklayer, and James Mwape, a hairdresser — both 22 years old — could have each faced a prison sentence of up to 15 years if they had been found guilty of the charges.

(h/t AllAfrica)

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United Nations To Recognize Staff Members' Same-Sex Unions

Unitednations-blog263This week, the United Nations announced that it is changing its policy on staff members same-sex unions — it will broaden its terms for which unions it recognizes. Until now, a UN staff member’s relationship recognition was viewed by the organization as dependent on the laws of  their home country. Now, even if a member obtained their relationship status abroad, the U.N. will recognize the union. Check out specifics here, including the official phrasing, that status is determined by the  “law of the competent authority under which the personal status was established”.

According to Hyung Hak Nam, President of United Nations staff group UN-GLOBE: 

What this means is simple: if you are in a legal union, the UN will recognize it. If you were thinking of entering into one, you can now do so with the full knowledge that the UN will recognize it.

With clashing global attitudes toward LGBT people, this announcement is the latest in the U.N.'s unpredictable maneuvers on LGBT issues.

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Gay Iconography: 'The Real World' Of Pedro Zamora


MTV’s The Real World wasn’t always the alcohol-fueled neanderthal breeding program it became in later seasons. The show’s first few casts helped to not only pioneer socially-conscious reality television, but they also told some of the most ground-breaking stories about the LGBT community ever to grace the medium.

The third season, based in San Francisco, famously featured the story of HIV/AIDS activist Pedro Zamora. Born in Cuba, Zamora and his family came to America in 1980 and resided in the suburbs of Miami. He learned he was HIV-positive while still in high school, and spent the years following his diagnosis speaking out about living with HIV/AIDS and the importance of educating young people about the disease.

As part of 1994’s The Real World: San Francisco cast, Pedro furthered the national dialogue about HIV/AIDS. A former honor student and star athlete, he pushed his roommates’ understanding of people living with HIV/AIDS, and, in turn, the perceptions of audiences. (He also taught us that Puck was an idiot, but we probably would’ve come to that conclusion on our own.)

Revisit Pedro’s impact with some clips, AFTER THE JUMP

Pedro first met roommate Cory. He disclosed his HIV status to her on their way to the house. Later in the first episode, above, he shared his work as an AIDS educator with the rest of his roommates using a scrapbook.

Long before we were talking about things like Proposition 8, Pedro and his partner Sean Sasser celebrated one of the first same-sex commitment ceremonies on television. (The first was between Bob Paris and Rod Jackson on The Joan Rivers Show in the early ‘90s.) They were nominated as “Favorite Love Story” at the 2008 Real Worlds Awards Bash. You can watch their commitment ceremony at the 15-minute mark in the clip above.


Zamora had no health insurance, but MTV set up a trust to pay his medical costs. He died hours after the final episode of The Real World: San Francisco aired. To honor Pedro, MTV aired A Tribute To Pedro Zamora. You can see his castmates and friends speak of Zamora’s impact in the clip above.

President Bill Clinton called Zamora before he died to thank him for his work. He later would appoint Zamora’s partner Sean Sasser to the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS.


In 2008, Bunim-Murray (the production company behind The Real World) produced its first ever scripted project, Pedro, a film dramatizing Zamora’s life. The screenplay was written by Dustin Lance Black and Paris Barcly, and it was an Official Selection at the Toronto Film Festival.

Did you watch Pedro on The Real World: San Francisco?

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