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Teacher Told Not to Return to Texas School After Parents Discover She is Transgender: VIDEO


Laura Jane Klug, a substitute teacher at the Lumberton Independent School District in Lumberton, Texas, was told not to return to her classes after parents complained about the fact that she is transgender, 12 News reports.

Klug said they suspended her pending a decision by the school board on whether to continue using her as a substitute teacher.

BeardSaid one parent, Roger Beard:

"There's some things that we can accept in society that children are not going to accept the same way that we do...It's a very big distraction...I really don't want them teaching, especially this age group. They can do many things in life but if it affects our little children and their ability to learn and grow naturally I think there's an issue with that."

Klug released a statement: "I have always conducted myself in a professional manner and would never discuss my gender identity in school."

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Texas Montessori School Rejects Toddler Because He Has Gay Mothers: VIDEO

Dawn and Tracy Kelly

New Beginnings Montessori School of Bedford, Texas was the school mothers Dawn and Tracy Kelly wanted for their son, and it seemed at first that the school wanted them as well. During a tour of the school, Dawn explicitly asked if it was ok that their son had two mothers, and the teacher providing the tour said that it wasn't a problem. However, an hour after the tour the mothers received a call from the school's director, Shamain Webster, who rejected their appication and told them,

We are not going be able to enroll Landry in our school because it’s against my religion, and we don’t live that way.

As a private school in Texas, New Beginnings has the legal right to refuse enrollment based on religion and anti-gay bigotry. Though one wonders if the director has actually read the Bible and has examined how moral it is to punish a toddler for the "sins" of his parents.

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Texas City Pays $16K To Keep Ted Nugent Away: VIDEO

Ted Nugent

Racist, homophobic, misogynistic lunatic Ted Nugent is something of a folk hero among the far right, particularly in southern red states. It would seem that a performance from "The Nuge" would be well-received in the state of Texas, given that Texans elected Rick Perry to govern the state and Ted Cruz to represent it in the Senate.

However, Nugent's slurs calling Obama a "subhuman mongrel" was beyond the pale even for the right wing and the city of Longview has canceled Nugent's scheduled performance for their second annual Fourth of July Festival.

The city was even willing to eat the substantial payout of $16,000 to ensure the singer wouldn't be there to perform. Gregg County Republican Party Chair Keith Rothra disagreed with the city's decision to not host a performance by a crazy bigot, calling it "very expensive political correctness."

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Selena Tribute Event Tells Transgender Performer to Get Lost: VIDEO


Corpus Christi transwoman Honey Andrews was recently told that she could not perform at a Texas event commemorating the Tejano star Selena because “Nobody wants to see a male person dress up like a girl.”

Andrews has performed at the annual commemoration for the past three years and was planning on doing the same this year until she received the above message from event coordinator, Mario Gomez.

”I had to read it like three times to so I could even get it through. You know?” Andrews told her local CBS affiliate. “I am over here trying to do something good. Do something for Selena. I am sure she would not approve of [discriminatory messages] like that.”

Gomez has since backpeddled (while continuing to mis-gender Andrews) telling CBS news, “I was just uh letting him know that people were complaining to me that you know that they didn't want to see someone dressed up as a female. A male dressed up as a female singing.”

Even though Gomez has since invited to perform at his event, Andrews has declined, saying she has plans to perform elsewhere.

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Father Held in Slaying of Texas Lesbian Couple 'Didn't Like the Idea of Her Being Gay': VIDEO


James Larry Cosby, the father of one of the victims in the murder of a lesbian couple in Texas "didn't like the idea of her being gay," according to the victim's mother:

L_cosbyDetectives believe the young women, who were involved in a relationship, were killed somewhere else and dumped at the store. Deputies said Britney Cosby died from blunt force trauma and Jackson was shot to death. They were both only 24 years old.

Investigators initially went to question the 46-year-old father after a candlelight vigil held in the victims’ honor. Their suspicions grew after that.

“Anytime you have a crime like this you want to talk to the family, co-workers, friends to gain any information you can and, during that interview, pretty much it became an investigation,” Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset said. “When we went to the residence to talk to him, some of the things we saw there, it increased and went further. We got a search warrant for the residence and our crime scene investigators were there last night, and after the event at the park, we drove him down to talk to us at the Sheriff’s Office.”

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Father Of Victim In Texas Slaying of Lesbian Couple Held On $500,000 Bail


Police have found their first suspect in the Port Bolivar slaying of a lesbian couple: Larry Cosby, father of victim Britney Cosby.

Larry CosbyCosby's fingerprint was found at the crime scene, and in an interview with Galveston County investigators he was unable to explain its presence. He is now being charged with tampering with evidence and is being held on $500,000 bail. The charge may upgrade to capital murder depending on what investigators find.

Family accounts are conflicting on Cosby's relationship with his daughter. Britney Cosby's mother, Loranda Remer, says that it was strained and that Larry Cosby had difficulty accepting his daughter's orientation and relationship. Larry Cosby's grandmother, however, said that he and his daughter got along just fine. 

Britney's car is still missing, and it could provide insight into where the women were killed as police believe they were killed in one location before being moved to the dumpster where they were found.


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