Ted Cruz: America Facing Destruction Over Gay Marriage, A Hollywood Propaganda Effort – VIDEO

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America is facing imminent destruction due to same-sex marriage, which is the result of a propaganda effort by the media and Hollywood activists, according to Sen. Ted Cruz.

Also, the Obama administration is plotting to revoke the tax-exempt status of churches that don’t support same-sex marriage, and if people of faith don’t stand up, “the greatest nation in the history of the world will be lost.”

Those are just a few of the ridiculous statements made by the GOP presidential candidate in an interview with Glenn Beck last week, according to Right Wing Watch, which has posted several clips from the program.

In one clip, Cruz says reporters “hate us” and recalls telling a staffer who thought one of them was nice that she was out to destroy him.

“The job of the mainstream media is that they are partisans,” Cruz said. “They are protecting Barack Obama and they’re ready for Hillary.”

From RWW:

Ted CruzThings only went downhill from there:

Beck: We are facing, I think, destruction—
Cruz: Yes.
Beck: As a nation, I think we’re off the Constitution. Would you agree with that?
Cruz: Yes, absolutely.
Beck: Especially with the rulings last week, we are just making it up now as we go.
Cruz: Yes, yes.
Beck: So if we don’t correct it now, we’re done.
Cruz: It is now or never.

Cruz also dismissed polls showing that a majority of Americans support same-sex marriage:

“It’s very easy to design a poll to get the poll you want, and there are a lot of advocates here. We are seeing a propaganda effort from the mainstream media and from Hollywood. … This notion that gets repeated every day on the mainstream media is baloney. If it were true that the American people wanted this, there would be no need for a court case. They’re going this because they haven’t been winning at the ballot box.”

In another clip, Cruz repeated his claim that Christians are being persecuted and said the IRS is plotting to go after “Christian universities, Christian grade schools, Jewish churches” —  and any other institution “that teaches that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.”

Lee BrightThe insane notion that the IRS would revoke the tax-exempt status of anti-gay churches also prompted 15 attorneys general to write a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner this week, petitioning them to protect religious organizations that oppose same-sex marriage, according to The Argus Leader.

Meanwhile, the Cruz South Carolina campaign co-chair who went on an anti-gay rant during a debate about the Confederate flag recently, Sen. Lee Bright (right), has taken things a step further: He’s preparing to stave off a military invasion from the Obama administration.

Watch the clips from Cruz’s interview with Beck below.


  1. says

    I’m pretty sure that paranoid delusions and unwarranted feelings of persecution are signs of a severe mental illness and should disqualify someone from being president (well, if that someone didn’t belong to an entire party of paranoid, delusional people).

  2. says

    once again, GOP leaders are promoting the very bigoted ideologies that destroy families, drive young people to suicide, force even grown adults to live closeted lies and create an overall culture of prejudice and hatred.

    they do it for political gain. OUR LIVES are their pawns.

    and they don’t bloody care.

  3. says

    Nope; more propaganda trash from the uneducated, anti-American, anti-freedom, Nazi trash Ted Crud… I mean Cruz. There are religious leaders and houses of worship of ALL faiths (including Jewish synagogues – they are not called churches Ted you worthless troglodyte) who recognize marriage also between 2men or 2women. No house of worship has never been and will never be forced to recognize a marriage they do not want to whether it be interracial (after the the SCOTUS Loving v. Virginia ruling), a bi-faith marriage, a second marriage after divorce, or a non-virginal marriage.

    There is NO such thing as “people who practice real religion”. Under the 1st amendment ALL religions and spiritualities are real and the government is legally obligated to work for, respect, represent, and protect all of them equally (see 1st 10 words of the first amendment). You religious belief does not exempt you from the same law everybody else has to adhere to. You are not special in the eyes of the law.

    Your religious liberty is: pray to whatever human made “God” you want, worship in whatever house of worship you want, read whatever religious/spiritual text you want, wear whatever religious/spiritual symbol you want – THAT IS IT, PERIOD! You do NOT have the religious liberty to force, demand, or require others adhere to your religion and its definitions nor do you have the right to harass others with it either.

    Christians are NOT being “persecuted”, people of faith are NOT being “persecuted”. There are LGBT and pro-LGBT people of all faiths and until now they were the ones who were being denied their religious freedom legally recognized in the eyes of the law but still being taxed for that right.

    A KKK member cannot refuse to serve racial or interracial couples because he or she doesn’t agree with the 1969 Supreme Court ruling, Loving v. Virginia, that struct down interracial marriage bans nation wide the same way the Supreme Court just did with gay marriage bans. You are delusional, ignorant, and arrogant if you do not think the same applies to you.

    If I (as a business owner) cannot refuse to serve anti-LGBT people because it is illegal to discriminate based on personal or religious beliefs, anti-LGBT business owners cannot refuse to serve LGBT people. The laws of this country are required BY LAW to apply to ALL citizens equally or none at all. KKK members cannot refuse service to black people. Neo-Nazis cannot refuse service to Jews. Atheists cannot refuse service to Christians or any other faith. Therefore Anti-LGBT’s cannot refuse service or employment to LGBT’s…. oh right, it’s illegal to refuse service to people based on religious affiliation or belief. So lets sum that last part up’ LGBT people WILL serve anti-LGBT dross or be charged with breaking the law but anti-LGBT dross do not have to and cannot be forced to serve LGBT people. That is JIM CROW SAVAGERY!!! and it will not be tolerated. Serve and employ all equally or none at all.

    America is not lost. It is finally on the verge of being free from the illegal, un-American religious fascism that repulsed our Founding Fathers.

  4. oldstephens says

    How exactly does treating all citizens equally correspond to the destruction of anything?

  5. RonCharles says

    As of today, Tuesday, 7 July 2015, of the 254 states in Senator Ted Cruz’ home state of Texas, only 5–and a not particularly significant 5 at that–of them are refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. His ideas don’t even match the reality today of the state that he allegedly represents.

  6. says

    I just checked up on the Netherlands, the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark,Canada, Brazil………
    They are all still there; they have not been destroyed. Their hetero. marriages are intact…..as they ever were.
    The sky has not fallen; the Christians are not been persecuted.

    Ted Cruze, I just hope he gets the GOP nomination to run; he will make the whole campaign entertaining as his bigotry in on full public display.

  7. KC says

    Why is it that every time I see Ted Cruz, I see Pee Wee Herman as a delusional grown-up? Kinda creepy….

  8. says

    Insanity runs in the Cruz family as does it in the Beck family. That these two are often together having insane discussions should surprise no one…