Sam Smith Delivers One of the Best VMA Performances of the Night With Soulful ‘Stay With Me’ – WATCH


At tonight's MTV Video Music Awards, Sam Smith delivered a soulful, stripped-down rendition of his hit "Stay With Me." Armed with just a backup piano and his voice, Smith was able to get the entire crowd (Kim Kardashian included) to sway to the beat.

Check out the swoon-worthy performance, AFTER THE JUMP

The music video for the song was nominated for "Best Male Video" while Smith himself was nominated for "Artist to Watch." Neither award went to Smith. 




  1. Akerus says

    Beautiful voice and heartfelt performance. The song is absolutely gorgeous as well, and a well deserved hit.

    Still, isn’t a sad testament to the current state of popular music when the fact that a singer can sing live and actually do it well, surprises us all and makes the news?

    Maybe, just maybe, the music industry should take a cue and give us less talentless rappers, Britneys and Rihannas, and a few actual singers like Sam Smith.

  2. michael says

    sadly, Viacom doesn’t want you to see this.

    Maybe a DCMA-proof link is available somewhere.

  3. petey says

    Sam Smith was a refreshing change from the half-naked corporate bimbos like Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj. It was the only part of the show that didn’t involve lip-synching, apparently.

  4. JMC says

    really good for his first ever award show performance. he was a little awkward during the instrumental breaks but the stage presence will come with time.

    oh god though the music snobbery on this post is already out of control lol please make it stop

    p.s. petey lol what? do you just assume every pop act lip syncs or something? not even the two artists you name dropped lip synced. seriously how could you think iggy azealia was lip syncing with her terrible breath control? she could barely keep up with her verses lmao

  5. Rowan says

    JMC, the new thing at the moment is for stars to record their voices ‘as it would be when singing live’, so with Iggy dancing, with breathing controls. And then to lip sync it but also attempt to sing a few verses.

    You stan!

  6. petey says


    It’s fake singing. The corporate bimbos like Katy Perry, Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj etc are not actual singers. They are manufactured and fake.

  7. JMC says

    Rowan, prerecorded vocals aren’t anything new and I clocked Beyonce using them as she always does but we’re talking about Iggy right now lol that girl wasn’t even dancing she was standing and crouching and still nearly passed out from asphyxiation. And I do not stan for that basic, bite your tongue!

  8. Jerry says


    I am too damned old to be swooning over a twenty-something. I might break a hip.

  9. jjose712 says

    And who won the artist to watch cathegory? because he was really the only realistic option

  10. BRUNO says

    I know you racist whites will praise this, but for beyonce who performed her entire album, nothing, blacks are better singers and entertainers, so don’t be jealous, blacks dance and sing better, wait for the grammy, Beyonce will take home everything,even in the country category

  11. jjose712 says

    BRUNO: you must be incredibly stupid or simply blind. There’s an article about Beyonce just ahead this one.

    That in case you were being serious, because frankly, you seem like the average troll.

  12. Oh vey says

    Black “are” better singers and entertainers? I’ll refer you to Nicki Minaj’s pretty dull performance. Also, Adele still stands as my favorite pure vocal performance ever at the VMAs and she’s as white as a sheet. Either way, just because they are talented doesn’t make you anything special, Bruno. At all.

  13. BRUNO says

    Adele is fat, and she sits in one place,I double dare her to dance or even move, taylor swift was a hot country mess at the vma’s. Nicki minaj’s dancing has improved, jealous racist whites,

  14. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ Bruno – racist whites? Racist African Americans? There’s really no difference. Hate is hate.

  15. BRUNO says

    Beyonce sang her entire album,danced and sang in 5 inch heels wearing a tight tom ford leotard, and you white fools threw insults at her, if it where a white trash person like katy perry that did what beyonce did all you red necks would have been showering her with praises. Beyonce is the best female singer that ever lived, she’s BLACK by the way so eat ur racist heart out.

  16. BETTY says

    BRUNO: please go back to writing your weekly newsletter for the unauthorized Beyonce Fan Club.

  17. Denny says

    Gee, what happened to the “backlash” that Towleroad was writing about yesterday? Already over? I guess 2 bloggers writing crap isn’t really a backlash.

    Sam, keep singing and fighting for love and keep standing against those who would guide gay youth into lives of commercialized, exploitative hedonism.

  18. andrew says

    He has a nice voice, and its always good when soulful music resonates with a crowd..

    but points off for having to watch the Kardashians sing along and sway…

    every time I see him, I cant help but wonder if that’s what boy George looked like at his age and out of makeup… something about the shape of his face..

  19. says

    Denny, projection much? “fighting for love” – right. Like all guys who use grindr, or any other apps or sites, are …what? fighting against love? avoiding love? incapable of love? commercialized exploitative hedonism?

    it just really bothers guys like you that some gay men bond over sexuality, and shared expressions of it, and go on to continue those bonds after the sex is over, eh? like, you’re upset that some guys are capable of finding love on grindr, or a friendship and romance or lover-ship growing out of a hookup?

  20. SFshawn says

    Sam Smith and Adele have the most amazing and beautiful voices on the music scene today. Unlike the millions of fakes and frauds out there these two singers have normal bodies and brilliant minds and sing from their HEARTS!
    How can anyone be envious or hateful listening to such beauty?
    Praise the great or just STFU already haters! Happy Monday. :)

  21. MATTROCKS says

    “bond” over sexuality? Give me a break KIWI! You got horny and you needed some action and maybe one or two of them still talk to you. Let’s call it what it is. Just like guys read Playboy for the “articles”. Eye roll.

  22. Anon says

    Little Kiwi – Continually demonstrating that he can’t deconstruct without smug, self-satisfied posturing.

    Little Kiwi, it would be nice if you could try to elevate people’s consciousness rather than push people further down their respective rabbit holes.

    One of the most despicable things about you, Little Kiwi, is that you take people on a bad path and rather than chip away at their possible internalized homophobia, you put them into a state that necessitates they distance themselves from you and what you have to say, ensuring they stay the way they are or get worse.

    Little Kiwi – What I loathe about you the most is that you take away hope – you don’t give hope. It is ironic given the significance of the tattoo you have on your arm.

    Did you ever happen to see any episode of “The A-List: New York” or “The A-List:Dallas”? You act online the way they act offline. It’s disgusting.

    Please don’t ever get into counseling or work at a suicide hotline. I can just imagine you getting a caller who expresses their internalized homophobia saying something like “I’m feeling suicidal – I just can’t be straight-acting enough”, then you getting set off by ‘straight acting’ and finally reaming him with your ugly style of response.

  23. Anon says

    @MATTROCKS How is that? (rhetorical question) The burden is on you to explain yourself, which you can’t. Arguing from a vacuum is well, vacuous.

  24. Anon says

    @MATTROCKS Comparing me to Rick is laughable. I’m laughing at you. It suggests that not only am I speaking above your head, even a troll like Rick speaks above your head! How else could you confuse the two of us?!

  25. Montana says

    I’m surprised that no one here has talked about the fact that Sam didn’t win any of the two nominations he received, which he deserved, especially the Artist To Watch award. Which is really too bad and goes to show how messed up MTV has become. In case people didn’t realize the majority of the categories was voted by the public, including the two Sam was nominated in. And I also remembered that Frank Ocean did not win anything 2 years ago, because of the public voting thing.

    The VMAs have become increasingly less credible over the years, when they used to be the coolest award show that actually awarded worthy winners. I thought the point was to celebrate the art of music videos? But then again if they failed to award Bjork for her groundbreaking “Human Behaviour” video in 1994 (with 6 nominations, nonetheless), not awarding Sam was a piece of cake…

  26. Kim says

    Sam is a great singer unfortunately he is not attractive,sexy and is not personable that’s a problem when it comes to appealing to MTV demo.He will do fine at Grammys.