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Hollywood Chick-Fil-A Franchise Holds LGBT Youth Fundraiser - VIDEO


A Chick-Fil-A franchise in Hollywood, California held a fundraiser last weekend with the national gay youth group Campus Pride to help raise funds to combat bullying, reports LOGO TV.

Chick-Fil-A has faced the wrath of LGBT activists in recent years following the revelation that anti-gay CEO Dan Cathay has been funding homophobic groups and activists including the anti-gay listed hate group Family Research Council. Dancathy

During Saturday’s fundraiser an unspecified percent of sales went to Campus Pride’s campaign to raise money for an anonymous $10,000 matching grant. A table was also set up with pamphlets about Campus Pride and the anti-bullying organization Stand Up Foundation.

Of the event, Campus Pride director Shane Windmeyer said:

“We’re not going to turn away anyone who wants to be an ally and help us fundraise. Activism is dirty work. It’s work that some people don’t always agree on the journey or the past and today we were just trying to be positive, to move forward and to do things that are common ground issues.”

Watch a Young Turks report on Cathy's anti-gay comments, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Gay Man Ambushed, Stabbed in Brutal San Bernardino County Hate Crime: VIDEO


Police are on the lookout for a man involved in an brutal attack against a 34-year-old gay man in San Bernardino County late last month, The Los Angeles Times reports:

Ethan walkerDetectives arrested two suspects -- a 17-year-old boy and 22-year-old Robert Fraire -- and are still looking for Ethan Walker [pictured right], the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department said Wednesday.

The 17-year-old was not identified because he is a minor.

The attack occurred Oct. 28 in a remote drainage wash near Mall Boulevard and Petaluma Road in Victorville, authorities said.

Before the attack Walker and the victim were friends, officials said. But, apparently after learning the man was gay, Walker arranged to meet him near the drainage wash to walk him to work, where Walker, Fraire and the 17-year old, attacked him with rocks, bottles and the board while yelling gay slurs, according to sheriff's authorities.

Earlier this week, the victim (who chose to remain anonymous) spoke to CBS Los Angeles about the attack. You can watch his interview AFTER THE JUMP...

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Carl DeMaio Sexual Harassment Accuser Todd Bosnich Arrested on Domestic Violence Charge: VIDEO


Todd Bosnich, a former Carl DeMaio campaign staffer who accused the openly gay GOP candidate of sexual harassment, has been arrested after a suspected altercation with his mother, NBC San Diego reports:

SDPD Lt. Mayer says during an argument with his mother, Bosnich allegedly pushed her, threw a drinking glass at her and disabled her phone.

Court records show a domestic violence case was filed against him Monday, and he was booked into jail Tuesday for battery, disabling a telephone line and assault with a deadly weapon.

Shortly after being released from jail, Bosnich ducked into a nearby bail bonds office.

DeMaio, who lost his race for California's 52nd congressional district to incumbent Scott Peters, denied the sexual harassment allegations - maintaining that Bosnich was a disgruntled ex staffer who was fired for plagiarism and may be responsible for the break-in at DeMaio's San Diego office back in May

Watch a news report on Basnich's arrest, AFTER THE JUMP...

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U.N. Committee Members Find Use Of Conversion Therapy 'Troubling'

Picture 2The United Nations Committee Against Torture (CAT) finds the discredited practice of conversion therapy used on LGBT youth in the U.S. cause for concern as reported in a press release today from the National Center for Lesbian Rights. Leaders from the NCLR testified before the committee and the U.S. State Department asking the U.S. government to address the use of the archaic practice.

Notable CAT members Sabtyabhoosun Gupt Domah of Mauritius, Jens Modvig of Denmark and Sapana Pradhan Malla of Nepal repeatedly questioned U.S. Department of State representatives why conversion therapy is still considered a viable treatment for LGBT youth despite receiving condemnation from every major, reputable medical organization and is a treatment that is clearly known to lead to depression and suicide in its "patients." NCLR's Samantha Ames, a campaign coordinator behind NCLR's #BornPerfect campaign who testified before the U.N. Committee yesterday on the issue, praised the committee for addressing the issue.

Said Ames:

"Today, for the first time, a United Nations committee recognized that conversion therapy is an issue of international human rights. We are incredibly grateful to the Committee Against Torture for raising up the voices of conversion therapy survivors, and ensuring their suffering is finally being vindicated. Today was a historic day for LGBT people in the United States and around the world. There is no going back."

NCLR’s #BornPerfect campaign is a national effort aimed at ending conversion therapy within the next five years by introducing and passing laws across the country to protect LGBT youth, fighting in courtrooms to ensure their safety and raising awareness about the serious harms caused by these unsanctioned and dangerous practices. California introduced a bill banning conversion therapy in 2012 that was later challenged this year by therapy practitioners. However, the U.S. Supreme Court later upheld California's bill banning the controversial therapy.

Gay Rep. Mark Takano Wins Re-Election In California

6a00d8341c730253ef01a73da94a89970d-250wiMark Takano, the openly gay Democratic congressman from Riverside, California, has won his bid for re-election to the House of Representatives. The Huffington Post reports: 

Rep. Mark Takano (D-Calif.) was re-elected Tuesday to represent California's 41st Congressional District.

Takano, who was challenged by Republican Steve Adams, was first elected to the House in 2012. He is a longtime educator and currently serves on the Science, Space and Technology and Veterans' Affairs committees.

Takano was the first out gay person to be elected to represent California at the federal level. 

Carl DeMaio Barely Leads Scott Peters in Tight Race for California House Seat


Gay Republican Carl DeMaio (pictured) leads Democrat Scott Peters in the 52nd District Congressional race in California by a slim lead of 752 votes, but 180,000 provisional ballots still need to be counted.

DeMaio, a former member of the San Diego City Council, failed to win the support of the LGBT community and has been troubled by claims of sexual harassment from two former campaign aides.


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