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Majority Of Bangladesh LGB People Live In Fear Of Being Outed


A survey of 751 self-identified LGB people in Bangladesh has found that more than half of respondents live in constant fear of being outed, reports Dhaka Tribute.

Bob_logoThe survey by LGBT activist group Boys of Bangladesh and magazine Roopbaan (above) is the first of its kind in the predominantly Muslim country.

With responses from eight major cities, the survey also found that many respondents considered their sexual orientation sinful.

Although around 59 percent of respondents said they have never faced discrimination due to their sexual orientation, many of the 25.8 percent of those who had faced anti-gay discrimination said they had either had no knowledge of or no access to legal support.

Survey spokesperson Shakhawat Imam Rajeeb said:

“Sexuality in general needs to be talked about in our country. There is such a wide spectrum of sexuality – we have to be open to different interpretations of it. That can only happen when you bring in different voices from society."

Launched a year ago, Roopban - named after the Bengali folk character Roopbaan, who symbolizes the power of love -  is Bangladesh's first LGBT magazine.

Bangladesh Islamic Groups Hold Nationwide Protest of Nobel Laureate for Pro-Gay Remarks

Islamic clerics across Bangladesh held small protests against Muhammad Yunus, a Nobel laureate and micro-loan pioneer, over remarks he made in 2012 in support of gay rights.

AFP reported: Yunus

Maolana Moniruzzaman Rabbani, secretary of a committee that helps run the national mosque in Dhaka, said organisers would distribute 600 000 leaflets outlining Yunus's statement against violence and opposing discrimination against gay people.

The 73-year-old economist made the statement along with three other Nobel laureates in April 2012 following prosecutions of gay people in Uganda.

“We'll hold a massive rally against Yunus in the capital on October 31,” said Rabbani, who is also secretary general of the Islamic Oikyajote political party, which claims to be allied with the government. “We have asked all Muslims to be united against Yunus's move to destroy our family and society,” he said. Homosexuality is outlawed in Bangladesh.

A spokesperson for Yunus declined to comment because of the sensitivity of the issue. He is currently not in Bangladesh.

The campaign is the latest aimed at discrediting and attacking Yunus in Bangladesh. He was sacked in 2011 from Grameen Bank, the micro-credit pioneer he founded, after he angered the current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina by joining politics briefly.

The rallies were held today but only attracted small numbers of people, AFP followed up.

"Yunus has become an apostate for supporting homosexuality," said one imam, Maolana Mohammad Noman, who took part in a protest in the eastern town of Comilla.

Local police chief Mohiuddin Mahmud told AFP that scores of imams joined the rally in Comilla and demanded Yunus's execution

Bangladesh Refuses to Decriminalize Homosexuality

Bangladesh has rejected a UN recommendation to decriminalize homosexuality, angering gay rights activists in the country, The Independent reports:

BangladeshThe reaction followed a session of the United Nations Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in Geneva on Friday, where Bangladesh accepted 164 of a total 196 recommendations made by the body.

Among the measures rejected was a recommendation to abolish Section 377 of the national penal code which criminalises consensual same-sex relationships.

According to a UN summary of the UPR meeting, Abdul Hannan, Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the UN Office at Geneva, told the council that his country could not accept recommendations that conflicted with “constitutional and legal provisions” or “socio-cultural values of the country”.

India and Nepal, whose laws criminalizing sodomy were also a relic of British colonialism, have both repealed their laws.

News: Spain, Ryan Reynolds, Google Wave, Fort Worth, Bangladesh


Richard Hatch freed from prison.


Why is the investigation of the police raid on Fort Worth's Rainbow Lounge taking so long?



Marc Jacobs glams it up for Nars.


Get ready to see Ryan Reynolds in drag.


Pew poll on civil unions and same-sex marriage shows uptick in support for the former, but numbers virtually unchanged for the latter.


NYT hetero-normalizes David Hockney.


Senator Udall wants Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal plan from Pentagon within 30 days. Lieberman "committed".


Spanish court orders new trial in brutal murder of gay couple following protests and outrage over acquittal: "Yesterday, mincing no words, the Tribunal called the lower court ruling "defective, absurd, illogical and arbitrary"and ordered a new trial, according to El Pais. The Tribunal also dismissed petitions to reduce the sentence for setting the apartment on fire. The verdict is a win for efforts by Triviño's mother, Marta Pérez Triviño, to bring her son to justice. She will still have to withstand what must be the unbearable pain of seeing her son's murder go to trial a second time."


John Mayer on online outreach: "I would rather tell the world to eat my a**hole before I would delete my Twitter account."



Police: Attack on Jake Raynard not a hate crime.


Queer as Folk's Randy Harrison set to play Andy Warhol in Pop at Yale Repertory Theater.


Two gay Bangladesh refugees say they'll have sex to prove they are gay on their fourth attempt to get protection Visas in Australia: "A Federal Court judge recently criticised the Refugee Review Tribunal for its treatment of the pair, who first applied for asylum in 1999, finding it was deliberately biased against them. In a scathing summation, Justice Spender found three previous tribunals had unreasonably twisted facts to deny the men were homosexual, using unsubstantiated claims they were brothers who had been married to women."


Gallup: Hillary Clinton now more popular than Obama.


Kris Allen wants to hit you baby, one more time.


Ryan Gosling had a yummy show in NY last night.



Butt Magazine to publish 54-week 2010 pin-up calendar.


George Michael and Kenny Goss step out in London.


Arjan presents a guilt-free download of the Magistrates remix of Mika's new single "Rain".


Coalition of 17 international human rights groups strike out at Uganda: "Over the course of the last year, there’s been an increasing pattern of homophobic discourse at play in Uganda, including a conference that occurred several months ago, in which a number of US evangelical leaders came to Uganda to promote reparative therapy and other types of human rights violations against Ugandan LGBT people…and our feeling is that the bill is targeting not just LGBT people, but freedom of expression and a broad level of political discourse in general."


Google Wave acts out Pulp Fiction and Good Will Hunting.


NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg again changes promises on what votes he can provide from  Senate Republicans on marriage equality: "Less than a month after defending his support for Republican state senators, saying he could get their votes for gay marriage, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said conservatives in that body will not support what the mayor termed 'our number one priority' at a recent campaign event with gay supporters. 'Those will not be the Republican votes that I will get, but they will be there for other things that are important to the city,' Bloomberg said in an hour-long interview with Gay City News and its sister papers, The Villager, Downtown Express, and Chelsea Now.

Thousands of Rare Irrawaddy Dolphins Discovered in Bangladesh


Their numbers globally were thought to be in the low hundreds, but yesterday at a conference in Maui conservationists announced they've found thousands of Irrawaddy dolphins living in freshwater regions of Bangladesh's Sundarbans mangrove forest and the Bay of Bengal:

"Until this new Bangladesh population was found, figures from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) estimated the Sundarbans population to be around 450. WCS says it used rigorous scientific techniques in an area where little marine mammal research has taken place to document the new population."

Previously they had been known to be still living in the Mekong river and in areas of the Philippines and Indonesia.

A couple clips of the dolphins (not the ones in Bangladesh), AFTER THE JUMP...

Stunning Pink Dolphin Photographed in Louisiana [tr]

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