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Benedict Cumberbatch Gets Wet And (Almost) Shirtless For Homage To Mr. Darcy - VIDEO


The Imitation Game star recently jumped into a lake and unbuttoned some shirt buttons, teasing fans with what can best be described as an homage to Colin Firth's now famous scene in the BBC's adaptation of Pride and Prejudice where Firth jumps into a lake, emerging with his white shirt sticking to him more like a glove than a blouson. As it turns out, Sherlock decided to channel Mr. Darcy as part of a photo exhibit supporting charity. Metro UK reports:

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Give Up Clothes For Good campaign, TK Maxx and Cancer Research UK are hosting an exhibition of works by world famous photographer Jason Bell, featuring archive images of celebs including this one of Benedict, plus Jerry Hall, Kate Winslet, Liam Neeson, Elijah Wood, Cynthia Nixon, Hugh Bonneville, Hollyoaks’ Jeremy Sheffield and, of course, Bruno Tolioni.

Thanks to the support of these celebs and the general public, who have been donating their old clothes and accessories to TK Maxx stores for the last 10 years, the Give Up Clothes For Good campaign has raised over £17.6 million for Cancer Research UK.

Watch a video of Colin Firth's seminal portrayal of a rather wet Mr. Darcy, AFTER THE JUMP...

(photo Jason Bell) 

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Five Favorite Men of TV's Period Pieces


Tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern the CW premieres Reign, a period drama focusing on a young Mary, Queen of Scots. Since this is the CW, there will be lots of scandalous teenage sexuality. This series is also boasting a buzzy soundtrack featuring current artists like Mumford & Sons and Santigold. They're hoping the juxtaposition of cool, contemporary tracks against bodice-ripping melodrama will be enough to add a little spice to the historical soap.

Reign isn't the first television period piece and, with shows like The Gilded Age in development, it certainly won't be the last. Sure, the secret to success is in the storytelling, but, come on, a handsome leading man to get your petticoats all tied in knots certainly doesn't hurt.

Travel through time with five favorite men of TV's period pieces, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Isn't It Romantic?: A Single Man On Blu-Ray & DVD Today


After the jump, an exclusive clip from A Single Man (on Blu-ray and DVD today) along with commentary in which the film's director Tom Ford and its Oscar-nominated star Colin Firth highlight the film's romanticism and its characters' desire to connect. Highly recommended film, in case you haven't gotten around to or haven't been able to see it yet.

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Towleroad TV Oscars Exclusive: A SINGLE MAN Actors Colin Firth & Julianne Moore On Gay Marriage

Not long ago Towleroad TV correspondents Josh Helmin and Josh Koll of Josh & Josh Are Rich and Famous sat down with A SINGLE MAN co-stars Colin Firth (nominated for Best Actor for his role) and four-time Academy Award-nominee Julianne Moore to talk about their critically well-received film (the directorial debut of fashion designer Tom Ford) and their thoughts on the continuing gay marriage debate.

News: DOMA, Marina Abramovic, India, David Cicilline, Big Fish

 road Could mass prescription of anti-retroviral drugs rid world of AIDS?

Marinaabramovic  roadPerformance artist Marina Abramovic to be subject of documentary. Teaser.

 roadRobert Pattinson grabbed the lube bottle instead of the Dep.

 roadMassachusetts attorney general Martha Coakley asks federal judge to declare DOMA unconstitutional without a trial: "Coakley's office filed a lawsuit in July challenging the federal Defense of Marriage Act. In papers filed late Thursday, Coakley asks a judge to deem the law unconstitutional without holding a trial on the lawsuit. Coakley argues that regulating marital status has traditionally been left to the states. She also says the federal law treats married heterosexual couples and married same-sex couples differently on Medicaid benefits and burial in veterans' cemeteries."

 roadRyan Carnes gets into his birthday suit.

 roadColin Firth sparkles at the BAFTAs.

 roadThe Kids are All Right picks up Teddy Award at Berlinale Film Festival. "The Teddy for the Best Feature Film goes to Lisa Cholodenko’s The Kids Are All Right for being a well-crafted and humorous take on the issues facing contemporary lesbian parents and the complexity of sexuality, relationships and family bonding."

 roadJustin Timbaland's video for "Carry Out" is trying  really, really hard.

Fish  roadFish the size of SUVS once filtered our oceans for food.

 roadBanda de Ipanema: Rio Carnival's drag show.

 roadWhat you get when you try to join a Wi-Fi network in SF's Castro.

 roadPolice complaints filed over anti-gay remarks by Singapore pastor.

 roadFrench murderer of lesbian couple commits suicide in prison: "The accused man's death angered the victims' families, who had hoped that his trial in April might clear up the many mysteries surrounding their deaths. Treiber, 46, a forest worker and gamekeeper with no criminal record, was charged with the kidnapping and murder of Geraldine Giraud, 36, and Katia Lherbier, 32, a lesbian couple, in November 2004."

 roadGay couple in Crate & Barrel Ultimate Wedding contest. And here's another.

 roadPaparazzi gets shot of gay man "groping" a celebrity's breast.

Gaston  roadFormer Miley Cyrus flame Justin Gaston shows off his abs in Rio.

 roadTravis Barker to paparazzo: "F**king snitch fa**ot motherf**ker, no one has your gay ass phone."

 roadIndian professor suspended for being gay: "An Aligarh Muslim University professor, on the verge of retirement, was suspended after some students set up cameras to catch him having consensual sex with a rickshaw-puller in his campus home, and sent the video film to university authorities." Vice chancellor: homosexuality will not be allowed on campus.

 roadOpposition grows to ruling that decriminalized gay sex in India.

 roadVictory Fund endorses David Cicilline for Congress.

 roadObama announces new health care plan: "President Obama will propose on Monday giving the federal government new power to block excessive rate increases by health insurance companies, as he rolls out comprehensive legislation to revamp the nation's health care system, White House officials said Sunday. ...By focusing on the effort to tighten regulation of insurance costs, a new element not included in either the House or Senate bills, Mr. Obama is seizing on outrage over recent premium increases of up to 39 percent announced by Anthem Blue Cross of California and moving to portray the Democrats' health overhaul as a way to protect Americans from profiteering insurers."

News: Nicholas Hoult, Slug, Cuba, Ian McKellen, Shark Tagging

 roadLesbian couple rescues woman from D.C. Metro tracks.

Slug roadI thought that I would never see a slug as lovely as a tree.

 roadTrain operator in Japan is a major pussy.

 roadA list of prominent Republicans who have come out for marriage equality.

 roadProtect Mawwiage.

 roadDon't sit down: "Research is preliminary, but several studies suggest people who spend most of their days sitting are more likely to be fat, have a heart attack or even die."

 roadAtlanta won't apologize (for now) for raid on Eagle gay bar: "The Public Safety Committee of the Atlanta City Council tonight voted to 'hold' (or indefinitely postpone) a resolution to apologize for the actions committed by police officers at the Atlanta Eagle bar on September 10-11, 2009."

 roadCourt upholds rejection of Russia's first same-sex marriage.

 roadColin Firth wishes you a happy anus.

Hoult  roadNicholas Hoult does Vman.

 roadBarney Frank does U-turn on election night health care reform statement — now says he'll support: "I'm easy. I'm strongly inclined to vote for the thing, even though I don't like the health care tax thing. But you know, I was ready to vote for the bill when I had people on the left yelling at me not to vote for it. So you know I'll vote for any of it... to try and move the process along."

 roadAmy Fisher to strip for Haiti relief.

 roadGreat White Shark tagged off Cape Cod shows up in Florida.

 roadIllinois Senate candidate Jacob Meister sues public tv station WTTW, claims exclusion from debate is because he is gay: "There are very few things, at this point, distinguishing myself from the other candidates, and my sexual orientation is one. I can’t understand why else [WTTW] would censor my message from getting to the 40 percent of undecided voters still out there."

 roadPrince William meets Roger Federer.

Virgin  roadRichard Branson's space tourism adventure to be reality show.

 roadMariela Castro says Cuba has been performing state-sponsored sex change surgeries, and she's also accusing the Communist Party of excluding gays: "It is not spelled out in any statute, but implicitly they are rejected."

 roadCalifornians Against Hate launches ad attacking Mitt Romney and the Mormon Church.

 roadNew Utah state senator Ben McAdams speaks out for expanding gay rights:

 roadIan McKellen scolds homophobic sports fans: "When it comes to the business of simply being honest about who they are, some of them become little shrinking violets because they're afraid, probably, of being booed from the terraces, and that must be a horrible experience and shame on people who do it. But it ain't [sic] going to stop someone being a fantastic footballer because they're honest about their private lives, is it? I don't believe so and the world is changing and sport, I'm afraid, is very slow to catch up."


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