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SF Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone Backs Out of NOM's Anti-gay Hate March in D.C.


Facing pressure from Catholics who view him as a church leader who fosters "an atmosphere of division and intolerance," San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone has pulled out of an expected appearance at the National Organization for Marriage's upcoming "March for Marriage" in D.C. this weekend.

CBS SF reports:

In a written statement, the Archdiocese of San Francisco said other Catholic bishops from around the country will attend the March for Marriage, saying it allows Cordileone to “remain home and attend to the pastoral needs of the Church here at this time.”

Cordileone has helped lead the church’s opposition to same-sex marriage. The archbishop attended last year’s rally in the nation’s capital over objections from local groups.

In February, Cordileone sparked a firestorm of controversy over proposed "purity tests" for Catholic schools that threaten termination for teachers who give any statement that contradicts church doctrine, including holding a position that homosexuality is anything other than "gravely evil."

Last week, more than 100 prominent Roman Catholic donors and church members published an open letter to Pope Francis urging him to replace Cordileone over his outspokenness on divisive issues.  

ViganoIn related news, HRC has published an open letter to the Pope asking that Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the current Apostolic Nuncio leading the Holy See's diplomatic mission to the U.S., withdraw from his speaking role at the NOM rally.

"There is absolutely no room for an emissary of one of the world's great religions at an event that will espouse hate and bigotry and promote outright discrimination against LGBT Americans and their families," said HRC Vice President of Communications Fred Sainz. "Pope Francis has continually emphasized love and acceptance in his tenure, but this event stands for anything but."

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This Priest Can't Handle the New 'Star Wars' Teaser: VIDEO


Father Roderick has just a slight amount of enthusiasm for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser.


If you somehow missed the actual teaser, you can watch it HERE.

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Pope Francis Meets With France's Openly Gay Nominee for Ambassador To The Vatican

Screenshot 2015-04-22 16.49.10

After months of radio silence from the church, Pope Francis has met with Laurent Stefanini, France’s openly gay nominee to serve as its ambassador to the Vatican. Up to this point the Vatican had flatly refused to comment on Stefani, who was confirmed for the position by the French government soon after he was nominated. The Church’s decision to drag its heels not only held up Stefani’s full confirmation, but it also sent the message that it wasn’t likely to accept him as an ambassador. The Vatican resorted to similar tactics in 2007 when it implicitly rejected Jean-Loup Kuhn-Delforge, another openly gay potential ambassador from France.

"There was a meeting between the Pope and Mr Stefanini," government rep Stephane Le Foll said in a meeting earlier today. "Nothing has changed: France has proposed a candidate and for the time being we are waiting for the Vatican's reply after the usual discussions and review of his candidacy."

News of the meeting between the Pope and Stefani was first reported in Le Canard Enchaine, a satirical French newspaper. The paper also added that during the meeting it was decided that Stefani would not be confirmed as ambassador, something that Le Foll denied during today’s briefing. Vatican officials similarly insisted that no decision has yet been made.

Archbishop of Guam Calls Homosexuality 'Intrinsically Moral Evil' as Governor Continues His Gay Marriage Stonewall

Screenshot 2015-04-20 16.11.59

Anthony Apuron, the Archbishop of Guam, has finally broken his silence and expressed his views on Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson’s recent assertion that Guam’s public servants cannot reject marriage applications submitted by same-sex couples. Apuron laid out his official stance in Umantuna Si Yu’os, the newsletter of a local archdiocese insisting that an acceptance of homosexuality was fundamentally antithetical to his Catholic beliefs. Apuron describes the very concept of being gay as an “intrinsically moral evil” and insists that the only way to deal with homosexuality on a wide scale is to think of it as a disorder to be treated.

At the core of Apuron’s beliefs is the contention that marriage and family, instead of the law, exist as the focal point of modern society. Allowing gays to marry, he argues, would fundamentally alter the definition of marriage and subsequently pose a significant threat to people on a large scale.

“[LGBT-supporters] are trying to shift the problem only to the religious sphere but that is not the case here,” Apuron said in an interview he gave to the AP that he republished in the newsletter. “Same-sex marriage is not only against the faith, but goes against Right Reason that pursues the common good of society, and is an anthropological reduction.”

“Scripture is very clear when it says: God created male and female. There are anthropological, physical, and psychological differences that allows a complimentary unity. The sexual differences have a meaning; sexuality is not only biological but personal; it carries a language.

The body has a language, has grammar, has a synthesis, a truth. Man and woman are called to communion to complement each other, what St. John Paul II called: Communion of Persons. Same-sex unions, completely and totally breaks these meanings, destroys the language, and only generates anthropological, juridical and ethical confusion.”

In other Guam news, Gov. Eddie Calvo is continuing to hedge on the issue of same-sex marriage despite the attorney general's legal memorandum. This has led Lambda Legal to issue a press release stating “Let us be clear: Every same–sex couple in the states that form part of the Ninth Circuit can marry and have been able to do so for months." 

Irish Government Says No to Religious Groups' Call For 'Conscience Clause' In Marriage Referendum: VIDEO

Dr Ali Selim

A collection of Irish religious groups has sent a petition to Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald seeking a “conscience clause” that would allow for a right to discriminate if next month’s marriage equality referendum passes, reports the Independent.

The petition has been signed by 246 people. Ireland's Taoiseach Enda Kenny has already ruled out any potential "conscious clause" being inserted in the referendum. 

Citing recent controversies where businesses have been brought to court for refusing to provide services to gay people, the group has asked Fitzgerald to “ensure the referendum guarantee equality for all”.

Dr. Ali Selim, from the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland, said:

“If we are having this referendum on the firm belief of equality then also we should allow people with consciences objections as well. What we are asking for is that we are not forced to endorse a practice that is in conflict with our fate. It is the freedom of choice not to have views imposed on our religious beliefs.”

Ireland marriage pollPetitioners state that they disagree strongly with the proposed constitutional changes and warn that if passed, it would discriminate against people opposed to same-sex marriage for religious reasons who “risk prosecution” because of their personal beliefs.

Speaking on national radio broadcaster Newstalk, Selim said:

“Who decides what discrimination is? Of course decisions should be made in light of Irish law – but if Irish law says you’ve got to endorse something against your beliefs that is discrimination. And that is exactly why we are campaigning – so that there is equality for all, not just for certain people.”

Earlier in the week, Selim said “no Muslim would vote yes” in the referendum.

Listen to Selim threaten legal action against Irish media outlets, AFTER THE JUMP...

A March Irish Times poll found that 74 percent of the electorate intend to vote in favor of same-sex marriage.

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France Defends Its Openly Gay Ambassador to the Vatican


In January the French government nominated Laurent Stefani, an openly gay man, to serve as France’s ambassador to the Vatican. Before being considered for the position Stefani acted as chief of protocol to François Hollande. He had also previously served in a senior role within France’s Vatican embassy, though not as its official ambassador.


Stefani’s nomination was swiftly confirmed by the French cabinet on January 5th, but his official appointment has been held up by a slow to respond Vatican. Typically this confirmation process takes about a month or so to complete. In the three months since Stefani’s appointment, the Vatican has yet to acknowledge France’s decision, a move that many are interpreting as an implicit rejection of the ambassador’s credentials. It’s believed that the Vatican is stonewalling Stefani because of his sexuality.

"France has chosen its ambassador to the Vatican,” affirmed Stephane Le Foll, a governmental spokesperson. “This choice was Stefanini and that remains the French proposal."

Stefani is the second openly gay ambassador the French government has attempted to appoint as its representation to the Vatican. In 2007 the Vatican rejected Jean-Loup Kuhn-Delforge (pictured right) another gay would-be ambassador, in a similar fashion by flat out refusing to recognize his appointment. After months of radio silence the French cabinet was forced to put forth a straight alternate who was later accepted by the Vatican. The French government has not announced whether it intends to select an alternate this time around.


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