Ted Nugent: ‘Braindead’ Liberals Want Right Wing Nuts ‘Bending Over and Taking it in the Ass’ – VIDEO

Ted Nugent

Musician, National Rifle Association board member and right-wing loon Ted Nugent has said that Republican presidential wannabes are the only people who can stop “vicious” liberals from forcing right wing activists from “bending over and taking it in the ass.”

Nugent was appearing on 9/11 truther and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’s YouTube channel in a charmingly subtle section called “We’re Ruled By Democrats Who Act Like Subhuman Freaks.”

Starting the crazy rolling, Nugent said that the U.S. is currently like Old Yeller – “when he foams at the mouth,” seethed the gun-friendly rocker, “you shoot him between the eyes.”

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Warming to his theme, he continued:

“I don’t really care why Barack Obama is the enemy of America. I don’t really care why Nancy Pelosi is a braindead, vicious freak. I don’t care how Sheila Jackson Lee is allowed to stay in power.”

Complaining “if I didn’t laugh I’d probably throw up blood, it’s so insane,” he added that Democrats are “subhuman freaks” who want Nugent et al to be “bending over and taking it in the ass.”

In case viewers were left in any doubt, Jones concluded that Obama is “trying to set up a caliphate” in order to overthrow the country and force women “to put bags on [their] heads.”

Watch the hilarious exchange below.