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Mike Huckabee and Tom Delay Throw Support Behind Hate Conference That Can't Book A Venue


The World Congress of Families, a noted anti-gay hate group and major opponent of LGBTQ rights, is having a difficult time finding an Australian venue willing to host its annual conference scheduled to commence this upcoming Saturday. While the organization’s 2013 conference was hosted by the Australian Technology Park in Sydney, coordinators for the event have been turned away by four different potential hosts following their being informed of the conference’s purpose.

“Sexual radicals have launched a smear campaign to discredit the Melbourne conference, which misrepresents the international pro-family movement and the positions of the World Congress of Families,” The WCF wrote in an open letter to the country of Australia, pleading for last minute accommodations. Former Republican Majority Leader Tom Delay and Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee have thrown support behind the letter, hoping to appeal to Australia’s conservative population.

“We are frantic at the moment trying to organise something else, we’ve had four venue cancellations. I can’t talk to you because we are just too busy right now,” WCF organizer Margaret Butts told the Guardian Australia. “We have no venue at the moment – the police are telling us it’s a safety risk because of planned protests and demonstrations.”

In addition to not having a proper location to host the conference, the WCF also seems not to have anticipated the need for a security detail or insurance despite reports of protests being organized in opposition to the conference.

“This event is the convening of an extreme-right movement,” said Debbie Brennan, lead organizer for the Melbourne branch of the Radical Women socialist organization. “We will exercise our free speech right to make it as hard as we can for people to get into the congress. Certainly, we will be out there in force and having loud things to say.”

Read the World Congress of Families' open letter asking for a venue, AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Honduras, Tom DeLay, Chicago, R-71, Jude Law, Saturn


Anti-gay right now targeting Chai Feldblum, President Obama's Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) nominee.



Anti-gay Chicago police officer Richard Fiorito (accused in 21 federal suits of trumping up bogus charges against gay and lesbian motorists) busted by dash cam: "In dash cam video from Fiorito's squad car, he is shown conducting field sobriety tests against a driver, Michael Vaughn. In each of the tests, Vaughn performed 'perfectly...yet Fiorito noted in the official report that Vaughn had failed them."


WATCH: Tom DeLay performs the Samba with stress fractures on both feet (he says).


The Advocate talks to Rep. Patrick Murphy about gays in the military.


The fashion police are watching Jake Gyllenhaal's every move.


Jude Law takes New York stage in Hamlet. Review.



Disney gone beefcake.


Boston DJ Barry Scott wants new trial in unnecessary force case against Provincetown police.


Poll: R-71 has narrow lead in Washington state: "Among men, the measure is rejected by a 4-point margin; among women, it is approved by 12 points — a 16-point gender gap. 72% of Republicans say they will vote to reject; 72% of Democrats say they will vote to approve; independents reject by a 13-point margin. In Metro Seattle, the measure is approved by 18 points; in Eastern Washington, it is rejected by 18 points. Western Washington voters outside of Metro Seattle are more divided, with an 8-point margin voting against the referendum."


Welsh-based Muslim actor takes on gay role in new film, Colonial Gods: "I am a Muslim but I approached the project in a professional manner, as I hope most actors would."


Mad Men's Bryan Batt denies he's getting married.


More sickening speech from Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), this time on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".



Elizabeth Taylor to undergo heart surgery.


UK conservative Tory party throws gay club night: "Protesters gathered outside with placards reading 'Queers against Tories', outraged that the party had crashed Manchester’s gay scene. Inside, hundreds packed two dancefloors and a roof terrace."


Turkey shuts down gay and lesbian internet communities: "The Web sites have more than 200,000 members combined. According to its administrators and members, the sites do not contain any pornographic or criminal content. The directorate blocked the sites without providing any information to the owners or issuing a demand to take down certain content, site mangers said, calling the action unlawful and arbitrary."



Massive ring discovered around Saturn.


LGBT people at greater risk in Honduras following coup: "Groups that were vulnerable to human rights abuses before the coup face even more risk now. Since the coup, for example, there have been six murders of gay men or transvestites, according to gay rights groups. Until 2008, the average number of such killings each year was three to six."


T.R. Knight receives standing O at Parade opening.


Volunteers hit Maine to campaign for marriage equality: "A No on 1 coordinator Darlene Huntress says the campaign initially was asking Mainers to take time off from their jobs to volunteer. 'Then we started getting you know hundreds of calls and e-mails from folks around the country who  also feel invested in this and we sort of folded our Maine volunteer vacation program and kind of extended it out to other folks in the country that wanted to come and help.' Huntress says that out-of-staters make up just a tiny fraction of the 1,000-plus volunteers on the ground, but that the campaign can use all the help it can."

Towleroad Guide to the Tube #540

BEYONCE: Sings "Halo" to a very young Leukemia patient in Sydney.

ICE CREAM: In response to Ben & Jerry's introduction of 'Hubby Hubby' earlier this month, David Letterman presented an array of ice cream for heterosexuals.

CELEBRATION: The piano version.

TOM DELAY: Jack Cafferty's take on his Dancing with the Stars performance.

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GOP Crook Tom DeLay Thrusts Hips on Dancing with the Stars


Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay had his first outing on Dancing with the Stars last night. LOL at the hip thrusts.


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Tom DeLay Mocks His Dancing with the Stars High Heels


Corrupt scumbag Tom DeLay appeared on Hardball yesterday, and, aside from demanding to see Obama's birth certificate, produced the shoe he's wearing on his upcoming stint on Dancing with the Stars. DeLay took the opportunity to mock the heeled shoe as girly.

Says DeLay: "Look at this shoe. A Texan doesn't wear a shoe like this. This is what they're makin' me wear. It's a little pump with high heels."

Asks Matthews: "Aren't you gonna be a little light in that shoe, I think?"

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