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Benjy The Gay Bull May Have Found True Love: VIDEO


Benjy the gay bull (above left) may have found himself a boyfriend at an animal sanctuary in England, reports NY Daily News.

Benjy made headlines around the world this month when an animal rights group in Ireland started a campaign to save the bull from the slaughterhouse. John Kelly, a farmer in County Mayo, Ireland bought the bull for breeding last year but was left disappointed when he realised that Benjy is more interested in other bulls.

Many donations were made to save Benjy but his final transfer to the Hillside Animal Sanctuary was made possible by a donation from Sam Simon, the co-creator of The Simpsons.

Within minutes of arriving at the sanctuary earlier this month, Benjy befriended 1-year-old bullock Alex (above right).


However, the romance is likely to be short-lived as Benjy is due to be castrated as per sanctuary protocols.

The sanctuary wrote on Facebook that although they are not certain that Benjy is gay, "the fact that somebody thought he was has certainly saved his life!"

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Ireland To Vote On Same-Sex Marriage In May - VIDEO


The Irish government yesterday announced that a referendum on same-sex marriage will take place in May 2015, reports The Journal.

Although an exact date has not yet been set, it is thought the vote may be held in the first week of the month.

Calling for a respectful campaign from all sides, Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald said her officials would now begin work on the wording of the proposed constitutional amendment.

A recent Irish Times poll found that 71 percent of people intend to vote in favor of gay marriage.

Welcoming the announcement, Gay and Lesbian Equality Network chair Kieran Rose said:

“We do not take the outcome of the referendum for granted. Despite the strong support in the polls currently, we know that we will need every single possible vote on the day in order to win the referendum.”

Backed by government parties, the referendum was announced earlier this year by Prime Minister Enda Kenny. Kenny made headlines this month when he visited Dublin's Pantibar for Christmas drinks.

In what was seen as an opening salvo on what is likely to be a highly divisive campaign, the Catholic church in Ireland has released a manifesto outlining its opposition to same-sex marriage.

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Benjy The Gay Bull Finds Sanctuary At Last - VIDEO

Benjy the gay bull

Benjy the gay bull arrived at an animal sanctuary in the U.K. last weekend after activists in Ireland started a campaign to save him from the slaughterhouse, reports The Advocate.

John Kelly, a farmer in County Mayo, Ireland bought the bull for breeding last year but was left disappointed when he he realised that Benjy is more interested in other bulls.

However, when Dublin-based Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) highlighted Benjy’s plight, The UK launched a crowdfunding campaign to save his life.

Many donations were made to save Benjy but his final transfer to the Hillside Animal Sanctuary was made possible by a donation from Sam Simon, the co-creator of The Simpsons

In a statement, Simon said:

"It thrills me to help [People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals] and ARAN make Benjy’s fate a sanctuary rather than a sandwich.

"PETA told me about Benjy, and I felt compelled to help. All animals have a dire destiny in the meat trade, but to kill this bull because he’s gay would’ve been a double tragedy."

Kelly said he has learned a lot about "compassion for the bull" and "the concept of homosexuality." He added that Benjy's sexuality is "a part of nature."

Hillside farmer John Watson told the Irish Sunday Independent that Benjy will be castrated on arrival “because we want to rescue animals in need, not breed them and fill up the sanctuary.”

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Ireland Launches Nationwide 'Stop LGBT Hate Crime' Campaign - LISTEN


Ireland’s Gay and Lesbian Equality Network (GLEN) has launched the “Stop LGBT Hate Crime” campaign which encourages people to report LGBT hate crimes and incidents directly to police and to log incidents they witness or experience at the campaign website.

The ‘Stop LGBT Hate Crime’ campaign also highlights support services available for LGBT people who experience harassment or violence, reports Breaking News.

It is estimated that one third of Irish LGBT people have been physically or sexually attacked while half have been harassed in the last five years. However, only 17 homophobic incidents were registered with the police in 2013.

At the launch of the campaign, Minister of State for New Communities, Culture and Equality Aodhan Ó Ríordáin TD said:

Nathalie"No one should ever feel threatened or at risk because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. If someone does feel that they are a victim of LGBT hate crime, or indeed any hate crime, then it is imperative that they report this matter to the Gardaí [police].

"It is only when we record these incidents and have an accurate data map of when, how and where they happen that we can effectively tackle this issue.”

Nathalie Weadick, co-chair of GLEN, said:

“There has been great progress in Ireland for LGBT people over the last decade. However, despite this progress, LGBT people are still experience alarming levels of violence and harassment, simply because of who they are.

“Fear, self-censorship and excessive caution should not be part of the daily reality for many LGBT people. Whether at school, at home or in public, LGBT people should be able go about their daily lives with the same sense of security that others enjoy.

“Our aim is for an Ireland where a lesbian or gay couple can walk, hand-in-hand, without fear, down the main street of any town in Ireland, like any other couple. This campaign is a further step towards that goal."

Ireland is expected to hold a referendum on same-sex marriage in April or May of next year. Irish voters have been encouraged to register to vote prior to the referendum by public figures including Colin Farrell and Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny.

Listen to an interview with Craig Dwyer, GLEN Policy and Projects Officer, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Irish Catholic Church Severs Ties With Adoption Agency Following New Inclusive Policies


The Irish Catholic Church is severing its ties with the Family Care Society of Northern Ireland, an adoption agency that the Church itself played a major role in founding. The Church’s decision comes after recent legislation allowing same-sex and unmarried couples to apply to become adoptive parents. Laws prohibiting gay parents from adopting were repealed in 2012 and subsequently challenged by Edwin Poots, Northern Ireland’s previous health minister. Northern Ireland’s Court of Appeals dismissed Poots’s appeal after finding that his case was without legal merit.

“It is unreasonable for legislators to oblige faith-based organizations to act against their fundamental and reasonable religious beliefs in the provision of services that contribute to the common good,” the Catholic Bishops of Northern Ireland said in a statement late last week. “Since the provision of adoption services in Northern Ireland now also involves acting against the Church's teaching and ethos, we too have no option but to end the long established relationship between the Church and The Family Care Society NI.”

More concerned with the well-being of Ireland’s population of family-less children, Family Care has assured the public that it will welcome any and all applications from couples interested in adopting in accordance with the law.

“We look forward to continuing a dialogue with the Northern Bishops over the coming months about the decision they have found it necessary to take,” Family Care responded in a swiftly issued statement. “[S]upport from the Bishops has greatly assisted FCS in the past, particularly in providing services to adults who were adopted, fostered or raised in a Catholic children's home. Providing vital adoption and support services needed by children and families has always been our focus and will remain so.”

The Gay Sex Lives Of Irish Catholic Priests Are Exposed, Including Visits To Gay Bars

Thirty-Three Good Men

A new book by former seminarian Dr John Weafer has revealed that there is a strong gay scene among priests in the Irish Catholic Church, reports the Independent.

Thirty-Three Good Men: Celibacy, Obedience and Identity analyses priests' views on sexuality based on a series of interviews conducted by Weafer, who is now married with children.

One of the interviewees, identified as “Fr L”, reveals that it was only after he was ordained in the 1990s that he ended up having sex with another priest.

After "fumbling around" with another priest, Fr L "discovered a strong clerical gay scene in Ireland.” He added that there are "quite a lot of gay guys in the priesthood" and on one occasion he recognized at least nine priests when he visited a gay bar in Ireland.

According to Weafer, the church hierarchy in Ireland would not be shocked by such revelations because there is an awareness of what is going on. He claims that “as long as priests don't go public and don't flaunt those actions that don't correspond with being a celibate priest" the church turns a blind eye.

Pope Francis recently came under attack from conservative bishops following attempts to introduce language to Catholic doctrine that is more accepting of gay people.

Ireland is expected to hold a referendum on same-sex marriage early next year

Last year, Italian news outlets claimed to have uncovered a hook-up site for gay priests.

Yesterday, Catholic bishops released a document explaining the church’s opposition to extending marriage rights to gay couples


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