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Matt Barber Compares Progressives To Murderers, Warns Of Christian Revolt

Ever since he stepped onto the scene, Matt Barber has always been "unhinged" in his rantings, putting him in a position that often makes Brian Brown come off more sensible, which is no mean feat. His latest screed, "The Coming Christian Revolt", takes that unhinged-ness and just rips the door out of the frame. In his opening paragraph, he compares liberal progressives to a sniper in a tower murdering random innocent victims:

Matt BarberFrom behind a smoking sniper rifle high atop his ivory tower peers the secular “progressive.” He surveys his many victims, strewn across the American landscape below and mockingly sneers, “War on Christianity? What war on Christianity?”

He then resumes shooting, all the while insisting that those uncooperative Christians who scatter for cover behind the word of God and the U.S. Constitution somehow suffer from a “persecution complex” (the baker, the photographer, the florist, the innkeeper, the Christian school administrator, etc.).

And it just gets nuttier from there. Logical fallacies are rampant, such as this "No True Scotsman" invocation:

Christians, true Christians – regenerate, Bible-believing Christians who strive their level best to maintain fidelity to the word of God and honor His commands – will not, indeed cannot, participate in, approve of, facilitate or encourage certain behaviors deemed by the Holy Scriptures to be immoral or sinful.

As are flat-out lies:

It is not done from hate. It is not done from bigotry. It is done neither from a position of superiority nor a desire to “impose our beliefs” upon others.

There are comparisons drawn between human behavior and physics - which as we've pointed out before is pseudointellectual claptrap; he aligns himself with the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; and even identifies with the civil rights movement as a whole.

Yes, the systemic and institutionalized denigration and oppression of people of color in general, and black men and women in particular, that largely has them relegated to unofficial second class citizen status even to this day is used as a parallel by adherents of the largest religion in Western civilization to being told that they can't enforce their personal beliefs on the populace as a whole.

Then it all ends with the threat of mass resistance from the "persecuted":

While there are those who will give way out of fear, weakness or a desire to conform to the world, there are many others who will not. Christians must peacefully come together, lock arms and redouble our resistance to evil.

Yeah...because religious extremists have done so well protesting peacefully.

Matt Barber Hopes Hobby Lobby Decision Will Help Anti-LGBT Businesses

Matt Barber, an attorney and vice president of Liberty Counsel Action (which GLAAD describes as an "anti-LGBT legal outfit"), says he hopes that the recent Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision, which granted businesses the right to not provide contraceptive coverage to their employees, might also apply to anti-LGBT businesses who might otherwise be forced to accommodate LGBT people.

Barber"Praise God. The prayers of many saints have been answered," Barber says at the outset of his article on his website

The implications of this victory for freedom cannot be overemphasized as the decision holds essentially that First Amendment religious liberties are applicable to corporations. It protects those with pro-life views from being forced by the government to be complicit in (pay for or provide) abortion homicide procedures, whether chemical or surgical.

There will be much analysis to follow and it remains unclear, but this bodes somewhat well for religious liberty in the context of how Christian business owners who sincerely hold to the biblical view of sexual morality may (or may not) “associate” with others who are engaged in the counter-biblical “LGBT” lifestyle or other forms of sexual immorality.

Barber also recently spoke out against what he sees as gays "homosexualizing the boy scouts," which most recently manifested itself when a group in favor of making the Boy Scouts inclusive to gay people marching in the Columbus, Ohio pride parade.

He was recently interviewed by Linda Harvey of Mission America about the event:

The homosexual activist agenda, they are at the forefront of child corruption. That's a major part of their agenda. They want to own the minds of children, because they know they can then own the minds of the future. So these kids' young minds are malleable, they can be propagandized and indoctrinated. And so it is absolutely reprehensible that they are exposing these children to this perversion, to this highly sexually charged, these open acts of public displays of nudity. You know it's just absolutely appalling. But that's what the homosexual activist agenda did. They homosexualized the military and now they're homosexualizing the Boy Scouts and politicizing the Boy Scouts and it's just simply disgusting to watch. It's appalling to watch. But they take every institution, they take things that are noble and good and they swarm in like a horde of locusts and they don't care what damage is done because it helps further their agenda. Then they fly away and what's left is a husk of what was there to begin with. 


Matt Barber Says Gay Marriage Is Brainchild Of Satan: AUDIO

Matt Barber

Springboarding from Pope Francis' remarks about how the devil wants to destroy families, Matt Barber took to the "Faith and Freedom" radio broadcast to claim that the creation of gay marriages is the brainchild of Satan. Said Barber:

Marriage is the cornerstone institution of any healthy society, and so clearly the Father of Lies, the Enemy of the World hates marriage, wants to destroy marriage and so this concept of counterfeit marriage, of same-sex marriage, that is the brainchild, Mat, of none other than the Father of Lies himself.

Creating gay marriages destroys "real" marriages. Somehow. Because Satan.


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Matt Barber’s Right Wing Website Tries To Link Homosexuality, Pedophilia and Obama


Right wing nut Matt Barber’s website, BarbWire, ran a post earlier today showing a photo (pictured above) that seemingly shows a pair of Obama supporters showing an affiliation with NAMBLA, the North American Man /Boy Love Association, a group that supports pedophilia and lobbies to reduce age of consent laws. The BarbWire article was meant to expose the "dangerous link between homosexuality and pedophilia" so as to "clearly demonstrate the precise reason why we must continue to keep homosexual men as far away as possible from our young boys.”

As both Joe.My.God and Right Wing Watch point out, the photo used was clearly photoshopped with “NAMBLA” superimposed over the sign in the original image that read, “Republicans for Obama.” The author of the post, pastor Jeff Allen, has since claimed that using the photoshopped picture was an “innocent mistake” and accused Right Wing Watch of “deception” for having “painted [their] mistake as intentional.” 

Liberty Counsel: Impeach Obama Because Bigoted Gay Marriage Bans are Unraveling Nationwide — AUDIO


Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver and wingnut pundit Matt Barber are calling for President Obama's impeachment for "high crimes and misdemeanors" and "acting in a lawless way" because it is somehow his fault that attorneys general around the country are refusing to defend gay marriage bans in their states, Right Wing Watch reports.

Said Staver:

"This lawlessness has been empowered by President Obama and Eric Holder, the Attorney General, where they have just simply ignored the laws and decided not only to not enforce certain laws that they don't like but also to actively work to undermine them. That's why we're calling for President Obama's impeachment, he's just acting in a lawless way."

Added Barber:

"He has the bully pulpit, he holds the highest office in the land and so people are looking to him for direction. Well, he has set the tempo here so we are now living in a culture of lawlessness where relativists, ideologically-driven relativists, ideologues, liberals, are saying we're not really a nation of laws, we're a nation of men and we're the ones who are smart enough to know better, we need to effect change, we have to skirt the Constitution, get around the laws or just trample right over them in order to do what we want to do and accomplish what we want to accomplish. And that's why this culture of lawlessness that we can point to multiple, specific instances and actions by President Obama and inactions that have created the culture, this is why we believe and we are petitioning Congress essentially to impeach this man."

Listen to Staver and Barber make jokes of themselves, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Matt Barber: 'Marriage is Owned by God' No Matter What The Supreme Court Says - VIDEO

Matt Barber

Shortly before the Supreme Court handed down their landmark rulings in support of marriage equality, Matt Barber, along with hundreds of other anti-gay activists, pledged to stand firm in his opposition to LGBT rights, regardless of what the court decided. Now, some weeks and two historic victories later, Barber is remaining firm in his conviction, and is prepared to accept any persecution or penalties that may occur. 

The statement took place on the "Faith and Freedom" radio program that was broadcast yesterday, July 8. In it, he blamed the Supreme Court for "open[ing] the floodgates for persecution to occur," for those who refuse to "pretend that a man can marry a man or a woman can marry a women under any circumstances, in any context whatsoever." In his statement, Barber also makes use of the popular "render onto Caesar that which is Caesar's" quote, which, in its original context, refers to the question of taxes, and has nothing to do with same-sex marriage. 

Watch the video, courtesy of Right Wing Watch...AFTER THE JUMP...

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