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GOProud Leader Says Liberals Talk About Gay Marriage To 'Distract' From Economy: VIDEO


Jimmy LaSalvia tried last night to explain why he and his allies in GOProud, a gay conservative group, endorsed anti-gay marriage Mitt Romney.

"[Romney] has [in the past] demonstrated that he believes we're a part of America" and the marriage debate is simply a distraction, LaSalvia told The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur.

"I know that you want to talk about this issue and the president wants to talk about this issue because the president's record on jobs and the economy and the debt crisis is indefensible," he said. "And I know that's why all the liberals in Washington and across the country want to talk about issues like gay marriage and contraception and everything else to divert attention from the issues that are facing us all."

Later, while discussing gay foreign policy advisor Richard Grenell leaving Romney's campaign after a conservative firestorm, Uygur declares, "[The Republicans] don't like you, Jimmy; they hate you!"

Watch Uygur and LaSalvia hash it out AFTER THE JUMP.

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Richard Grenell Praises Obama Gay Marriage Endorsement, But Wants Romney to Win: VIDEO


Gay former Romney spokesman Richard Grenell is coming out of hiding and speaking out for the first time since he was resigned from Romney's team after a campaign by right-wing religious conservatives. Grenell appeared for an interview on FOX News today, simultaneously publishing an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.

Grenell told FOX that people on the left and right wanted to keep him in a "one-dimensional box" in which he could only talk about being gay and gay marriage. He also talks about being a gay conservative.

Watch the FOX News interview, AFTER THE JUMP...

Writes Grenell in the WSJ:

Mitt Romney appointed me to serve as his foreign policy and national security spokesman based on my experience and qualifications to speak clearly and forcefully on his behalf. The governor and his team knew that I have consistently challenged the Obama administration's failure to lead the world and confront the most important international issues we face. They also knew I was gay.

Thousands of Republicans privately voiced support for my appointment and were disappointed by the events that led to my resignation earlier this month. Some did so while admitting they disagreed with my support for gay marriage. But they too are passionate about a strong America, personal responsibility and independent religious institutions—issues that should be at the forefront of this year's presidential election.

Like many voters, I rarely agree with a candidate's every position. I can support Mr. Romney for president but not agree with all of his stated policies. I can be proud of President Obama's personal support for gay marriage and still take exception to his dismal national-security and economic records. …

While there are many reasons not to vote to re-elect President Obama, gay marriage is not one of those issues. National and economic security absolutely are.

Watch the FOX News interview, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Romney Speaks Out on Grenell Resignation: 'We Select People Not Based Upon Sexual Preference' - VIDEO


On FOX News this morning, Mitt Romney was asked about the resignation of openly gay spokesman Richard Grenell, Think Progress LGBT reports.

Said Romney:

"We select people not based upon their ethnicity or their sexual preference or their gender. But upon their capability. He was a capable individual. We’re sorry to have him go and actually a whole series of the senior people on my team and my supporters called him and encouraged him to stay. But he expressed a desire to move on and I wish him the very best."


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Did Mitt Romney's Campaign Try To Silence Richard Grenell?


Richard Grenell claimed that he resigned from Mitt Romney's campaign because of the "hyper-partisan" debate about his homosexuality. Andrew Sullivan now reports, however, that Grenell may have been frustrated by the reaction within Romney's camp to the controversy, particularly how Romney campaign staffers tried to "silence" him.

According to Sullivan's sources, Romney's campaign asked Grenell, the candidate's foreign policy advisor, to stay silent on a conference calls with reporters about Romney's international policy. Apparently reporters wondered why Grenell was not on a call he coordinated. He was, however, on the call, but had been told not to speak out, up or otherwise make his presence known. Grenell, Sullivan writes, had been "muzzled."

Sources close to Grenell say that he was specifically told by those high up in the Romney campaign to stay silent on the call, even while he was on it. And this was not the only time he had been instructed to shut up. Their response to the far right fooferaw was simply to go silent, to keep Grenell off-stage and mute, and to wait till the storm passed.


A couple other thoughts... If all gay Republicans who support marriage equality are banned even from speaking on other topics entirely (like Iran or Afghanistan, where Grenell is a fire-breather), who's left? The answer, I'm afraid, is no one. Grenell was prepared to stay silent on gay issues entirely and do his job. But that wasn't enough. Romney's anti-gay agenda is therefore deeper and more extreme than Bush's.

One has to wonder what Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom, who yesterday claimed Romney is against "intolerance," will have to say about this.

Romney Spokesman Pays Lip Service To 'Tolerance:' VIDEO


Mitt Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom was asked about Richard Grenell's resignation last night on CNN and claimed he and his boss tried to persuade Grenell to stay on the team, despite social conservative pressure against him, and then bemoaned "intolerance."

"Wherever there are voices of intolerance within the party or the Democratic party for that matter, it doesn’t matter where it’s coming from, it’s disappointing. And the governor has taken the opportunity in the past to denounce those voices of intolerance," Fehrnstrom told host Erin Burnett. "We do not take into consideration non-factors like race or ethnicity or sexual orientation [when hiring people]. We look for the best possible people to do the job."

Watch Fehrnstrom's remarks AFTER THE JUMP.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reports that Romney's campaign realized the Grenell controversy would complicate the candidate's bid to win over the religious right. "It’s not that the campaign cared whether Ric Grenell was gay,” a GOP adviser told the paper.. “They believed this was a nonissue. But they didn’t want to confront the religious right." Courage under fire apparently is not one of Romney's strong suits.

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Jon Stewart Takes On Bryan Fischer Over Richard Grenell Resignation: VIDEO


Jon Stewart last night took aim at the fabricated controversy over Richard Grenell, the erstwhile Mitt Romney adviser who resigned because right-wingers were angry about him being gay.

AFTER THE JUMP, watch Stewart lambast conservatives like Bryan Fischer who are applauding their successful protest.

"What a proud day it must be for you," Stewart says to Fischer. "I mean, in years to come, you can all sit around and tell the grandkids about the day you got that gay guy fired."

Fischer probably would.

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