1. Mike says

    The fact is that Twitter is not really a factor in Egypt, just as it wasn’t a real factor in Iran. In Iran we heard a lot about Twitter, but after things cooled down we heard from the Iranians themselves that they didn’t use Twitter- only the Western reporters did.

    The Egyptian Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted: A First-Hand Report From Cairo

  2. says

    I heard from an in-Cairo NPR reporter that when Twitter (but perhaps rather the Internet as a whole) was blocked, it sent people into the streets because they couldn’t “participate” electronically anymore. The street became their only option.

  3. Paul R says

    Sorry, Steve. I was there last March, and in reading recent reports all I could think was, Man, if this had happened during my visit I would have been so annoyed. Not that it isn’t richly deserved; Mubarak is awful.

    Part of the reason I thought that was that I was in Thailand during a major coup in November 2008 that shut down all the airports. I don’t think you should have to deal with that kind of thing every couple years…Every 5 or 10, sure, you take your chances traveling to most any developing country with corrupt leaders.

    As a backup, try Jordan or Israel if you want the Middle East, or Turkey (which is sort of Middle Eastern and obviously has enormous history and is gorgeous in more ways than one). Our group used a gay guide and an extremely gay-friendly female guide, and they lead tours is all those countries and others. Let me know if you’d like their info. I bet they’re not happy in Cairo at the moment—apparently a lot of looting is going on in addition to the protests.

    And Egypt may still work. In Thailand protesters focused on airports in Bangkok, but other cities did their best to insulate tourists from the far more limited protests–meaning that tourist areas were unaffected. So if you avoid Cairo (which I did anyway, aside from the obligatory visit to the pyramids), you might be OK. It sounds like the protests are on the streets and not restricting air travel, and a lot can change in a month.

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