Cazwell and Big Dipper Rap About the Benefits of Being a ‘Hot Homo': VIDEO


NYC rappers Cazwell and Big Dipper have dropped "Hot Homo" a parody of the summer rap hit "Hot N*gga" by Bobby Shmurda, but in this version lyrics about murder and drugs have been replaced with raunch, sex, and a generous helping of celebrity mocking (see above).

Album_hothomoSays Cazwell about the track, which you can download for free here:

"’Hot Homo’ is no more overtly sexual than what I hear on any given Hip Hop radio station. The point of the song is that gay men should feel as entitled to express themselves sexually as straight guys. That’s been my message since I dropped my ‘All Over Your Face’ single in 2006. First of all, being gay is the f–kin’ s–t. I have an amazing life that I wouldn’t have if I was one of my brothers.  I don’t deal with the stress of being married with kids. 
 I get to enjoy hot boys and d–k."

Watch it all go down (warning: work-unfriendly language), AFTER THE JUMP



  1. Douglas says

    That would have been better without the sound on. Rap, whether gay or straight, just seems angry. I prefer 70’s soul and R&B. That music was uplifting and made me wanna dance. This makes my ears bleed.

  2. Water! says

    I don’t understand why does one have to necessarily wear over-sized t-shirts, caps and act vulgar to become a rap star!? Weren’t the lyrics enough already! Trashy, really, to say the least!

  3. Anita Mann says

    There was a time when gay men were ahead of the curve, carving out the culture and trying new things and new ways of expressing ourselves; now we are obsessed with being just like “them” and “normal”. We follow along in the predominant culture where we once stood out and led.
    Clever and click-worthy, that’s all it’s about nowadays. Blah blah blah.

  4. MIke says

    About a year ago, after his success with Ice Cream Truck, and breaking up with his boyfriend, Cazwell switched music video directors, and also went a different direction with his music. IMO, both were mistakes. The music videos became very “arty” (not that this one is), as did his music. I don’t believe he cares, but he’s best when he sticks with up-tempo dance tracks.

  5. echoes says

    Cute, funny and nice eye candy. Unlike most posters on Towle these days, if I didn’t like it I’d just stfu and move on. (Unless I could do better, and I’m pretty sure the whiners can’t…. it’s why they are all so petty and angry in the first place.) Have a nice weekend, all :-)

  6. says

    I have no idea if it is the internet of the artists to at the same time make fun of the ridiculousness of the “masculine” gay stereotype aka gym rat when compared to the same archetype in the black culture, but that is what I saw…and I thought it was pretty funny, even if rap is barely an art form.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “….even if rap is barely an art form.”

    I made that same argument more than twenty years ago. I was arguing with some graduate students on the campust where I work. THen I made the same argument a few more times, and also against a friend who is not that much younger than me.

    I finally gave up because I LOST every argument.

    I always ended up saying, “well, I just don’t like it nor do I understand it.” Well, that argument aint worth poopoo, and I knew it.

    There are many around the world who see Rap as a legitimate form of music from the musical genre called Hip Hop. And that’s that.

  8. Beef Jerky says

    Is this still the look that gay dudes in NYC are sporting, or it’s just a Cazwell signature? I thought I would never get tired of the backward baseball cap thing on guys; but in this video it was looking a little dated…

    But props to the Kelly “OMG Shoes” reference though! I LOL’d.

  9. Josh says

    As a fan punk and metal I have to say this is AMAZING! Funny, sharp and great rhymes. We need more artists like this, who are actually great artists and aren’t just banking on the fact that they are gay to gain attention.

  10. H says

    Gotta agree with most on here: cannot stand rap, don’t see why it’s an “art form”, BUT…VERY funny, VERY gay powerful, VERY positive video. Thumbs up on all three!!

    Again, rap is garbage, no matter the color of the rapper, but Cazwell, you’re gorgeous! Big Dipper, you know I love me some bears!! GRRR!!

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