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Cazwell and Big Dipper Rap About the Benefits of Being a 'Hot Homo': VIDEO


NYC rappers Cazwell and Big Dipper have dropped "Hot Homo" a parody of the summer rap hit "Hot N*gga" by Bobby Shmurda, but in this version lyrics about murder and drugs have been replaced with raunch, sex, and a generous helping of celebrity mocking (see above).

Album_hothomoSays Cazwell about the track, which you can download for free here:

"’Hot Homo’ is no more overtly sexual than what I hear on any given Hip Hop radio station. The point of the song is that gay men should feel as entitled to express themselves sexually as straight guys. That’s been my message since I dropped my ‘All Over Your Face’ single in 2006. First of all, being gay is the f--kin’ s--t. I have an amazing life that I wouldn’t have if I was one of my brothers.  I don’t deal with the stress of being married with kids. 
 I get to enjoy hot boys and d--k."

Watch it all go down (warning: work-unfriendly language), AFTER THE JUMP...


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Cazwell's 'Sprung' Is An Acid Trip of Experimental Awesomeness - VIDEO

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 2.47.55 PM

Openly gay rapper Cazwell usually specializes in overly simple lyrics filled with booty-shakin hotties, but he's trying something new in his latest video “Sprung.”

Dubbed an "experiemental art project," the video is full of trippy filters and effects while Cazwell, sporting a high-top afro, spits out especially filthy lyrics about a bathroom blowjob.

Most notably, the sporadically edited video incorporates lots of samples, something that Cazwell hasn’t often done in previous singles like ”No Selfie Control” and ”Guess What.”

Is this the dawn of a new Cazwell?

Watch the video AFTER THE JUMP…


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The 'Chozen' Ones: Eight Real-Life Gay Rappers — VIDEOS


In today's post-Seth MacFarlane world, one goes into each new animated show expecting a rapid-fire assault of low-brow, aggressively offensive humor, all in the name of "envelope pushing." So when FX announced Chozen, a new animated series starring SNL's Bobby Moynihan as the titular gay rapper fresh out of prison, it was easy to assume the character's sexuality was going to be the source of most of the humor.

ChozenAfter seeing the first five episodes (the first premieres tonight at 10:30 p.m. Eastern on FX), that's not exactly the case. Chozen's redemption story is definitely crass, but mostly due to his own arrested development, and not his sexual orientation. The show's still not very good (it doesn't quite have the heart of Bob's Burgers, nor the off-the-wall charms of Archer), but it's not nearly as terrible as the promos indicated. 

Don't be mistaken, the series won't be up for a GLAAD award any time soon. However, it was striking how at no point do any of Chozen's friends suggest Chozen's orientation (or his explicit lyrics) could prevent his success.

Then again, why would they? Gay rappers are nothing new. Blending sex and humor, they've got more skills than Chozen (and are often at least twice as funny).

Check out six of our favorite gay rappers' (mostly work-unfriendly) videos, AFTER THE JUMP


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Gay Rapper Cazwell's Fans Have 'No Selfie Control' - VIDEO


Gay rapper Cazwell’s fans show off their photogenic side in a new lyric video for his groovy hit “No Selfie Control” 


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Gay Rapper Cazwell Has 'No Selfie Control': VIDEO


Gay rapper Cazwell turns in a groovy anthem to the #instastuds.


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