Posts from September 8, 2012

NEWS: Jesus, Spiders, And Emily Dickinson


Is this a picture of Emily Dickinson? After the Labor Day weekend beating of a gay man at the hands of four marines, at least a few gay military men suspect the offenders' animus was inflamed by politics: “The Republican Party platform that was r…

145 House Democrats File Briefs For Edie Windsor


At the Washington Blade, Chris Johnson reports that 145 House Democrats yesterday filed a friend-of-court brief on behalf of 83-year-old widow Edie Windsor, of New York City, in the case of Windsor vs. The United States. (At least, they were schedule…

Ann Romney Will Not Talk About Your Family


In a Friday interview with Iowan television station KWQC, Ann Romney declined three times to state her position on marriage equality. And she declined in the most dismissive possible way, insisting that the question of lesbian mothers' ability to…

George Takei’s Big Weekend: VIDEO


Congrats to the fabulous gay man, excellent actor, hilarious Facebook photo-poster, and all-around mensch George Takei on his big weekend. Not only is today the 46th birthday of Star Trek — the show on which Takei became famous as Mr. Sulu, maybe th…

Sarah Palin Forgets She’s Famous: VIDEO


Here's a fantastically awkward bit of brand-burnishing from Sarah Palin, delivered while she was being interviewed on FOX Business Network Thursday evening, shortly after John Kerry mentioned her during his speech at the DNC: I think he diminishe…