Posts from March 3, 2012

NEWS: Homs, Tornados, And Miley Cyrus


 The situation worsens in Homs.  Here's a video of government explosives detonating in the middle of a peaceful crowd.  … Reuters: Red Cross can't get through … "A major assault on Homs took place yesterday ..…

Breaking: Kirk Cameron Doesn’t Like Gays: VIDEO


It's unclear how Kirk Cameron keeps scoring TV appearances. Cameron, a not-especially-noteworthy star of B-movies who was once worked in a middling sitcom, spends his days running a ministry called "Living Waters" with his guru, a man n…

In Iran, The Look Of Democracy


There is, in fact, an occasion on which it is both brave and peerlessly cool to wear a Toby Keith teeshirt: When participating in an Iranian presidential election. As (very few) Iranians dolefully queued up to participate in yesterday's electoral…