Ted Cruz Goes Full Throttle for Gun Vote, Unveils ‘2nd Amendment Coalition': WATCH

Ted Cruz 2nd amendment coalition

Ted Cruz is going full-throttle for the gun lobby in the wake of the San Bernardino massacre, and pushed his 2nd Amendment Coalition at a Johnstown, Iowa gun range on Friday, claiming that America needs citizens to have guns to defend against such threats.

He also unleashed a super-creepy video urging Americans to join his coalition (watch it below).

The gun range, as ABC News notes, is a place he has visited before, and proudly displays a bullet-ridden target on its wall with Cruz’s signature on it:

Said Cruz at the gun range:

“What keeps us safe are that we are a free people who have the God-given right to protect our homes and our families and our lives. Liberal Democrats think it is insensitive to celebrate our constitutional rights in the wake of a terrorist attack. It is these constitutional rights that keep us safe…Strict gun control laws are an abysmal failure. They don’t work. You put them in place, you disarm the citizenry, the criminals have guns and crime goes up, murders go up, violent crime goes up…If you’re a gun-grabbing big government, debt loving, weak America leftist, then a Cruz campaign is your nightmare…The men and women in this room terrify them.”

A few moments from his speech:

Watch Cruz’s video for the ‘2nd Amendment Coalition':

Here’s Cruz speaking to the press before his appearance in Johnstown: