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Four Million Gay Men Experienced Serious Physical Violence Worldwide In 2014: REPORT

Gay happiness index

A report by the University of Mainz in Germany and gay dating network PlanetRomeo has found that four million gay men were the victim of serious physical violence in 2014.

The study questioned 115,000 gay men from 127 countries. The figure of 4 million is based on the assumption that 2.5 percent of all people are gay men. It was suggests that 13 million gay men have been banned from their family home, 41 million want to escape their home country, 66 million are not out to their parents, 22 million lost or were denied a job for being gay and 7 million are in heterosexual marriages.

The study was released as part of PlanetRomeo’s gay happiness index to mark this weekend's International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia (IDAHOT).


GAY HAPPINESS INDEX – How happy is your country when it comes to the quality of life of gay men? We have just released...

Posted by PlanetRomeo on Wednesday, 13 May 2015
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Irish Teachers Worried They'll Have To Teach 4-Year-Olds About Gay Sex if Marriage Referendum Passes: VIDEO

Teachers for no

A new Irish group called Teachers For No (TFN), which includes teachers, parents and academics, has come together fight next week’s same-sex marriage referendum, reports the Journal.

The group - which it has been claimed is (another) front for Catholic right wing activist group the Iona Institute, claims that the proposed constitutional amendment will have “serious consequences” for their profession because they may have to explain the notion that two men or two women can love each other.

Group spokesperson, Kevin Leavy - an esteemed member of Catholic Comment - said:

“As teachers, our fear is that for example, a teacher who gives preferential treatment to a view of marriage as between a man and woman over a same sex marriage will be seen to be discriminating".

TFN and Iona Institute member Dr John Murray once more brought up the ridiculous notion that those on the No side are being silenced while receiving nationwide online, broadcast and print media coverage at the group’s launch.  The same “silenced” No side last year successfully settled out of court after Rory O’Neill suggested on national broadcaster RTE that they might be homophobic.

Murray said teachers are afraid to say they’re against marriage equality as they believe it will make them stand out as “not being not in favor of inclusion or to be in someway homophobic”.

He also voiced his fear that “starting with four or five-year-olds, teachers could be expected to be explaining the meaning of ‘lesbian’, ‘gay’, ‘bisexual’, ‘transgender’ and so on” and if the referendum passes teachers will be pressured to “teach stuff like this”.

If like many people in Ireland you are sick of listening to the hate, have a look at a video from Teachers for Marriage Equality, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Bill Protecting LGBT Students in Nevada from Bullying Heads to Governor Brian Sandoval's Desk

An anti-bullying bill that includes protections for LGBT students has passed the Nevada Assembly and now heads to the desk of Gov. Brian Sandoval, who sponsored the legislation.

SandovalHRC reports:

“Far too many of our nation’s youth suffer from verbal and physical harassment or assault from their peers based on something as basic as who they are,” said HRC Legal Director Sarah Warbelow. “Thanks to the strong support of Governor Sandoval and those who advocated for this crucially important legislation, school districts in the Silver State will finally have the tools they need to implement protections for LGBT youth.” [...]

Once signed into law, twenty states plus the District of Columbia will have state laws that specifically protect LGBT students from bullying. These laws are vital because LGBT students face an increased risk of school bullying which can result in greater absenteeism, lower self-esteem, school pushout, lower grades, and lower educational aspirations for such students.

Suspended Anti-Gay New Jersey Teacher Viki Knox Drops Reinstatement Bid: VIDEO

Viki knox

Viki Knox, a former high school teacher who was suspended for posting anti-gay comments on Facebook in 2011, has dropped her bid for reinstatement, reports CBS New York.

Knox’s comments referred to homosexuality as a “perverted spirit” that “breeds like cancer”.

Her attorney filed notice with the U.S. District Court in Newark on Tuesday.

Speaking to CBS 2 regarding the controversy in 2011, the former teacher’s husband Gene said:

“Everybody’s entitled to an opinion. They can persecute her, but they can’t prosecute her.”

However, Knox was suspended without pay following an investigation and resigned several months later, citing health problems.

In 2013 Knox sued the school district for religious and racial discrimination, free speech violations and denial of due process.

The lawsuit, which is continuing in federal court, seeks compensatory and punitive damages and back pay.

Watch the 2011 interview in which Gene Knox supports his wife, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Virginia's Largest School District Now Protects Trans Students and Employees From Discrimination

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 2.07.53 PM

Virginia's Fairfax County School Board passed an amendment on Thursday that protects transgender students, staff and faculty from discrimination reports BuzzFeed. Fairfax's decision upsets a trend set by two other school districts in Virginia that banned trans students from using single-sex facilities that match their gender identity.

Fairfax is the largest school system in Virginia with more than 186,000 students. School board member Ryan McElveen, a proponent behind the amendment, said the proposal is designed to bring a "new age of respect," for transgender individuals.

Said McElveen:

"Whenever we make a decision, it has bearing on state and national policy, and we are hoping this will bring a new age of respect and valuing of transgender and gender-nonconforming students and employees.

"We have never had a single complaint about a student's restroom use, sports team participation, or transgender staff raised to our level (on the school board), and I think that proves we have handled our cases successfully. Our policy is not changing our practices."

However, the passage of the amendment proved contentious when opponents and supporters of the amendment crowded the meeting room, with opponents attempting to frame the debate around whether the amendment would "let boys snoop in girls' restrooms." Debates between the two groups proved so acrimonious that security was called to mitigate the tension between them.

Five Legal Scholars' Ties to Dangerous Anti-Gay Activist Groups Exposed: VIDEO

Robin Fretwell Wilson

Media Matters has profiled five legal scholars who are defending religious-based "right to discriminate" laws in the U.S.

While media outlets have relied on these scholars to downplay fears that such laws could result in anti-LGBT discrimination, many of the profiled supposedly neutral experts harbor their own anti-LGBT agendas.

Helen AlvareThe six scholars profiled are Robin Fretwell Wilson (above), Mary Ann Glendon, Helen M. Alvaré (right), Robert P. George and Michael W. McConnell.

  • University of Illinois law professor Robin Fretwell Wilson has ties to anti-gay group Family Foundation of Virginia, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), Family Research Council (FRC), Focus on the Family and the Alliance Defending Freedom.

  • A Harvard Law professor and former U.S. ambassador to the Vatican, Mary Ann Glendon signed a February 2014 letter defending the Arizona's expanded "religious freedom" law. She has called marriage equality a "radical social experiment", warned that "children will have to be taught about homosexual sex" and fear mongered about the threat posed by "alternative family forms."

  • George Mason University School of Law professor Helen M. Alvaré actively opposes same-sex marriage and has advocated for "ex-gay" conversion therapy. She signed the Arizona RFRA letter and testified in support of Kansas's 2013 RFRA. She has ties with Focus on the Family, the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality and pro-RFRA group Women Speak for Themselves.

  • A law professor at Princeton, Robert George has pledged to defy "man-made law" to follow "God's law" in the face of marriage equality. George signed pro-RFRA letters in Indiana and North Dakota, is a co-founder of NOM and serves on the board of FRC. He has argued that same-sex relationships have "no intelligible basis in them for the norms of monogamy, exclusivity, and the pledge of permanence” and has been described as the "reigning brain of the Christian right.”

  • Stanford University Law professor Michael W. McConnell was a potential Supreme Court nominee under George W. Bush. He signed both the Arizona and Indiana RFRA letters and has a history of portraying LGBT-rights activists as bullies who silence any "dissenters." He has argued that lawyers who oppose a same-sex marriage have been "bullied into silence” because "the level of sheer desire to crush dissent is pretty unprecedented.”

Watch Wilson discuss her views on same-sex marriage, AFTER THE JUMP...

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