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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1610

DON LEMON: Has a awkward interview with rapper Talib Kweli

JIMMY FALLON: He's got good news and good news.

FISH VS SHARK: The winner isn't who you might think

FIREWORKS SAFETY SUIT: For anyone who's ever wished they could watch fireworks up close. 



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News: Diplo, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Gay Bars, Tom Hanks, Queen

Road Mariah Carey is reportedly not happy that Nick Cannon is chatting with the media about their marriage woes.

DiploRoad DJ/producer Diplo dishes on his upcoming collaboration with Madonna. "“One [song] is super weird,” Diplo says. “Late one night in the studio we got a little bit drunk and she improvised a little hook and we made a song out of it. I think it’s going to be a breakthrough if she can manage to get everything together and get it out properly.”

Road Two Kentucky firefighters are in the hospital, one in critical condition, after suffering electric shocks while helping with an ALS ice bucket challenge. The firefighters were injured when the truck's aerial ladder hit a main power line.

Road Ian McKellen, Nathan Lane, Angelina Jolie and 10 other LGBT actors who have been Emmy-nominated for playing LGBT characters on screen.

Road Smithsonian adds trans items to its expanding LGBT history collection.

Road Gay UK activist Peter Tatchell has come out in favor of an independent Scotland.

Road Westboro Baptist Church sign does the Ice Bucket Challenge, nominates the "Sodimite Rainbow House" across the street.

GinsburgRoad What does Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's think is the biggest mistake the Supreme Court has made? campaign finance.

Road Cue the theme music, Mission: Impossible 5 filming is underway.

Road A look at the women in India who are 'trapped' in marraiges with gay men. "Family pressures and financial dependency are among the most frequently cited reasons for Indian women staying married to gay men, experts say, in a country where gay sex is not only stigmatised but outright illegal. In 2012, the Indian government estimated that 2.5 million gay men live in the country, which has a population of more than 1.2 billion"

Road Beijingers sound off on their attitudes towards the LGBT community.

Road The Washington Post's Alyssa Rosenberg looks at what gay bars tell us about the Golden Age of Television: "In prestige television, gay bars act as a kind of portal: Straight characters step into them and are surprised by what they learn, not only about men they thought they knew, but about themselves. It is a measure of both the promise and limitations of the so-called Golden Age of Television that the treatment of gay men in homophobic organizations by “The Sopranos” did not prove quite as influential as James Gandolfini’s performance as the titular mobster."

HanksRoad Tom Hanks' Ice Bucket Challenge makes us love him even more.

Road Dan Savage has written a must-read response to the criticicsm the "Gay Men Draw Vaginas" book is garnering from some trans activists.

Road Aaron Paul sets up a Breaking Bad scavenger hunt in honor of this year's Emmys.

Road Ariana Grande is backpeddaling a bit after saying that her upcoming song 'Break Your Heart Right Back' was inspired by one of her ex-boyfriends cheating on her with another guy.

Road Insurance companies are trying their hardest to deny contraceptive coverage for women.

Road Adam Lambert and Queen kick off their tour in style.

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Provincetown's Comic Book Carnival Springs to Life in These 120 Sexy, Superpower-ful Instagram Pics: PHOTOS


Every year in August more than 90,000 people descend on the gay and lesbian resort destination of Provincetown, Massachusetts for the town's annual Carnival celebration. This year, balmy, late summer temperatures combined with festive vacation spirits turned out animated characters and 'Cape crusaders' in force for 2014's theme: Comic Book Capers.


We've collected 120 of our favorite Instagram pics featuring more Supermen, X-Men, Batmen than you can leap in a single bound along with a few Poison Ivies, a couple of Hat Sisters, an Iron Man, a dozen Robins, the Flash, a Green Lantern or two, Smurfs, Babs, Captain America, a group of Roy Lichtenstein gals, more than one Ambiguously Gay Duo, Wonder Women, a few Drag Race celebutantes, the nation's supply of spandex, and a few guys who are just plain Super.

Watch the comics come to life in the nation's LGBT playground, AFTER THE JUMP...

Also, don't miss our Instagram galleries from BEAR WEEK and FAMILY WEEK.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram at TLRD for more photos from Provincetown this summer.


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Married Michigan Gay Couples Ask State to Recognize Their Marriages

MichiganThe state of Michigan is being asked to recognize hundreds of gay marriages that were performed in the state during a brief window in March when licenses were issued to same-sex couples following a ruling striking down the state's ban on same-sex marriage. 

Shortly after the nuptials took place, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder announced that the state, unlike the federal government,  would not be recognizing the marriages. 

The AP reports:

"The state cannot mandatorily divorce you," University of Michigan law professor Julian Mortenson said during a 90-minute hearing on a request for a preliminary injunction.

U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman struck down the state's gay marriage ban on March 21, and more than 300 same-sex couples in four counties got hitched the next day, Saturday, before an appeals court suspended the decision and blocked additional marriages.

The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati recently heard arguments about whether to overturn or affirm Friedman's decision. In the meantime, the American Civil Liberties Union is fighting to force the state to recognize the marriages that did happen for the purpose of benefits and other issues.

The lawyer argued that even if a higher court eventually reinstates Michigan's ban on gay marriages, the unions should still be considered valid.

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Jake Gyllenhaal Is Calm, Cool and Creepy In New 'Nightcrawler' Trailer: VIDEO


A second trailer has been released for Nightcrawler - the upcoming psychological thriller starring Jake Gyllenhall as a desperately ambitious cameraman who seeks out murder scenes, fires and car crashes to sell footage to broadcast television networks. 

The film looks equal parts unsettling and interesting - and the opening scene from the trailer even reminded me (very briefly) of Brokeback Mountain.  

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

And if you missed the first trailer, you can watch it HERE



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Miley Cyrus Banned From Dominican Republic for 'Promoting Lesbian Sex'


The National Commission for Public Performances in the Dominican Republic announced yesterday that they would be banning a Miley Cyrus concert next month on morality grounds.

Blabbeando reports:

"The National Commission for Public Performances in the exercise of the powers given by the Constitution of the Republic through Regulation 824 of Law Number 1951Article 4306 - the purpose of which is to prevent public performances that offend the morals, good customs and relationship between friendly countries - imposes this ban based on Miley Cyrus' common engagement in acts during her concerts that defy morals and customs in ways usually penalized by Dominican law," a statement reads.

They add that Cyrus "uses inadequate attire, corrupts language, uses perverse imagery and phrasing, uses phrases with double meanings, glorifies crime, violence and denigrating acts against civility and promotes sex, lesbian sex and the use of inadequate objects in public."

Although homosexuality is not illegal in the Dominican Republic, the country is culturally conservative and overwhelmingly Catholic. 

Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez, a Catholic Cardinal from the Carribean nation who has previously referred to openly gay U.S. Ambassador James “Wally” Brewster as a maricón (Spanish slur for “faggot”), has repeatedly voiced his opposition to gay rights and gay people in general.

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