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Gay 'Game of Thrones' Actor Kristian Nairn (Hodor) Announces 'Rave of Thrones' DJ Tour

Kristian-nairnIn the Rave of Thrones, you either dance, or you die.

Recently out Game of Thrones actor Kristian Nairn is inviting us all to a DJ tour throughout a number of Australian nightclubs promising "the deepest house [music] from all seven kingdoms."

Nairn, who plays the linguistically-limited Hodor on the HBO series, is a veteran DJ of the Belfast house scene known for his throbbing EDM beats.

The Rave, naturally, will be heavily Game of Thrones themed, with ravers strongly encouraged to dress in their finest Westerosi garb.

Nairn’s rave marks the latest in a number of high profile musical collaborations driven by Game of Thrones’s popularity. Following a cameo by Sigur Rós in the series’ fourth season, HBO commissioned a full album’s worth of Game of Thrones themed songs from the likes of Outkast’s Big Boi, Common, and Wale. Tickets for the Rave are on sale now, with tour dates starting at the end of August.

Check out a selection of Nairn’s electronic Soundcloud tracks AFTER THE JUMP


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British Rugby Star Zak Hardaker Says He’s Now 'A Better Person' After 5 Game Ban for Anti-gay Slur

Zak hardaker

British Rugby Player Zak Hardaker, who was punished with a five-match ban for calling a player a “f—king fag” in late May, says that his suspension and subsequent work with the LGBT community has made him “a better person now.”

Attitude reports:

Hardaker recently asked to train with the LGBT rugby team The Manchester Canalsiders, and says he has “learned what you can and can’t say” from the experience.

“I try to enjoy myself and live life to the full,” said the 22-year-old player. “Along the way you learn new things and this is one of the lessons I have learned. The Canalsiders have been terrific and at least some good has come out of what happened.”

He continued: “They recognised it was just a heat of the moment comment and I am really thankful for their support. I think it has helped to raise certain issues, including the profile of the club, so that’s great. I have learned what you can and can’t say and how it affects different people.”

Earlier this week, Hardaker also met with other members of Manchester's LGBT community to learn about the impact of homophobia.

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AFA Issues Action Alert About Burger King's 'Homosexual Conduct-Promoting' Proud Whopper

BURGER_KING-PROUD_WHOPPERThe American Family Association has issued an action alert warning concerned citizens of the potential dangers posed by Burger King’s recent “Proud Whopper” promotion. The burger, which comes wrapped in rainbow packaging, was sold at a select number of Burger King locations to commemorate gay pride month. Unless there is  substantial pushback from the public, the AFA warns, the fast food chain might expand the marketing in the future.

“Unless Burger Kings sees a backlash for promoting cross-dressing and homosexual conduct as normal behavior, it will expand the promotion to other cities and additional stores next year.” The organization intoned grimly on its website.

Ever the helpful bunch, the AFA has set up a campaigning portal that will generate perturbed e-mails designed to let Burger King know just how terrifying you think rainbow wrappers are.

“I am offended by Burger King's stunt in offering a so-called "Proud Whopper" in San Francisco. What were you thinking?” The e-mail template reads. “I hope you will learn from this publicity blunder and realize that while most stores did not participate in the corporate-approved program, the damage has been done and affects the image of all Burger King outlets.”

Burger King boasted 32.7% profit increase earlier this after after a round of cost saving cuts and menu restructuring.

Watch Burger King’s promotional Proud Whopper ad here AFTER THE JUMP...


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Hillary Clinton Reacts to Shooting Down of Malaysia Airliner in Charlie Rose Interview: VIDEO


Hillary Clinton sat down with Charlie Rose today and offered her thoughts on the Malaysia Airlines flight that was shot down over Ukraine today, Mediaite reports:

She noted that the Ukrainian government has been quick to blame the crash on “terrorists,” which is “their name for the Russian insurgents.” Clinton agreed that it “probably had to be” Russian insurgents that brought the plane down, but would need forensic evidence to determine that for sure.

“If there is evidence pointing in that direction, the equipment had to come from Russia,” Clinton continued. “There is a great deal of concern that, not only was a civilian plane shot down, but what this means about the continuing conflict in Eastern Ukraine and the role that Russia is playing.”


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The OXD Mirror: Go Deep Into Summer with Vocals by Penguin Prison, Shaun J Wright and More



In perfect time to celebrate the summer sun, and of course their respective hometown shores, West Coast dance group Viceroy meets East Coast's Penguin Prison in the new summertime jam 'The Life'.

Viceroy: 'The Life feat. Penguin Prison'

These nudisco powerhouses joined together to create a poppy, uptempo track that has the perfect guitar-laden summer vibe.  The idea of cruising around in the sun with my convertible top down certainly sounds like "the life I want," as the lyrics go, but of course with this song as part of my summer cruising playlist.

Let's get more summery and soulful, AFTER THE JUMP...

French producer Bobmo released his LP New Dawn on June 30th, and it features cameos from artists like Para One and out vocalist Shaun J Wright.  Shaun's vocals appear on 'When I Look,' a slick, vocally-driven house track that's sure to be a dancefloor hit.

Up-and-coming producer and friend of Occupy The Disco, Belanger, dropped a surprise remix of Mariah Carey's 'Emotions' last week that gives any DJ a perfect excuse to legitimately drop this classic track on the dancefloor. 

I shared Arches' debut single 'There's A Place' a few months ago, which is a rework of Diana Ross' 'Take Me Higher'. This duo is back with a deep house banger called 'Move On,' which, much like their first single, features lush vocals against a hard, deep backing.

Swedish House label Local Talk can always be counted on for whimsical, lush, and soulful house music.  They've recruited Moscow-based producer Lay-Far for a four track EP, from which 'Get On' is the standout track, with a vocally-driven disco/soul vibe that we've come to know this label for.

Detroit deep house duo Golf Clap keep churning out the tracks - from originals to remixes - including this new remix of Danny J Lewis' 'Spend The Night.'

Another deep house favorite of mine, Jonas Rathsman, has a cascading new track out called 'Skepparkrans', which in Swedish roughly defines as 'skipper wreath', a type of beard popular amongst sailors in the 1800s. Not sure what the relation is to the actual song (besides Rathsman sporting his own beard), but the track is stellar.

Luke Solomon's new track, 'Stop The Riot,' featuring Sam Lynham, is a punk-infused house track that acts a first teaser to Luke's forthcoming album later this year.

Ending this week's dive into new deep house tracks, newly-minted duo Tender Games have wrapped their debut LP and teased the first single, 'Want It All'.  It's a melodic track that evokes a similar sound to deep club cuts from the mid 90s.


The OXD Mirror is a weekly music column brought to you by the boys of OCCUPY THE DISCO (OXD), a New York City based collective created by three music lovers, Ru Bhatt, Josh Appelbaum, and Tad Haes, who want to share their love for disco, house and dance music with the world.   

OCCUPY THE DISCO (OXD) curates and recommends music events to the gay community in NYC—in an effort to move the focus of the nightlife scene beyond the promoter and venue and to the music itself. OXD's goal is to educate, entertain, engage and empower the gay audience to reclaim their ability to question and experience the unknown. The OXD Mirror will serve to showcase tunes that are definitely off-the-beaten-path but rightfully deserve the attention of the gay ear. 

Be sure to check out these tracks and more on our Spotify Playlist. For more information on OXD, check out our website and accompanying blog at, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter: @OccupyTheDisco.

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1591

DIVE,SLIP N SLIDE: Skydivers come in for a wet landing.

SHERRY VINE: Keith Levy likes "being a freak".

JOHN OLIVER: On the 'wealth gap'.

STRAWBERRIES: Weird lip dub of the day.

For recent Guides to the Tube, click HERE.

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